Thursday, May 8, 2008

{not today}

not today
Inspired by OLW #26 and Pencil Lines #83.

Journaling ~
Today I feel like my tank
has been running on empty
for so many years
and now suddenly
I’ve ground to
an abrupt halt
- miles from the nearest petrol station.
Unable to move forward.
I usually feel beautiful
and full of life
but not today.
Today is just not my day.


Lynn said...

I LOOOOOOOOVW this! Love the journaling!


laura vegas said...

love this sasha! and love the honest journaling ... i can totally relate to it these days.

Gigi said...

phenomenal...absolutely phenomenal

i've had those days fact, i think unfortunately no one is is to a brighter & more beautiful tomorrow

Unknown said...

gorgeous Sasha!!!

BrittanyLane said...

This is my favorite LO for this challenge! Great job.

missyB said...

wow love the journaling.. nice writing. =)