Friday, May 30, 2008

{i don't think so}

Inspired by OLW #27 and Pencil Lines #86. (sorry for the crappy picture... will replace soon. I need to hurry somewhere important...)

The pictures I used on this layout itself are blurry. But oh so much love in them that I don't have the heart to hit the delete button :)

I don't think so

10 years ago
Never would I imagined
That I will be here
With the 2 of you.
To be a full time mommy
Was never my ambition.
I wanted to have some
High flying job
Somewhere out there.
And yet now,
I couldn’t be happier.
Even though
Sometime the day is extra long
Complete with crankiness and tears.
And someone yelling blue murder.
Most days are good.
Goofing around
Laughter and giggles.
Taking silly pictures of you before bedtime.
It’s just how we roll.
It’s just life, happening.
Will I trade this for anything else?
I don't think so.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Family Affair

Better late than never, right? I'll let the photos do the talking. Altho there are not many of them, I think the heat is too much for me!

This confirmed we're at the right event :)

Our hosts. Gorgeous couple.

I like the look on her face...:)

Intricate henna art :) (one thing I would hopefully learn how to do in this lifetime, just for fun!)

Nidhi. . .

Neha. . .

One of the "artists for the day" :)

Ahhh!! Love this one :) Beautiful, happy, family.

Shy girls... :)

Maybe this look is my cue to stop shoving the camera in her face. LOL!

Four-legged! I'm glad I'm part of the cheering squad :)

I asked them "Best friends, are you?" Both answered "Yes!!" I asked again " Fight, do you?" Both answered "Always...." with a cheeky grin (which i missed and couldn't capture on the camera)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Time Of His Life. . .

{speechless} . . . really.. I'm lost for words.
WTG Cook! WTG! You're magic.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Has it really. . .

been 10 days already since my last post? Wow... !! Time sure does fly.. such a cliche, but that is so very true. Time does fly especially when you're having fun. A lot of changes goin' on over here. Wish me luck, will ya? :)

Been scrappin' a lot these past few days. A lot by my standard is maybe a layout every two days (ha-ha-ha!) . . . !! Here are some sneaks. . . you might wanna start stalking Cafe Prima for their June Flower Kit. Its chock-full of floral goodness! That much I promise :)




Friday, May 9, 2008

crazy.. mad.. happy...

:) Not feeling great today.. having some kind of ear ache that started last night. But I'm all smiles. . . why? This is why..

LOTD - TwoPeas

My 2nd time featured on TwoPeas. Not a big deal to some, but it's enough to make my day.

Now if only the blasted ear ache will go away, that will be perfect!! Haha!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

{not today}

not today
Inspired by OLW #26 and Pencil Lines #83.

Journaling ~
Today I feel like my tank
has been running on empty
for so many years
and now suddenly
I’ve ground to
an abrupt halt
- miles from the nearest petrol station.
Unable to move forward.
I usually feel beautiful
and full of life
but not today.
Today is just not my day.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The (wo)man who does not understand your silence will probably not
understand your words.
~ Elbert Hubbard

ps : the italic part is mine...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

{don't grow away}

Inspired by OLW, (altho I'm a little late LOL), and Pencil Lines Sketch 82.

Don't Grow Away

Papers from Morning Song and The Harmony Collection.
Prima Artful Collage Flowers, August Gladiolus.

Stay close, stay near.