Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It Kit February and some...

So now that it's live, I can finally share the work I did for the fabulous Kelly Lautenbach and It Kit Studio. I'd like to think that I got the Guest Designing spot because Kelly likes my work, rather than because I'm her friend. (some people think so? LOL).

Well, nevermind. You really can't please everyone, everytime. I've been running around like a headless chicken ever since school reopens earlier this month and I have no time to devote to anything other than my family, my books and mojo, my stalking activities.. especially when it comes to Laura V! LOL.. seriously, i check her blog more than twice a day!! LOL..

Wow.. i think thats my second 'venting' post here on this blog? Or more.. but its less than 5 I'm sure. Just because I don't like spread 'ugly-ness' around.

Ok, let's move on shall we? Here are the three layouts I did with It Kit February.

Such Huge Impact

These three people
They’re more than special
They light up my life
They make life worth living
They’re worth the fight I put up everyday
They have such huge impact
on my existence–
xoxo ~ Sasha, jan11,2008

Love In The Sand

~Love in the sand
lots and lots of
love in the sand
a declaration of love so pure
it melts my heart.

Laugh,Cry and Remember Good Times

Guest Designer for It Kit - February

~You have to
laugh, cry and remember good times.
Life is not a fairy tale
far from it, seriously.

Mommy,Jan 2008


Wati Basri said...

sha,congrats on the IT guest designer :) love all the layouts!

..feli.. said...

i honestly love all the LOs you did this time round, sasha! :)
can't understand how people can get so creative! am loving the kit too. how are you subscribing for this?

Benga said...

yummy collection! you totally deserve the spot! I always love your mix of pps, and the choice of colors and of course the stunning photos. Thanks for sharing the photos, I wish I can take photos like you do. take care =)

Liza said...

Wohoo! Congratulations Sha!!! Luving all your Gorgeous Creations!!!! You totally deserve it, babe, purely based on your stunning Works!!! Congrats again!

Leena said...

Congrats Sha!! The pages are just gorgeous!!

laura vegas said...

congrats sasha! your work totally deserves the "guest designer" title by it! awesome layouts! you have such a fun, colorful style ... love it!and i love what you did with the ki lace paper ... i'm too scared to use it in fear that i'll cut it wrong and not be able to start over. lol!