Tuesday, December 4, 2007

{just like a star}

Just Like A Star
For Pencil Lines #61

~After weeks of practise
weeks of reciting your lines
and rehearsing your steps
you did us proud Neha,
You're just like a star.
14th November 2007


Jacqueline said...

Simply beautiful, as always.

stephanie howell said...

beeeeyoootiful. ;)

Leena said...

This is just gorgeoous!! Love the KI lace CS & all the embellis!!

Nora said...

It's really gorgeous Sha!!!

FauveDesign said...

Your layouts are absolutely stunning!!

ms mumbles said...

hey, i didnt know neha is in ballet...???
she's so cute...:)

your work is really amazing...each LO is different from the other and simply stunning in terms of colours, placement, style....
keep it up, babe!! ;)

Marliza Radzi said...

wow you're good!