Sunday, April 27, 2008

{not there. . . but here}

not there. . . but here
Flowers - Prima Belle Fleurs, Prima Chatres and Prima Fancies
Paper- Morning Song Collection.

You may not be able to send them off to school.
You may not be able to have dinner with us.
You may not be able to tuck them in at night.
You will be some 1324 miles across the globe.
But you’ doing it for us.
For the family.
You may not be present physically. . .
But as Nidhi once said
“You’re here Daddy, somewhere in my heart”
How true.
Yes, you’re always somewhere in our heart.
You’re not there, but here
Your girls.

not here . . . but there - close up 1

not here . . . but there - close up 2

not here . . . but there - close up 3


Eileen W said...

love the details :) It's beautiful.

momma2omar said...

Such meaningful journaling...touched my heart *sigh*
Good one, Sasha!


samuel_emmanuel said...

always improving...

laura vegas said...

beautiful layout sasha! you always have such amazing details ... so much goodness to take in! love it!

Anonymous said...

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