Thursday, April 10, 2008

{Daughters}, {Our Tribe}, {Miss U} & {Comfort Food}

By my standard, this post is a novel. So you might wanna grab that cuppa LOL.

For LP. Do check out their gallery for more eye candies! There's a contest going on too! Enter for your chance to win some scrap-goodies :)

happy memories of the past,
joyful moments of the present,
hope and promise of the future.
My daughters, my heart warmer and day brightener :)

Our tribe
Tree template from Quickutz, cut by my trusty Silhouette and me.Our tribe, my life. I really couldn't see what would become of me, without them.

Close Up - butterfly (Our tribe)
And I think its very obvious now that I love, no, make that I adore butterflies and those little faux pearls.:)

Miss U
Stamped on fabric for this. I used some calico (I think - ha!ha!) I had lying around from my cross stitch and cushion making days.

Inside of card - Miss u
Stamped on the inside too. I'm lovin' this alpha stamp set from Fontwerks!

Pillow Box
Pillow box template from Quickutz, cut by my trusty Silhouette and me again.

Pillow Box - open
Some toffee for the lovely girls at Laine's!


laura vegas said...

gorgeous stuff sasha! love that tree ... so cool! and the butterfly is freakin neat with the layered wings and all! and love the card ... such great colors!

twosweetkids said...

beautiful work, sasha! :) think i'm going to have to steal your sweet box idea (and borrow the silhouette). lol.

Hanizeyecandy said...

hi sasha, salam perkenalan. I jumpa your link from lovescrap. I baru aje join. I love your layouts. Thanks for the inspiration.

Carla said...

Hi, I found your site via miss laura vegas. your work is awesome!

Duckie and Me - Our escapades... said...

Hey Sasha,
Fabulous work, dear! Love the tribe lo the most :) Awesome..awesome stuff u have here !


theroyalcrapster said...

hey sasha,

first of all, i have to say, you're really really really good at this. someday, i must learn from you! haha!

and oh, there's something about your posts - you make me feel blissful, like im glad i have my family. thank you!