Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Here comes 2008. . .

I'm not a resolution maker. Let's just say I know my weakness :)

But this year, let's try something different (that's me talking to myself). Let's try to make time taking photos every single day and edit and choose one to be Sasha's photo-of-the-day :) And as if that is not enough, make time to upload the said photos here, at least once a week (I'm actually aiming for once every two days). I'm not saying I'm great with camera, and I definitely hope to improve by doing this. Anyone wanna join me in the journey? Not too late u know. . .

So here we go.

Pretty headscarves at Geylang Market. We had lunch there, yummy "Nasi Padang"!

Neha tripped and hurt herself when we were sending Nidhi to school. Need I say more? LOL. Just part and parcel of growing up :)

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