Sunday, September 30, 2007



Papers - Andie Smith Designs, Cushing Kit (My Digital Muse)

Stitching - Andie Smith Designs, Stitched Frames (My Digital Muse)

Vintage FlashCard - Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals)

Holly McCaig Scalloped Graph Paper - used as template (My Digital Muse)

Green and Blue Flowers, Green Buttons, Green Bow - Andie Smith Designs, Cape May Kit (My Digital Muse)

Blings - Andie Smith Designs, DeerField Kit (My Digital Muse)

Red Flower - Andie Smith Designs, Laguna Beach kit (My Digital Muse)

Font - TCG Indigo by Kylie Clark
Photo Actions - Holly McCaig (Pink Ink Studios)


~you started fasting this year, on your own will. as of today, you're on your 18th day and still going strong! 30/9/2007

Credits :

Orange Arrow, White Arrow, Paper Clip, Brads, Fastener - Tara Sroka and Audra Little Collab Kit - Action Jackson (My Digital Muse)

Red Paper - Tara Sroka Big Apple Kit (My Digital Muse)

White Dots Paper - Tara Sroka Dirty Dots Papers (My Digital Muse)

Circle Stitches, Canvas Letters - Tara Sroka (MDM)

Frames - Karen Perreira Basic Frames(My Digital Muse)

Curled Edges - Jan Hicks (ScrapGirls)

Fonts - TCG Indigo by Kylie Clark and Rhino Dino

Photo Actions - Holly McCaig (Pink Ink Studios)


And this is a just because. . . just because I feel like scrapping and thanking God that I have these two *not*so* little ones with me...

~just like that, I love you. No matter what, no matter where, no matter when. I'll always love u.

Read and My Little Diva

Did this layout earlier in the month. Didn't realize that I haven't shared it here yet.. :D

Credits :
Background Papers, White Stars, Green Stars, paper Clip, Blue/white tab, Felt Arrow - Tara Sroka/Audra Little Collab, Action Jackson Kit (My Digital Muse)

Blings, Big Staple - Tara Sroka, Big Apple Kit (My Digital Muse)

Rockstar Doodle, Mesh - Tara Sroka, Rockstar Kit (My Digital Muse)

Canvas Letters, Journal Bubbles, target icon, Circle stitch - Tara Sroka (My Digital Muse)

Grunge Grid overlay, White Frame - KSharon K designs
Photo Actions - Holly Mccaig
Font - Problem Secretary

and finished another one this morning...

Credits :

Yellow and Red Paper - Tara Sroka, Big Apple Kit (My Digital Muse)

Doodles, Pause Button, Music Note, Cassettes - Tara Sroka, Rock Star kit (My Digital Muse)

Fastener, White Felt Arrow, Red PaperClip, Tab sticker, - Tara Sroka and Audra Little Collab - Action Jackson kit (My Digital Muse)

Date Lines, red Circle Stitch, Size Tag - Tara Sroka (My Digital Muse)

Film Strip Frame - Lindsay Jane Designs

Fonts - Problem Secretary and Rhino Dino

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Such a babe. . .

Look at that pout.. haha! Thanks Chenta for your nudge.

Frame by Rhonna Farrer @ Two Peas :)

{I'm so glad. . . }

to be the one accompanying you on your journey.
Truly I am.. I'm so glad I'm your mommy and I get to witness your life. That itself is a reward, a priceless, most treasured reward.

Credits :
Background paper, Ribbon, Journey Stamp, Charm, Lacy Border, Cardboard Scrap from Royanna Lea Fritschmann, The Journey Kit, Divine Digital.

Stitching, Embelishment Cluster, Photo Corner, Notebook papers from Royanna Lea Fritschmann, In Short Supply Kit, Divine Digital.

Font : Rage Italic, Harting.

Photo Actions - Holly McCaig (The Pink Ink Studios)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

{mini me} and {comfort}

This is for Pencil Lines #51. I think I can safely say I'm addicted to their blog now. *grins*

Mini Me - I gave Neha my old point and shoot once I bought my D40. And what do you know, now we have two people in the family who constantly have their camera with them and taking pictures of anything and everything!

This is another layout just to record the fact that my girls, they love to sleep together, in one bed. Even though they have their own bed. Guess its more comfortable this way.

Both layouts were created using my september Scarlet Lime Kit. The kit is just awesome! I can't get over how much stuffs we're getting!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

{one perfect love}

One Originami heart, folded with love, care and concentration. Two sentences that you wrote on it, so simple but so meaningful to me. Two hearts, swelling with pride. You, for being able to fold the origami, and me, for being on the receiving end of it. One perfect love note from Kakak (big sister) to mommy. Thank you my dear girl, I love you. I care for you. *hugs* ~Mommy

For OLW and LSS V2, Round 1. I decided to play along, just for fun :) Not sure if they allow combining challenge... but figured there's no harm trying LOL. Nothing to lose.. and of course I had fun with 8 clear elements on the layout.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Heartbroken. . .

One of my favorite hang out is closing its doors very soon. And I'm already missing everything there.

A quote from Holly that I will hold dear to my heart...
Please don't get caught up in the dramatic side of things. It's not important in the long run.

Monday, September 17, 2007

{sq 12}

For Pencil Lines #50.
~ Both of you were just fantastic during the long hours on board sq 12! We had a wonderful time chatting and eating and playing video games and napping of course!!! Both of you made the 18 hours journey not only bearable but super fun.

Friday, September 14, 2007

One for each girl.. and Grab Bag weekend!

For Sasha Jane Designs.

For Andie Smith Designs.


Like what you see? Head on to my Digital Muse! They're having their famous Grab bag weekend. Awesome stuffs!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

{Purely Mine}

For OLW and Pencil Lines #49

Two Little Girls
Two Little Terrors
Two Little Angels
Purely Mine
All M-I-N-E!!!
M-I-N-E !!!
M-I-N-E !!!
M-I-N-E !!!
xoxo ~ Mommy, 10th Sept 2007

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Thank You!

Card Credits
For all the comments on my previous post. Thank you to each and everyone of you. thank you to Pencil Lines Team, to Lucy Chesna and also Scrapbook Doodle!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Just received a good news!!! *huge grin* :)

*we're off to Malacca for a short trip in about 8 hours*

{Choose Happiness}

Credits :

Black Scroll, Green Scroll, Black Swirly Doodle, Scalloped template, Lace, Royanna Lea Fritschmann, Dream A Little dream Kit (Divine Digital)

Background paper, Red Buttons, NotePaper Scrap, Clip, Ric Rac, Pink Flower, Safety Pin, Bow, Brads, Royanna Lea Fritschmann, Madly In Love (My Digital Muse)

Kraft Paper, Royanna Lea Fritschmann, Time Of My Life Kit (Divine Digital)

Fonts : Mom's Typewriter, Jump Start and GoodFellows

Monday, September 3, 2007

{and we love you}

Did this for Pencil Lines #48. Love this sketch from Judi! She's awesome, this lady.

If you think the title doesn't make sense.. do click on the pic and you'll be able to see the writings on the sand...
Neha wrote "I love daddy and mommy"
Nidhi wrote " I love mommy and daddy" :)

August Projects - Laines

Did all these last month for Laine's Papeterie

Sunday, September 2, 2007

You know you love her. . .

~ when she connects with your children like no one (outside the family circle) has ever before.

~ when she care enough to search for your children's favorite songs and make it into a CD. even though I will want to strangle her after three straight days of listening to "Oops I Did it Again!". Haha!

~ when for a moment, you forget that she's not your sister for she certainly feels like one.

~ when she chooses to spend her weekend with us. You will just love her the way I do.

Thanks for being you, Babe!

{Best Of Friends}

Credits :

Everything from Fantabulous Friendship Kit from Royanna Fritschmann (Divine Digital)