Friday, August 31, 2007

New Stats

{Lessons From Kakak}

Pencil Lines #47

Kakak = Big sister

~Neha, you're always ready to teach Nidhi anything and everything. From reading the map to feeding the ducks and fishes. Always there to help. Thank you for being such a sweet "kakak". I'm so proud of you! - Mommy, 30.8.07

{Never Far}

I love it that you're never far. You can almost always be seen near where I am :)

Credits :

Grunge overlay : Royanna Lea Fritschmann, Time OF My Life Kit ( Divine Digital)

White Flower ; Bren Boone, Flowers in The Garden Collection.

Everything Else : Laura Alpuché, Home Sweet Home Kit (OScraps)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

{at least}

No matter what happens
at least there's you,
at least there's me,
there's us.

Photo by Nana - August 26th, 07

Credits :

Papers : Andie Smith, Dana Point Paper Pack (My Digital Muse)
Ribbon : Andie Smith, Laguna Beach Kit (My Digital Muse)
Basic Tiny Letter Stickers : Andie Smith (My Digital Muse)
Stacked Frames : Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals)
Fountain Overlays : Kirsty Wiseman
Curled Edges : Jan Hicks (Scrapgirls)
Fonts : 1942 Report and Brush Script MT.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

{The Happy Bunch}

Credits :

Orange and Polka Dot Paper, Yellow and orange Flowers, red Bow : Andie Smith, Laguna Beach Kit (My Digital Muse)

Vintage Photo Frame : Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals)

Peach and Blue Flowers : Andie Smith, Charleston Kit (My Digital Muse)

Metal Flower Centre, Teal Button, Pink Alpha : Andie Smith, NorthShore Kit (My Digital Muse)

Round Red paper : Andie Smith, Thousand oaks Kit (My Digital Muse)

Fastener, Stitches : Andie Smith, Coco Beach kit (My Digital Muse)

Basic Tiny Alpha stickers : Andie Smith (My Digital Muse)

Target icon (crown) : Tara Sroka (My Digital Muse)

Fonts : Fat and happy (Holly McCaig, My digital Muse) and House Sitter's Club

And it rained. . .

outside and in my heart. Am gonna miss you...
*love you lots!*

Monday, August 27, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

{It Hurts}

Credits :

Red Paper : Sasha Jane Designs, Elegant Antique Collection (My Digital Muse)
Polka Dot Paper, Ink Splotch, Eyelets : Sasha Jane Designs, Love The Look Kit (My Digital Muse)
Blue Paper : Andie Smith Designs, Coco Beach Kit (My Digital Muse)
Stitches : Kari Hentzelt, In Stitches (Memoir Market)

Font : Pristina, Hello Sark

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

{Stop and Smile}

Credits :

Bow, Ribbon Wrap, background Papers, Little Star from Royanna Lea Fritschmann (Divine Digital) Birthday Pop kit.

Stitched Circle, Brown Stitched patch from Royanna Lea Fritschmann (Divine Digital) Butterfly Symphony Kit.

Frames, Pink Paper for blending from Royanna Lea Fritschmann (Divine Digital) Angel Sweet Kit.

Kraft Paper from Royanna Lea Fritschmann (Divine Digital) Time Of My Life kit.

Frame Cluster from Royanna Lea Fritschmann (My Digital Muse) I've Been Framed Kit.

Cross Stitches from Kari Hentzelt (Memoir Market)

Photo Actions : Holly McCaig (My Digital Muse)

{Start by. . . }

Credits :

Blue Craft paper : Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals)
Black Swirly Frame, Green paper, Red paper : Rhonna Farrer (Two Peas)
Brown Paper,Notebook paper, Star Bling : Miss vivi.
Flower : Andie Smith (My Digital Muse) from Cocobeach kit.
Blur label : Karen perreira (My Digital Muse) from Rianna Mini Kit
Overlay, red Bling : Kirsty Wiseman.
Coaster hearts, beaded Pin : Designing On The Edge
Cardboard : Michelle Squires
Beaded Staple : Tracy King

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

{Cycle To NoWhere}

~but with daddy, its stil lots of fun!
- Mommy 20/8/2007
Pencil Lines Sketch #46

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sunday Scrappin'

Did these yesterday, between revision and lazy-ing around the house with kids. Was not feeling too great tho,~stuffy head. I like how these turned out :) urmm, one of the buttons is falling... will need to fix that soon :D

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Twin Tower

Viewed from Kg Baru, Kuala Lumpur. This is one of my favorite view, The Twin Tower at night, its like magic to me. But then again, maybe I'm easy to please. (Dh will surely disagree on this LOL.. nothing easy about me)

Just playin....

As usual, click the thumbnails for better pics!

This one has lots of boo boo, but its part of me I guess :) never perfect!

This one... I really love :) The subject of the layout, the picture, the colors, everything!

Saturday, August 18, 2007


*feels a sorethroat coming up*
*kids asleep at 8.00pm which is rare*
*but tired*
*that sums it up? :)*

Here's to a better tomorrow!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

{Seek Happiness}

The thumbnails are awful, just click for bigger picture *wink*

May you always find happiness in each other.
I love you both!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

{1st Visit}

Credits :

Template : Kellie Mize (Designer Digitals)

Papers, eyelets, pebble, Circle stitches, Journal Card,
Tara Sroka (My Digital Muse)- Autumn Breeze Kit

Scalloped Frame : Kate Teague (Two Peas)

Fonts : clingy, Susie's Hand, 1942 Report and Forte

Photo Actions : Holly McCaig (My Digital Muse)


I am a work in progress

~always looking for ways to improve myself as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, hug-giver, photographer, scrapbooker, art lover, driver, collector, reader. . .

Background paper, Beaded Staple - Royanna Lea Fritschmann (Divine Digital) Simply Gorgeous Kit.
Black paper, Curved Photo Frame, - Royanna Lea Fritschmann (My Digital Muse) Tour d' Eiffel Kit.
Overlay - Royanna Lea Fritschmann (Divine Digital) Time of My Life Kit.
Beaded String - Kari Hentzelt (Memoir Market)
Stitched Heart - Shabby Princess Splendid kit.

Photo Actions - Holly McCaig (My Digital Muse)

Fonts : Rhino Dino, Diesel, Harting.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

{Discover Nature}

Credits :

Road Trippin Chipboard, Green Dirty Dots paper, SunKissed paper - Tara Sroka (My Digital Muse)

Scalloped Graph paper - Holly McCaig (My Digital Muse)

Textured Brads, Spring Bird Stamp - Tia Bennet (Two Peas)

Red Bird Stamp, Hand Stamp - Rhonna Farrer (Two Peas)

Fonts : Howser & Peabody

{almost inseparable}

Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,
Hundreds of bees in the purple clover,
Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,
But only one mother the wide world over.
~George Cooper

Credits :

background Paper : Royanna Lea Fritschmann - Simply Gorgeous kit (Divine Digital)

Photo Mat, Doodled Swirls : Royanna Lea Fritschmann Time Of My Life Kit (Divine Digital)

Photo Wraps, Pin Up Vintage Frames, Sweet Blossoms 02 Paper, Stitched Elements Block, Graphic Pop Frames, chunky Chipboard Alpha, Stitching, Fabric Swatches and Ledger Journalers Brush from Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals)

Journal Paper: Cafe Digi

Painted Heart, Number Stamps - Michelle Coleman (Little Dreamer)

Stapled Ric Rac - Chris Turnbull Designs

Date Circles, Photocard Heart : Designing On The Edge

Fonts : Vaguely Repulsive, Harting.

Monday, August 13, 2007

{Timeless Beauty}

Credits :

Words journaling Block,Background paper ( All My Love Kit) - Lynn Grieveson (Designer Digitals)

VIntage Frames, Vintage Picnic Papers, Petal Works papers, Sun Prints Brushes, Vintage Flash Card, Photo Wraps, Dirty Note Alpha, - Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals)

On The Breeze Brushes - Jesse Edwards (Designer Digitals)

Silver Pin - Mary Ann Wise (Designer Digitals)

Photo Action - Holly McCaig (My Digital Muse)

Frame Brushes for distressing edges -

Fonts : Marcelle Script, 1942 Report.


Good company in a journey
makes the way seem shorter
~Izaac Walton

Papers, Flowers,
Coco Beach Kit - Andie Smith (My Digital Muse)

Tab, Stitches.
Charleston Kit - Andie Smith (My Digital Muse)

Remember Stamp, Quote Word Art from
Tara Sroka (My Digital Muse)

Scalloped Graph paper - Holly McCaig (My Digital Muse)

Paint Splatters, Photo Die Cut from Rhonna Farrer (Two Peas).

Scalloped Frame template from Kate Teague (Two Peas)

[Fast Friends}

Credits :

Vacation Frame, Sunkissed paper, Journal blocks, Dirty Dots paper, Staple, Rockstar Button Pins and Gems from Tara Sroka Designs(My Digital Muse).

FAST Alpha from Northshore Kit - Andie Smith Designs (My Digital Muse)

Swirls - Grape Limeaid kit from Carrie Bombria (My Digital Muse)

Stamp Frame from Valerie Ostrom.

Fonts : 1942 Report and Rubberstamp.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

{Greatest Accomplishment}

Credits :

Button from Royanna Lea Fritschmann - Time of My Life kit (My Digital Muse)

Paper, Stitched Corner, Swirls Rub On, butterfly seal, sequines border, staples, purple butterfly and all photo mats from Royanna Lea Fritschmann - Simply Gorgeous Kit (Divine Digital)

Frame from Royanna Lea Fritschmann - I've Been Framed (My Digital Muse)

Fonts : Harting, Lucida Handwriting and Mr Wade.

{Love is all around you}

Credits :

Frame - Royanna Lea Fritschmann - I've Been Framed (My Digital Muse)

Papers, Doodled Frame, Green Fastener with ribbon and Ribbon strip from Royanna Lea Fritschmann - Tour d' Eiffel kit (My Digital Muse)

Folded Flower, Antique Button and Butterfly Seal from
Royanna Lea Fritschmann - Simply Gorgeous kit (Divine Digital)

Silver Brad, Clock face, Grunge Overlay and Swirly Doodle from
Royanna Lea Fritschmann - Time Of My Life kit (Divine Digital)

Fonts : Marcelle Script, Harting and Waterfall.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007

{Road Trip}

Credits :

Just cruisin QP, Nutritional Facts Set 2, Road trippin' Chipboard Accents - Tara Sroka (My Digital Muse)
Buttons : Andie Smith (My Digital Muse) Northshore kit.
Font : Sidewalk.

The Real Deal

These girls, they're more than special
They keep me real.
~ Sasha 10/8/2007

Credits :

Ribbon, Flowers, Button,Papers, Fastener - Andie Smith (My Digital Muse) Charleston Kit.
Tissue Embalishment - Andir Smith (My Digital Muse) Thousand Oaks Kit.
Blue paper for the brush : Andie Smith (My Digital Muse) Northshore Kit.
Scalloped Frame - Kate Teague (Two Peas)
Curled Alphas - Holly Mc Caig (My Digital Muse)
Pinked Template - Amanda Tracy
Stitches - Jessica Gorny
Brush : Papersweets

Fonts : Tan Patty, Susie's Hand.

18 days to 7

Neha, counting days to her 7th birthday

Credits :
Photo Actions : Holly McCaig (My Digital Muse)
Scallop Template : Amanda Tracy

Everything else from Royanna Fritschmann (Divine Digital)
Kraft Paper, Polka Dot paper, Doodles - Time of My life kit.
Stitched Ribbons, Flower Stickers, Pink Paper for part of title - Spring Fling Kit.

Fonts : Smiley Monster, You All everybody.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

T-O-O-Ts again...

Click for better pic!! Huge grins all day long! I'm a happy girl :D

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

{Not For A Second}

"I don't like this girl"
You said when you're upset
with each other. The episode
will last for about fifteen
glorious minutes. But just
look at this picture, the
truth is you can't live
without each other.
So really when you said
you don't like her, I don't
believe you, not one bit.
Not for a second.

Credits :

Tara Sroka (my digital muse)
SunKissed paper
Turn Up The Heat paper
Word Frames
Date Lines
Journal Blocks
Never Forget Stamps

Fonts :
Socially Awkward
Rebekah's Birthday

Toot-toot :)

Friday, August 3, 2007