Monday, May 19, 2008

Has it really. . .

been 10 days already since my last post? Wow... !! Time sure does fly.. such a cliche, but that is so very true. Time does fly especially when you're having fun. A lot of changes goin' on over here. Wish me luck, will ya? :)

Been scrappin' a lot these past few days. A lot by my standard is maybe a layout every two days (ha-ha-ha!) . . . !! Here are some sneaks. . . you might wanna start stalking Cafe Prima for their June Flower Kit. Its chock-full of floral goodness! That much I promise :)





laura vegas said...

yes sasha ... it has been 10 days. lol! glad to hear you've been having fun though. and those sneek peeks ... so cute! i love the doubled-up buttons in the flowers ... neat idea!

..feli.. said...

yes sasha, it was that long. i check your blog every single day. hahaha.

anyway, do drop me an sms?i lost quite a fair bit of numbers while upgrading my sim card. you have my number right?

Turner Family said...

Hi - I've never left a comment on your blog, but I visit regularly and look forward to seeing your new layouts. It is probably one of my favourite blogs - you work is brillant!

jaz lee said...

luving your work here sasha!and a beautiful blog...;)