Saturday, April 19, 2008

{anytime anywhere}

Anytime Anywhere
Flowers, Papers and say It In Crystals from CafePrima

Right now, you’re lovin’ anything McDonalds.
You will have them for every meal if we let you.
Sorry babe, once a week and that’s it.
Consider it your weekly treat, okay?
Even tho I must admit,
It’s getting harder to resist your McSmile :)


laura vegas said...

love this sasha! my youngest, sarah, would eat mcdonalds every day if she could. lol!

Anonymous said...

your lay outs are so beautiful and inspirational!! such talent, really :)


scrap-myself-silly said...
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scrap-myself-silly said...

Oh-so-adorable, love what u did with the cafeprima :)

Aline said...

Wow, Sasha, your layouts are always amazing. And they are so you!

Totally love it! :)

diamonds said...

so that's what you've been doing wonder didin't see your entries in M4M. it, love it, love all your 'scrappings'!


theroyalcrapster said...

omigosh! that's so cute! i think i've gotta limit myself to mcD too..!!

kathj said...