Thursday, September 18, 2014

It only took me 14 years. . .

and it's my success story. I mean, it's on paper right now. This is not all, oh this is not all. The labor was 21 hours long, after all. Haha! but this is what is appropriate for public consumption. I would probably add the 'censored' parts on the back of the layout :) I'm sure Sam would like to say something! LOL!

favorite story

favorite story closeup2

favorite story closeup

The layout was based on this sketch I made for October Afternoon.

OA Sketch Thursday. Sept 18 2014.

If you'd like to read more about this layout, and to see another layout based on this sketch by my super talented friend, Jill Sprott, please head on over to October Afternoon blog.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Being Mommy

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken (wo)men.  Frederick Douglass  14 years of mothering and I still struggle. I try. I try. I can only hope I don't damage them too much. And my yelling and eye rolling and death stares won't result

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken (wo)men. ~ Frederick Douglass 

14 years of mothering and I still struggle. I try. I try. I can only hope I don't damage them too much. And my yelling and eye rolling and death stares won't result in too many therapy hours.

I love you both.
August 31st 2014

Saturday, August 30, 2014

True Story - I am Strong

Some people said that it's time to step away from paint splatters and sequins. Well, why? If you like it, by all means, do it. Your layouts, not theirs. :)

And I. .  I love paint splatters and sequins (and enamel dots and a lot more!). So please excuse me while I splatter here, there and everywhere. 

true story

true story closeup

How do you use the triangle thingy on your layouts? It's making holes (larger than the size I was expecting - and I'm not sure I like that! Haha!) why don't they just make triangle brads? That would be much simpler! 

Jessy said on my instagram- "I just push all the spikes in and put a foam tape to hold it!". Good idea Jessy, I will certainly try that method next! Thank you!

true story closeup2

I have some 'deep' journaling for this layout, unfortunately, it's not for sharing. I'm sorry.

And here's a news I have been wanting to share for a couple of weeks already!

OA 2014-2015

Can I get a Yay? :) I love October Afternoon and cannot wait to do more creating for them, for me and for you! :)


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back in 1998. . .

I had my last normal, uninteresting August 23rd ever. I haven't met him yet at that time.

Then I got to know him. 
Fell in love. Hard.
Married him.

And she came along in 2000.
You can say she's his best birthday present ever. Nothing I do now can top that. 

(We have a 14 year old!! Can I freak out now?!!)


Happy Birthday, sweethearts. 
I love you both.
So, so much.

(Credit : Digital Stamps - Studio Calico)

Monday, August 4, 2014

A 'Something Different' Blog Hop

*edited to add : Jennifer McMurtrey I have a Chic Tags package for you! Congratulations! Please email me (email button on right sidebar) with your address ya? :) Enjoy!

Do you have a 'scrapbooking superhero'? 
I do. I have many super awesome, talented, kind and encouraging friends in the scrapbooking world, they're my 'scrapbooking superheroes' :)

One of them is Jill Sprott. Jill is awesome, she does all kind of wonderful things with words that blow me away every single time. She also has the prettiest handwriting, in my opinion!
About two weeks ago, Jill tagged me to be in this 'blog hop' and I couldn't be more pleased to play along!

We were given some questions - this might get interesting and awkward at the same time. We all know I'm not good with answering questions, I tend to go wayyyy off topic or embarrass myself. Hah! Let's give this a try anyway!

1. What am I working on right now?
A whole lot of nothing. Actually, no. I just finished a layout a couple of hours ago. A 'just for fun' layout too. Double bonus!

I'm also working on a Project Life Story for myself. ↓

Can't get any simpler than this, I think. #projectSasha

Basically - PL plastics + white cards (self-cut smooth cs) + printed journaling + minimal embellishments. This project is also kinda private so I won't be sharing the album in full. Just little bits here and there. I need to make sure I don't go to prison. Haha! Kidding!

I'm posting what updates I can on this album with the #projectlifestory on Instagram. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email or ask me on IG, I would be happy to help if I can.

2. How long does it take me to create a project?
For.freakin'ever. LOL.
I'm serious. I'm probably the slowest scrapper alive! I take the longest time to even think about which mist color to use for the insignificant splatters. *sigh*

I'm a slow scrapper because of this habit - put the tub on my lap and dig dig dig until I find things I think will look good on my layout! ❤️

This is a normal view if you're standing over my shoulder watching me work. One tub in my lap + me leaning over trying on stuff on the layout I'm working on.

 I'm also a digger. I have five  four tubs of embellishments and I spend a lot of time digging through them when working on a layout. I purge often because I have no room for more than five tubs and I like to have one empty Expedit cube - for 'just in case' purchases. LOL.

3. What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?
White cardstock - I know, I know, boring. Mayo on white bread. :D
Tags - I'm never without tags. Whether they're fancy ones from Chic Tags or just the basic ones from office supplies section.
Wood Veneers - I have lots from Studio Calico and Chic Tags from my DT days. Lucky me.
Faber-Castell Pitt big Brush Artist Pens - love using them to color my stamps.
Paper clips
Quote/word stickers
Mist - I have 118 colors as of now. Why do I need so many? I have no idea. I just love them!

4. How does my writing/creating process work?
I'm very emotionally driven. That means I can't scrap when I'm upset. It just won't work. Trust me, I tried. If you see me scrapping, means I'm happy. Even when creating pages about 'sad' times, I need to be happy. Does that make sense?

#projectlifestory coming along nicely. I don't work on this everyday, only when I feel like I have something to add.   Very 'empty' if you're used to busy and embellished #projectlife but I'm loving the 'emptiness' for now. Who knows what'll happen in the

This is not the case with my Project Life Story though. I think that's because the overall look itself is very bare. It takes very little effort to just get the journaling on the cards. No embellishment if I don't feel like it. Makes it easy, y'know?

5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?
People inspire me. People also annoy me a lot. I'm not really a people person. I like people watching. Talking? Not so much.

A big part of staying inspired for me is knowing when to walk away. Just leave the whole damn thing there and go for a walk. Come back later. Take some time for yourself. Do other things. Go bring the kids out for ice-cream and fitting room selfies ↓ or just read a book.

It's Sunday! The crazies are out!

And then there's Pinterest!

6. What is my signature style?
I don't know! You tell me. I don't feel like I have a certain style, not yet. I like to play so I try to have fun while creating - that's the most important thing. If it's not fun, it's not worth doing and I might as well be folding laundry. LOL.

Next week, the 'blog tour' continues with these fun ladies. . .

Ashli Oliver a.k.a soapHOUSEmama
If you haven't already - go pay her a visit. She has a style that is like magical fairytale which I adore so so much! Her layouts are so dreamy and I always have to look at them for a lonnnnngggg time - like I need to absorb every little detail, y'know?

Jessy Christopher
Jessy Jessy Jessy - kind, encouraging, sweet and such a fun scrapper! I feel like she's such an asset to our scrapbooking industry. If you're into colors and whimsical style layouts, you will definitely love her.

Suz Mannecke
Such a busy girl, Suz is. I love how her layouts and PL spreads contains a lot of things to look at, but still calming to the eyes, if you know what I mean? She's also a very happy person, I can't help but smile whenever we talk, usually on facebook or instagram. This girl rocks my world.


Next Monday, I hope you will pay the beautiful ladies tagged above a visit as the 'blog hop' continues!


You're still here? I must not be as bad as I thought I would be! I wish I can send everyone a little something for reading till the end.


While that may not be the case, courtesy of Chic Tags (thanks Veronica!), I do have a little scrappy giveaway for one person. If you're interested, just leave a comment before August 9th, 2014 and I will pick a name out of the imaginary hat.  Please make sure you're contactable via email or your blog :)

ps : Chic Tags is currently having a Summer Sale! Use code GO40 to get 40% off all items from Let's Go Collection!

Comments are moderated (spammers. bugger!) - I will close the comment section before the drawing so as long as you're able to leave a comment, you're in.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Lizzie Kate Promise Me. Start To Finish.

I have been asked - why cross stitch?

Well, I've been cross stitching since I was 12. So, I've been a cross stitcher longer than I've been a scrapbooker. And I always come back to what I love. I know I will come back to cross stitching, even when I was head over heels in love and was solely scrapbooking - just like I know I will always come back to baking and there was a reason I bought the giant kenwood mixer in the first place. Ha!

Right now, I'm back to loving cross stitch because I love how mindless it is. I'm the sort of person who feels like I'm wasting time if I watch tv without  doing something. So this is perfect. :)
#promiseme #lizziekate #crossstitch #sashathestitcher #busyhandshappyheart ❤️
#promiseme Update 2. #lizziekate #crossstitch #sashathestitcher
#promiseme #lizziekate #sashathestitcher update 3.
Complete. ❤️ #promiseme #lizziekate #crossstitch #sashathestitcher
Lizzie Kate - Promise Me
I think I changed a few colors to brighter ones (what's new, eh?) I got all my patterns from Needlecraft-Corner which is a pretty old-school store. They have no shopping cart - you have to email your order in to Drema, but they have been in business for 34 years as of June 2014 and I've been buying from them since year 2003 thereabout.


Monday, July 21, 2014

From Where I Stand *Chic Tags*

I love scrapping myself. Some will say self-indulgent but the truth is, I think we're often so busy scrapbooking about the kids' multiple faces, the vacations, the birthdays, the significant other, the siblings, the pet etc - that we forget to document us.

I do things for myself all the time. Especially now that the girls are older and able to fend for themselves for a couple of hours even when Sam is not around. That 'alone time' time is so important for me to be not just a better mom, but a better person all around. :)

I love me to love you - that's what I always say.

From Where I Stand

Are you a loner? I think I am, in a way. I really prefer my own company most of the time. I get easily overwhelmed when I need to spend a lot of time with other people. I don't know if that's a good thing, or a bad thing! LOL.

I'm sure I look a little bit weird while I was setting up the iphone to take a picture of myself, but hey, it only took one try and was quite painless when done on a weekday morning when there are less people at the beach. :D

I found the quote on Pinterest one day and I knew then that it will end up on a layout just like this.

From Where I Stand closeup3

I printed the quote on one of the Let's Go Cards. I got lucky and got them all lined up nicely this time. I confess, this doesn't happen all that often and I danced a little to celebrate. :D

From Where I Stand closeup2

You can never go wrong with butterflies and sequins, if you ask me. :) I cut apart and rearranged Cloud 9 Rub-On sheet and added some wood veneer sequins because they're oh just so adorable in my opinion!

From Where I Stand closeup

 I added the From Where I Stand flair button, printed 'Me, Myself & I' on a label sticker, added some enamel dots and call it done and I'm loving this layout.

What about you? Link me up or tag me on instagram if you're scrapping about yourself this weekend!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July Sketch It Out *Chic Tags*

I'm hosting July Sketch it Out on Chic Tags blog this month, I have a sketch that I hope you love and one that will inspire you to play along with us!

chictags july sketch by Sasha Farina

I created a layout about our June happiness. Really, every year, June is a happy month around here as the children do not need to go to school. We managed to pack quite a lot into 4 weeks. :)

I took the squares on the sketch and ran away with them. LOL.

I rearranged them and used 6 photos instead of 4. I also split them and placed my title in center instead of on top of all my photos.

#happiness closeup

Lots of Cloud 9 collection from Chic Tags on this layout :
Bloom Wood Veneer
Rub Ons
Label Stickers

#happiness closeup2

The flair button was from an older Chic Tags release, no longer available I think, but they have some others that I think you will love! I also got some question on Instagram on 'Currently happening' - that is actually a digital brush from Designer Digitals, printed on the white cardstock.

I imagine you can get similar effect with Silhouette Cameo and a sketch pen, but I haven't tried that yet. :) If you have any other question, please feel free to leave them here, on instagram, or email me!


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Let's Go Create *Chic Tags*

Hey everyone! How are you doing? Enjoying good weather, I hope! :)

Today I'm sharing this  Chictags layout with you. A 'just because' layout to document how creating makes me happy! Don't you just love this hobby?


create closeup

I used the Let's Go flair button on this layout - they're not only for travel pages! Let's go create something! I also added a little tag (happiness = together) from Let's Go Tidbits with Gold Foil pack.

create closeup2

Lots of machine stitching here, I really love the texture they added to the layout. I also cut apart some paper clips from Cloud 9 collection and layered them underneath my photos.

If you wonder where is my journaling, they're written on the back of the layout. I find that I'm able to write more when I don't have to incorporate my journaling into the design of the page. And also, I hate my handwriting (sad but true), but I still want to include it somehow. So writing on the back of the layout is a good compromise. 

So take some time to create today if you can! You can tag me on instagram to share your latest project with me. I love love love love love seeing how others be creative! I'll see you soon!

Monday, June 30, 2014

The Places We'll Go

Simple layouts are the hardest. At least for me. What about you? 
I fussed with this layout for one whole day, I kid you not. :) 

the places we'll go

From the moment I laid my eyes on that 'The Places We'll Go' wood veneer piece, I already know that I want it to be on a layout like this. Bold, simple, one photo with typewritten journaling. I've had this layout in my vision for the longest time. I'm not always this lucky, but this time, the layout turned out exactly how I thought it would be. 

the places we'll go closeup

The flair! Oh the flair button has my heart. Map + heart + flight path = couldn't be more perfect for this layout of mine. Watching the flight path on the inflight entertainment system is my favorite thing to do while sitting in an airplane. I couldn't care less (most of the time) about the inflight movie. Am I alone here? LOL

the places we'll go closeup2

Add a sticker and a rub-on, and I'm done and smitten too. I love how this layout is so calming to the eyes. Oh, don't get me wrong, I never could stop doing the messy, layered style layouts - they're so much fun, but to create something this simple once in a while gives my heart a lot of joy too. 

Supplies : Let's Go Collection: Rub-OnsFlair Buttons'Places' Wood Veneer; Cloud 9 Collection: Label StickersDreamy PP.