Tuesday, September 25, 2007

{mini me} and {comfort}

This is for Pencil Lines #51. I think I can safely say I'm addicted to their blog now. *grins*

Mini Me - I gave Neha my old point and shoot once I bought my D40. And what do you know, now we have two people in the family who constantly have their camera with them and taking pictures of anything and everything!

This is another layout just to record the fact that my girls, they love to sleep together, in one bed. Even though they have their own bed. Guess its more comfortable this way.

Both layouts were created using my september Scarlet Lime Kit. The kit is just awesome! I can't get over how much stuffs we're getting!


lacintha said...

Hey girl :)
Love what you've done with that kit, and what a promising photographer you have there.Thanks for visiting and take care of you :)

Benga said...

great takes on the sketch!superb photos, wish I could do the same =), yeah pencil lines is addictive hahaha

Ania said...

Oh I love both your layouts! Yields so much justice to the kit too! :) Hope you have remembered to email the PL-layout to Pencillines to be eligible for the prize :)

ricanlaw said...

Your layouts are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for your comment earlier. ;)

Aleida Franklin