Wednesday, February 27, 2008

feb21 - feb27,2008

Wow.. I've been slacking a lot with my POTD. I've been taking pictures, just got no time to update here. But today.. here I am :)
A project I'm working on :)

Loot from Anaheim.

Nish@HKL. Was woken up by a nudge from my husband. Mama on the phone, informing us that Nish has been warded for acute pain in the tummy. Turned out she had to have her appendix removed. Poor baby was in so much pain.. glad she's better now.

My companion while at the 'puter :)

Glow. . . warm, comforting glow.

My little blue tongued monster

The audience in my living room, right this moment... :)


laura vegas said...

great photos sasha! i'm intriqued what your project is?!?! and the lighting on that second photo is gorgeous! and i love that webkinz valentine frog ... we have 2 of those hopping around our house. lol!

Cikokui said...

great pics u have there. btw, can you please contact me at because it need to talk to you about some pictures for IJN website purpose. thanx

ms mumbles said...

i love yr last shot.....aawww, the cutest !! :)

Anonymous said...

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