Sunday, March 23, 2008

. . .

I'm not a great baker... but I know, in a few minutes, that tray of brownies in my oven will bring smiles to the faces of my girls. And that's ok. That's enough. For them to love me and be happy. I will take that!

Sometime I wonder why I like to think too much? Trying so hard to please other people? When in the end, they're not the one fighting to stay alive here in my place. They will never understand me. The real me. Never.

Yesterday, while he was driving. . .he said a lot of things to me. Bits and pieces of this and that, of here and there. Most, brought tears to me eyes, and I thank him for that. He's definitely a keeper, he's mine and I love him so much. As long as I have his support, I know I will be okay. *love you D*

My house smells heavenly, my girls are watching Rat-a-too-ee for the 79th time, my husband is in Seoul and we're all happy. Thats all that matters. I'm blessed.


Lillie said...

Hi Harsha,
Loved everything here, the photos, your creativity, looks not only good but fabulous!!!

Have a good week.

Wati Basri said...


NHStitcher said...

Hi Harsha! Long time no chat! Your photography is just lovely! You do a GREAT job!