Saturday, August 22, 2015

Guest Designing for Pink Fresh Studio

I accepted the invitation from Kinnari to play with Pink Fresh Studio's August kit and Happy Things collection way back when Happy Things collection was still being designed. I saw one photo of a patterned paper and said yes! :) That's how much I love Pink Fresh Studio's stuff!

I've been subscribing to their kits since January, loving them all and August did not disappoint. If you're like me, their embellishment kit is the way to go. Given a choice, I would part with 95% of my patterned paper and will still be able to scrap and stay true to my style. Embellishments and stamps, however are a whole different story, and why I'm subscribed to Pink Fresh and Story Stamp by Ali Edwards. 

the story of my life

the story of my life closeup


Almost always the photographer, even when being photographed. :)

My brother-in-law took this photo of me taking photos of Neha at the abandoned house next door. I thought it’s perfect for this layout. 

I stamped #thestoryofmylife repeatedly using  various shades of black and grey ink. Love how that turned out. I’m also a little bit obsessed with black and white at the moment, that Doodle Borders patterned paper from Happy Things collection is totally made for me. LOL.

I also scattered some of the acrylic xs on my layout. I can’t get over how beautiful they are. 

love the details

love the details closeup

love the details closeup2

Love The Details

Look at that Doodle Borders patterned paper being the star of my layout again! I used the 12x12 this time and made it the background of my layout, making sure that my white cardstock is cut smaller so that more of that beautiful piece of paper can be shown off. 

I cut apart the labels and stitched them back onto the layout, using what else but yellow thread. I love machine stitching with yellow thread. Don’t ask me why, I just love the way it looks. 

Another current love of mine on this layout is the (Happy Things collection) black glittery foam word sticker. I’m totally  gonna be using up the rest of my pack and will be ordering more! :) I also used up all the hearts from (Happy Things collection) puffy stickers pack. I love scattering small bits of embellishments that way, they make me, well, happy! :)

The journaling is quite private for this one so I wrote it on the back. :) 

I have lots left from the box Kinnari sent me (thank you K!) . . . and I know I will enjoy them for a long time to come!


Sunday, August 16, 2015

This Broke My Heart A Little

Yes, my 'baby' is turning 13 soon and she shares my bed whenever Sam is not around. I kinda like it, really. I kinda want her to keep doing that for many more years to come. 

The other day I offered, and she declined ever so graciously, half asleep, but still, she said 'I think I'll sleep here. Thank you though." 

I thought "Good! I can have the bed to myself!" Haha! Then I went to my room and tossed and turned the whole damn night. LOL. I missed her before bed endless chatter the most. Endless as in she will fall asleep mid sentence, or I drift into dreamland halfway into her many stories. 

broke my heart a little
I printed my own strip of patterned paper - it's actually a 3x8 digital journal card from the Week In The Life Bundle but I like it so much (that yellow!) I'm using it as patterned paper. I altered it a little before printing by digitally stamping << this >>.

broke my heart a little closeup

broke my heart a little closeup2
I stamped 'This Day in History' (because really, she never say no when invited to my room! haha!) from my Story Stamp set (Roots), added a flair from A Flair For Buttons, some enamel dots, a little enamel frame from my June Pink Fresh Studio Kit and various older stuff from my Studio Calico stash to complete the layout. 

And oh, after I photographed this layout (in her room because that's the only room in the house with good sunlight) I forgot to take it down. She read it, and came to me and said "I'm here to unbreak your heart, mom!" LOL. Turned out she didn't even remember declining my invitation. *sigh* :)


Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy Is What You Make Me

If your blogger username is 'Young' and you left a comment on this giveaway, you might wanna check the post to see if you win anything. Please email me by August 7th or I will have to pick another winner :)

I took a little break from Ali Edwards Digital Creative Team to spend June school holidays with the family - fasting month - getting back to work after one month - celebrating Eid (yup, one after the other!), but now I'm back! Eid is still being celebrated, but we're (or I (the anti-social) am, actually) more or less done. Work is great, kids in school and I no longer feel like I wanna die at the end of each day. Ha!

Here's one layout I made and didn't manage to post here before the madness.

Happy Is What You Make Me

Those girls of mine. Even when at times, they make me wanna bang my head on the wall out of sheer frustration, they're still the ones who make me happy. Still the ones to be doing silly things with. Still my best travel companions!

If you have known me for a while, you'd have seen that photo of the girls before. You'd exclaim "They've grown so much!". I'm glad to have been friends, online and real life with all of you for that many years, that you have seen my girls move from playgroup/kindergarten to secondary school. I hope you'll be around to see them become responsible adults too. Now I feel old. Haha! Sob! Sob!

Happy Is What You Make Me closeup

I printed 'Happy Is What You Make Me' from Ali's Totally Amazing digital brush pack onto a small manila shipping tag, then rummaged my tubs for scrap papers and embellishments to build the layers. For about 8 out of 10 layouts, this is what I do and enjoy. I like finding potential in the pile of scrap papers. Yes, I said potential. ;)

Happy Is What You Make Me closeup2

I used a few Story Stamps (Daily and Little Things) to add some real (I mean not digital) stamping straight onto the white cardstock as well. While I get the digital stuff for free for being on the team, the Story Stamp subscription is totally mine, purchased with my own money. I have been a subscriber since the beginning and hope to be able to support Ali for a long time coming.

I added the XOXO rub on from Pink Fresh Studio January Kit, some old puffy stickers from Amy Tangerine, a bow from Crate Paper, enamel dots and of course, mist splatters and yellow machine stitching before I'm done with the layout. 

As usual, I'm available via email or Instagram if you have any questions. I'm long-winded but also a scatterbrain so there's a chance I missed something here despite the long rambling of a post. 


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Must Have Jawline

My new sketch is up on the October Afternoon blog! :)

Still in love with triangles, as you can see below. I think I kept pretty close to the sketch overall. Of course, there are a few changes in size and placements but the triangle paper (the one I look at as main element of this layout) is in its designated place :)

October Afternoon sketch july 23rd

must have jawline

I used my Summertime favorite yet again! That Heatwave patterned paper is not gonna get wasted around here. I guess the graphic look is what draws me to it every single time. 

must have jawline closeup

I layered a tiny slice of Blue Skies pp (B side) below one side of my triangle, a little strip of that beautiful True North paper from Treasure Map and stitch them down together to my background cardstock. Machine stitching is a great way to save on adhesive! 
I also opted to stamp 'Photos Enclosed' instead of the date as shown in the sketch. 

must have jawline closeup2

Beside Daily Flash Red Wagon and  Meringue (B side), I added some Daily Flash embellishments (Snapshots Tin PinAll Boy Snap Cap). 

I hope I've inspired you to use this sketch! Tag me @sashafarina if you play along. I'd love to see your take on it. If you don't have time to scrap, you can always pin this sketch for future reference or browse #octoberafternoon on Instagram for even more inspirations!

Happy 'almost' weekend!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Feeding Frenzy

Hi everyone!

I have a 'scraplift yourself' challenge up on the October Afternoon blog today and I'm sharing the layouts here as well.

I posted this layout sometime last year - click for original post.

you can take me anywhere

Here's a new layout based on You Can Take Me Anywhere ♥

feeding frenzy copy

feeding frenzy closeup2

feeding frenzy closeup

Similar but different. 
I wanted to move away from the romantic tone of the earlier layout, so this layout uses a lot of Summertime  and Treasure Map papers and embellishments.
I also did not use every single piece of the 'waves' I cut on B side of Puffy Clouds pp, those open spaces are perfect for mist splatters and some stickers here and there. Like the older layout, I used the curved lines of the paper pieces to guide my title placement. Sidenote : how cute (and perfect for my layout) is that 'Splish Splash' tin pin
I must admit, I thought I'd feel a little meh about this new layout because I adore the old one so much but hey! I love this one too. Two different layout with two different mood, if you know what I mean. :) Scraplifting myself was fun!
Now it's your turn! :) Tag me @sashafarina if you play along!

Happy lifting! 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bike Ride? Yes Please

Now that I'm alive again, I have an October Afternoon sketch for you. Food poisoning sucks, big time. Really. I had two episodes of food poisoning in the same number of weeks. How is that even possible? I cook my own food, well, except those cupcakes I bought, but I've never been 'poisoned' by a cupcake before. Haha! I didn't believe it at first, so I ate another cupcake when I felt better after the first time. I don't think it's 'poison' literally though, they must have something in there that just doesn't agree with my tummy. 

What an interesting first paragraph. I hope you're still reading. LOL.

Here's the sketch I was talking about :)

OA Sketch July 9th

Here's my take on the sketch using two photos from our first ever long bike ride. Long is subjective here of course. We only did 27km/16.7miles - but at that time, it was such an achievement especially for Nidhi! :)

bike ride? yes please

Loving the huge triangle, I have mine almost exactly where it is on the sketch but flipped it upside down. I felt like this little change suits my layout better. I added two squares of paper that I cut from Summertime Blue Skies PP making it look like I have four photos instead of two.

bike ride? yes please closeup

I also 'quilted' on Summertime Heatwave PP because to be frank, I've wanted to do that from the first time I laid my eyes on that paper. I just love it so much. 

bike ride? yes please closeup2

I stamped part of my title on one of the label from Summertime Double Take stickers. 'Good Times' and 'June' tab came from the same pack. And finally, a tin pin! I mean, how adorable is that bike? Ours didn't have a basket on it obviously but I can't resist adding that little tin pin to my layout. 

Three bicycles on this layout, six if you count ours. Every summer has a story. Ours is all about bike rides. What's yours? 

I hope you'll have time to play with the sketch. Tag me if you do. I'm @sashafarina on Instagram. I usually post sneaks and my layouts with #octoberafternoon in the description. 

Happy scrapping!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Bluebird Chic Camera Strap Review and Giveaway *CLOSED*

ETA : Young! You're the lucky winner for this giveaway! I know you will enjoy your camera strap. Please get in touch with me as soon as you can. Email address on the left side bar. Congratulations!!

Hey everyone!!

Leah of Bluebird Chic (Affiliate link) and I have been online friends for quite some time. That lady, let me tell you, is so creative and talented and she works non stop. I'm so proud to see her business growing by leaps and bounds over the years. I have been using one of her camera straps for a while now, so when she invited me to be one of her Brand Ambassadors, of course I jumped at the chance!

As ambassador, Leah let me pick one strap for myself, give one away and offer you a discount code. How sweet is that deal? :) It took me a while to decide, but really, that was just me big fickle. I already know I wanted 'Skip To My Lou' the first time I laid eyes on it. It has triangles! Sasha + triangles = always a good pairing :) It is also red in color, which is perfect because my clothes are black + grey + jeans, most of the time. I love that pop of red against my very basic fashion choices. 

Skip To My Lou by Bluebird Chic

Beside being oh so pretty, I need the strap to help relief some pressure on my neck. Hello tofu neck. I absolutely cannot use the strap that came with my camera, I have to have some sort of padding on my strap at all times. I was doing fine with my old Bluebird Chic Rainbow Chevron strap, really.

Then this new scarf camera strap arrived in my mailbox. 


It's so soft and comfortable like you wouldn't believe! I tried it both ways and it works like magic. I can't even feel the weight of my camera anymore. When worn across my body, the camera is so stable that I do not worry about it swinging out and hitting anything next to me when I move.

      bluebird2 copy

I tried having Neha take my photos, y'know, instead of a mirror selfie, but I didn't like the quality of the phone photos as much as I love these. And I really love taking photos of myself, haha!


How do you like my new camera strap? 

Gorgeous eh? :)

As I said earlier, Leah is letting me offer you a generous 20% off any strap of your choice
Code : SASHAfarina (valid from June 29th until July 13th 2015)

Do you want a chance to win a strap of your own?

Between June 29th to July 6th, just visit BlueBird Chic to choose your favorite, then come back here and post it in the comment section. Comment is moderated (I hate spammers), and I will close the comment section before I choose the winner randomly. As long as you're able to leave a comment, you're in. :) This post will be edited to announce the winner shortly after I close the comment.

Good luck and I'll see you soon!


This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive some commission if you make a purchase using this link. Opinions however, are my own. Thank you for your support!

Friday, June 26, 2015

HK Disney

A new sketch is up on the October Afternoon blog! I'm sharing my sketch and layout here, then you can hop over there to see Jill's fabulous layout :)

How's your summer coming along? The girls and I have the whole month of June off school and work. A month sounded like forever when we discussed it in May, but now, we're already in the last week of our holiday! Time flies when you're having fun they say? So true!   

sketch june 25th

hk disney

I used that bold B side of Fresh Fruit PP as a background and cut apart my white cardstock before stitching them back together on top of it. I've done this before and will be doing this again for sure. I love how you can see bits and pieces of the background paper through the gaps. 

hk disney closeup

hk disney closeup2

I finished my layout with some a variety of embellishments from Summertime, an old brad from Travel Girl collection, an arrow chipboard and of course, a sprinkling of colors all over my layout. 

I hope you will give this sketch a spin!
Happy scrapping!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Sweet Boy

Sometime I have the urge to go simple. No ink splatters, minimal layering. Just photo and paper. Rare, but it happens and when it does, I'm grateful for digital elements. They make it so easy to scrap simple pages!

sweet boy

sweet boy closeup

For this layout, I built it from one of the Week In The Life 6x8 Layered Templates. I added 'sweet boy' brush in white with yellow 'stroke', a piece of digital sticker from Little Things Kit, my nephew's name and age and the date. The whole layered template was printed on photo paper. Once printed, I trimmed it a little bit larger so it's the same width as my background.

I can't resist paper and embellishments, so I added a little heart from A Flair For Buttons, a punched out little banner from my OA scraps, and I mounted everything onto that gorgeous Moaning Cavern pp, also from October Afternoon.

This sweet boy is growing like a weed right now and oh so smiley. We can't get enough of him! :)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Little Things

Afzan Zhafri

Nidhi took this photo of my nephew on the first day of my sister's wedding last March and I just had to scrap it! :) I mean, how could you resist those folds? And the fact that he has changed so much since then, only make me treasure this shot more than ever. 


I had a fun time with Little Things digital kit from Ali Edwards. When we get our digital files, it's a must for me to go through them one by one. Yes. I open each and every file to make sure I miss nothing. I especially like to see if I can use any of the journal cards for my layout. 

The moment I opened the 4x6 triangles card, I squealed. I have a thing for triangles and geometric shapes in general. My daughters know this too because they got me a gorgeous 'rockstar' clip to add to my bangle for Mother's Day :)



I layered 3 copies of the journaling cards, taking care to leave a little gap between each group of triangles for the 'little stuff' digital stamp, onto my 8.5 x 11 canvas without resizing them. The size is perfect as is. This works because my background and the journal cards are the same color - white. I'm no expert so I have no idea what will happen if you have different colored background or cards. Once the triangles and 'little stuff' digital stamps are in place, I proceed to printing. 

The base of my layout is now ready. I machine stitched all over, added a flair by Feed Your Craft and made photo mat by layering more printed acrylic, gold foiled paper from Pretty Little Studio and cute paperclips here and there. I also splattered some colored mist all over, because I still love splatters to this day. :)

If you're thinking about getting the Little Things Kit, it's still available for a few more days before we switch to the new theme for June (Go) which will be revealed on June 15th.