Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Destination : Grad Party

It has been a while since I scrapped on kraft background but I made this for October Afternoon and posted it on their blog today! :)

grad party
I scrapped the photo I took of my youngest just before she went to her Graduation Party last year. It was a huge deal for all Year 6 students as they end their Primary School years and move on to Secondary School. I'd never realized how difficult it is to find an age appropriate dress for a 12 year old! The dress shopping took for-e-ver :)
I started my layout with a tag and layered pieces of patterned papers here and there on top of one another to build a cluster as my photo mat. I didn't cut into any new piece of patterned papers for this layout. Everything came from my October Afternoon scraps bag. I'm still very smitten withTreasure Map and Saturday Mornings as you can see.
grad party closeup

grad party closeup2
I also picked some bits and pieces from other collections to complete my layout. The Snap Capsfrom Daily Flash Snapshots and All Boy are perfect this this page. I finished my layout with some stamping with the 2010's decade stamp and Travel Roller stamp.
Creating on kraft with the beautiful colors from October Afternoon is so fun! If you haven't been scrapping on kraft for a while, or have not tried kraft at all, I strongly urge you to do so :) Go get krafty! Tag me on Instagram @sashafarina if you play along! :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

What Do You See?

Time to take out those black and white photos you love and scrap them! :) Read more about my challenge on the October Afternoon blog

Here's my sample layout :

what do you see

I haven't done this much layering in a while and it was so fun. I should layer more, I think! :) Those awesome papers from our Treasure Map collection are just perfect for me. They work for simple, graphic layout and are still amazing to use for a heavily layered layout like this one. 

what do you see closeup

I also used quite a lot of bits and pieces from older collections. Namely Daily Flash All Boy Double Take Stickers, Daily Flash Snapshots Snap Caps, Daily Flash Milk Money Memory Cards andDaily Flash Girl Talk Flash Blurbs. Can you spot them all?

what do you see closeup2
The chipboard arrows, oh the chipboard arrows. . .  I don't know what I'm gonna do without them. I can't stop using them but at the same time I don't want to run out! Love them so! Do you have one pack of embellishment that you love like I do the chipboard arrows (and hearts &stars too)?! 
To finish my layout, I added yellow machine-stitching, and a sprinkling of colors, as usual. I love that the machine stitching and the splatters are part of my routine to signify the completion of a layout. I like the feeling of 'being done' if you know what I mean! :)


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Story Of This Photo

Let me be the one to tell you that it's okay to just wanna scrap your pretty face. I promise you, that is totally fine.

awesome story

I knew I wanted to do something like this the moment I saw Story Of This Photo digital brush pack from Ali Edwards. Being me, my layouts are sometime playful and this is right up my alley! :)

awesome story closeup

awesome story closeup2

As usual, I plan my layout in Photoshop first. I also added some 'digital word stickers' from the Click Digital Story Kit and some yellow machine stitching (which I can't seem to scrap without nowadays), some scraps of Studio Calico and Hambly Studios patterned paper and some stamping with my October Afternoon Daily Flash Picture This stamp set (just how cute are the glasses and lips?!!). The old pink birdie rub on and & sticker are from Studio Calico too while the little banner is from Chic Tags.

If you're curious, I attached the camera paper clip with a few dots of glossy accent.

This photo tells an awesome story?

ehhh... no. not really.

I just think I look really nice here.
And I seldom be in photos., let alone looking nice
being in it. Haha.

Love this photo.
that is all. - SF, April 2015


Monday, May 11, 2015

Everywhere On My List

Patricia is hosting the Monday Challenge on October Afternoon blog and I'm playing along!
I'm sharing my layout here but you totally have to click over to OA blog and take a look at Patricia's. Love her take on the challenge!

everywhere on my list

I dream about travel all day long, all year long. It's true! Have you ever heard the saying "if traveling is free, you'd never see me again"? Yes, that would apply to me. When I was given this challenge, I knew I would have to scrap about my wish to travel the world. 
I have an enormous amount of photos taken from the airplane and this is a perfect layout for them! :)

everywhere on my list closeup

everywhere on my list closeup2

everywhere on my list closeup3

I used lots of Treasure Map collection on this layout. Pieces of True North pp were used to cut the words 'everything' and 'on my list' and Dead Man's Pass pp was hand cut into little wonky triangles. If you haven't taken a close look at Dead Man's Pass pp, let me tell you that the B side has ombre triangles on it. Very pretty! I then completed the layout with several pieces of stickers from Daily Flash Snapshots and All Boy collection, a heart chipboard and of course yellow machine stitching and some paint sprinkled all over. 


Thursday, May 7, 2015

This, I miss. . .

A new sketch is up on the October Afternoon blog!

sketch May 7th

this, i miss

this, i miss closeup

this, i miss closeup2
Can we take a moment and *sigh* for Treasure Map? I adore that collection oh so much!
I only used 2 photos and replaced the rest with randomly cut squares and rectangles of patterned papers, but followed the sketch quite closely otherwise. I scrapped about our very quiet vacation way back in 2009. We were practically the only family there. It was amazing to say the least. 
I completed the layout with some chipboards (heart and cloud), some Public Library doodads, a few pop drops from our Daily Flash Milk Money collection, and also a very cute Treasure Map anchor tin pin.
The title was made up from Early American Shop Front and Stop Light Story Book stickers. I'm still head over heels in love with those cursive alphas stickers just so you know! :)

I hope you will play along! Look me up on Instagram @sashafarina if you're interested in more photos of layouts and sneaks. 


Monday, May 4, 2015

Genius & Crazy

I'm hosting 'Scraps! Papers! Patterns!' challenge on the October Afternoon blog this week. While, someday, I may regret using that silly photo of myself (haha!), I really enjoyed working on this super colorful layout.

Your challenge today is to push aside your 12 x 12 and only use your scraps! Except for your background, that is. Being on the team, I have my October Afternoon scraps separated into a ziplock bag and I often dig into them first when I create, but I still cut up new papers for each layout. For this challenge, I tell myself, no cutting new sheet of 12 x 12 and I'm only allowed to use what I have in my OA scraps bag. 

genius & crazy

genius & crazy closeup2

I made use of my Silhouette Cameo to cut all the alphabets (font : Blackout, Midnight variation) but you can definitely do something like this without the machine. It will just take more time, but more fun time is good! :)
What a colorful page, right? I used scraps from Public LibraryTreasure Map, and Daily Flashcollection. Yes! Three different collections and they all work together. That is one of the thing I like best about October Afternoon. 
Due to the silly fun nature of this layout, I was also able to use that round framed spectacles chipboard. I've been wanting to use it for a long time and now I'm glad I waited. I also stamped withDaily Flash Milk Money stamp set (A+ and mini graduate at the bottom of the layout) and Daily Flash Homemade stamp set (color outside the lines).
I wanted to say that three chipboard arrows pointing to the cluster of photos and the 'thumbs up!' Double Take Sticker are my favorite but that would be a lie because I love that Oh Snap! chipboard too and also that cute Whale tin pin. In short I love everything about this fun layout. Yes, that is about right! :)
So many colors, so many patterns. This is not a normal layout for me, but somehow it fits my personality. :) I love my scraps! Now it's your turn. Go. Have fun!
Do share if you play along. I'm @sashafarina on Instagram. I usually post sneaks and my layouts with #octoberafternoon in the description. You can also post your creations to the October Afternoon Flickr Gallery.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Love Photos

A while ago, I had some fun play time with Click Digital kit from Ali Edwards. I must say, the digital form of Ali's monthly kits is fast becoming my go to when creating. I love that I can play around with the placements of everything before I commit. I also love that I can choose to go 100% digital, or print only parts of my layout and continue the fun with my paper + stamps + embellishments. 

love photos

love photos closeup

I almost always choose to go hybrid. I love adding wood veneers and machine stitching just like on this layout.  I snuck a little 'I love You' rub on from Pink Fresh Studio as well. These are the fun things that I will miss if I were to create a 100% digital layout.

That huge '♥ photos' word art has my heart, for real. I want to blow it up onto a 16 x 24 canvas and hang it on my wall. I might just do that.

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

― Karl Lagerfeld

My love for photos is bottomless and never ending and that must be one of my favorite of Nidhi. How apt. 

Edited to add : Those tabs I used came from Pretty Little Studio :)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

You, Me & The Sea

I have a sketch challenge up on the October Afternoon blog today. I even have my talented and super fun friend, Jill Sprott playing along with me, do click over and visit OA blog to see her sample layout based on this sketch! :)

Sketch April 23rd by Sasha Farina for October Afternoon

Let me walk you through my layout so you can see where I followed the sketch and where I decided to 'bend the rules' a little. I'm not saying my sketch is a rule, but more of a guideline, a nudge, a little help for you to start your layout.

you, me & the sea

Instead of 'slicing my layout' vertically as per the sketch, I 'sliced it' horizontally, because I feel that it will be more suitable for my photo. I used the ship part of the Whale Bone Reef patterned paper, to compensate my small photo and also because I love that ship! Where we live, many ships (not pirate ships. haha!) come and go and if we pay close attention, on quiet mornings, we can hear them too! :) 

you, me & the sea closeup

You can also place patterned papers on the little squares and rectangle in the sketch. I decided to imitate the squares with random machine stitching roughly in the same shapes. I housed my title in one of the stitched squares. If you haven't noticed, I'm totally crushing on the Daily Flash 'cursive' Alphas lately. This one is in Rhubarb. Such a beautiful pink. The ampersand is in Dandelions (my favorite yellow!).
On the cluster housing my photo, I used some stickers from Treasure Map 12x12 Shape Stickers and also some Doo-dads
you, me & the sea closeup2

I can't not stamp on my layout, I really like looking through my stamp and finding one or two that will work for my layout. For this one, the 'once upon a time' stamp from our Public Library collection fits perfectly because to be frank, now we don't really have the time to spend hours and hours at the beach anymore. Work and school take up chunks of our time and when weekend comes, we only wanna sleep and craft at home mostly! :D I do miss this a lot and will have to make the time and effort to drag the girls out again! :)

I hope you'll have time to play with the sketch. I'm @sashafarina on Instagram. I usually post sneaks and my layouts with #octoberafternoon in the description.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Amazing Things Will Happen. . .

“Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.”

How true! Work hard, be kind. Always. At the same time, I like to remind my girls not to be too kind that people step all over you. Haha!

I'm contradicting myself, I know. I guess what I'd like to say is that balance is important. Be kind, but don't let people treat you as a doormat. You know what I mean? I'm sure you do.

amazing things

I made this layout for a challenge hosted by Suz on October Afternoon blog. Hop over to see the Inspiration Piece.

I looked at the inspiration piece and was straightaway drawn to the design of the page, which means I used it as kind of a sketch, even though it is not technically a sketch. I decided to use a half sheet of the Treasure Map Label Stickers. If you take a closer look, the stickers on that sheet goes from light blue to dark blue gradually. I cut the sheet in half vertically and used them in the order the very order they came in. Don't you just love it when that happens? :) 

amazing things closeup1

amazing things closeup2

I machine-stitched the labels with straight lines down the middle, imitating the line on the center of the inspiration piece.

I then raided my stash of Mini Market Alphabet Stickers and completed the title of my layout, adding some typewritten strips in the middle. Back to my sewing machine again to stitch straight horizontal lines across the alphabet stickers, again, to imitate the lines + bulleted points on the inspiration piece. I had to use some of the fabulous embellishments from Treasure Map, I had to! They were begging to be put onto this layout! :D I ended up using one of the chipboard, a tin pin and a banner. I also stamped the star a couple times here and there because I just love the way it looks together with my mist sprinkles. 

I must tell you this, I am in love with Treasure Map! Expect more Treasure Map layouts from me in the near future!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

This Little Story Matters

Because of you
I can feel
slowly but
the me
I have always

-Tyler Knott Gregson-

this little story matter

this little story matter closeup

this little story matter closeup2

I first came across that quote/poem a while ago, and even then I knew that I will, one day, want to scrap it, with this particular photo. What I didn't know than was that Ali will come up with Story Of My Life brush pack. Seriously, I'm so glad I've not yet executed the layout I had in mind because this is even better.

As usual, I started my layout in Photoshop. Played with the placements and generally sketched where everything will go. I don't do this blindly, though. I take my embellishments tub out and (roughly) physically measure them and I also use the ruler in the software to make sure I have enough space for what I want to have on my layout.

I don't always get things perfect though. Sometime, I screw up, in photoshop and in real life (personally, I think motherhood is bloody hard, I told you that already, I think) but who doesn't eh? :)

I'm mommy. What's your super power?