Friday, May 30, 2008

{i don't think so}

Inspired by OLW #27 and Pencil Lines #86. (sorry for the crappy picture... will replace soon. I need to hurry somewhere important...)

The pictures I used on this layout itself are blurry. But oh so much love in them that I don't have the heart to hit the delete button :)

I don't think so

10 years ago
Never would I imagined
That I will be here
With the 2 of you.
To be a full time mommy
Was never my ambition.
I wanted to have some
High flying job
Somewhere out there.
And yet now,
I couldn’t be happier.
Even though
Sometime the day is extra long
Complete with crankiness and tears.
And someone yelling blue murder.
Most days are good.
Goofing around
Laughter and giggles.
Taking silly pictures of you before bedtime.
It’s just how we roll.
It’s just life, happening.
Will I trade this for anything else?
I don't think so.


Lynn said...

I LOVE this and I LOVE the journalling! Great layout!!!!!


laura vegas said...

gorgeous layout sasha! and i love the journaling!!!

Michèle said...

this is really really beautiful !!

domestic goddess said...

adore this, love it, brillIANT!!

J. said...

this is do beautiful work!