Saturday, September 22, 2007

{one perfect love}

One Originami heart, folded with love, care and concentration. Two sentences that you wrote on it, so simple but so meaningful to me. Two hearts, swelling with pride. You, for being able to fold the origami, and me, for being on the receiving end of it. One perfect love note from Kakak (big sister) to mommy. Thank you my dear girl, I love you. I care for you. *hugs* ~Mommy

For OLW and LSS V2, Round 1. I decided to play along, just for fun :) Not sure if they allow combining challenge... but figured there's no harm trying LOL. Nothing to lose.. and of course I had fun with 8 clear elements on the layout.


Wati Basri said...

lovely, sha! :)

Lynn said...

This is gorgeous!
one little word

Leena said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Love how you did the heart with the buttons!! ;)

NoraHata said...

Such beautiful journaling and gorgeous page!

ms mumbles said...

i love, love this soo much..!! cantik gilerrrr lah, babe..!!:)

it made me go 'whooaaa...' :)

lialuvsblythes said...

I love the buttoned heart too! Such a sweet keepsake that origami heart!