Sunday, June 29, 2008

Seoul. . .

It's about time to update with Seoul trip photos, no? :)

We spent two nights in Seoul and loving every minute of it. I have a feeling we'll be going again quite soon. Well, I hope we'll be going again. (D,*hint*hint*)

Time for pictures :)

Beautiful eh? Imagine climbing three sets of those stairs at 11pm, after a day spent at the theme park. Ouch!

This is love. Although Nidhi has the 'in pain' expression on her face, I'm convinced that's only because of the super bright and hot sun. lol

Finally, we're here. I thought its kinda similar to Genting Theme Park.

The girls getting their hair braided. Cute little pushcart!

While Daddy and Neha q-ing up for the rollercoster, I had to entertain this someone who still needs to grow taller in order to board the 'thrill' rides.

This is such a nice surprise. I totally forgot about this family picture :)

As we enter Magic Island. . .

And since there were just more 'thrill' rides at Magic Island, I had to distract Nidhi yet again. What is better than letting her enjoy some dry fog? Its anything but dry! LOL!

Neha on the Tree Swing. I had wanted to go on this, but it skipped my mind, until we were walking back to the hotel. Ha-ha-ha!

All is well again when we found this mini version of the pirate's ship :) I lost count how many times she took this ride!

One little girl got on stage to dance with Musimix Band. Neha was invited too, but was too shy!

Then we took the train back to the hotel. Met Musimix again while waiting for the train. Chatted with them all the way home, while Nidhi and Neha dozed off.

Then we had to climb those stairs you saw in the first picture. *grins* Good work out I say!

And this, this blurred, with my head cut off, picture, happens to be the last picture I took. After this was taken, we head to Namdaemun Market to do some shopping. I went a little crazy buying accessories and had no time to take the camera out. (we were a little short on time! really! LOL!).

About 12 hours after the last picture. . . we were home. Home sweet home.

Did I bore you? Sorry.. I know its boring, but I had to update the blog for my family.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Feelings. . .

I am not very good at keeping my feelings to myself. If I'm pissed off, you will know. Urmm... not only that, you can actually see it plain and clear on my face. I am not like some people who can smile some kind of smile for hours, even though they're seething inside. Are you like me?

One problem though. How do you tell someone you respect that you felt hurt? That you felt left out and at the bottom of the list of the important people in their lives? What do you do when that someone is family? Do you shut up and move on, pretending. Or do you confront? *sigh*

I need him now, just need him to be with me so I can talk. Talk freely. And letting him talk some sense into me (ha-ha-ha-ha). Will I be able to shut my pie hole until he comes home on Saturday? I hope so :)

On a positive note, I have a layout to share :) This was done in April, for a class sample at Laine's. No, I didn't teach the class, urmm.. I'm not a good teacher, for the reason in Para 1 in this post :)

My Keys To Paradise

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


*photos overload at end of post*
We're back at home, kids started school after 4 weeks holiday. Our San Francisco-Seoul trip was awesome. I came back learning that I'm one of the seven winners for OLW's one year anniversary. Yayyyyyyyyyy!! Thank you Tiff!!

I received my copy of Scrapbook Magazine (will post on that later). I got my Stampin' UP shipment from Robyn (thanks sweetheart!) while in SFO. I have tons of stuff to work on, and its happiness all over in our household. As much as I love school holidays, I think 4 weeks are enough? No? I am so ready for school days and routine and 9pm bedtime. :)

Frisco, ohhh... Frisco. I fell in love with that city. It has such charm that is hard to describe. We had great fun sightseeing and especially shopping (for me)! LOL! This trip, I take about half the amount of pictures I took on our LA-Tokyo trip last year, but that is only because I was too busy enjoying myself! That's totally cool with me :) Some to share with you...

The girls at Terminal 3, Changi Airport.

Gotta let them play a lil bit with my camera. *grins*

Transit at Incheon International Airport. Yes, we were inside the restroom :) Nice huge mirrors!

Someone's body is still on 'Singapore time' :)

Our sweet ride to Fisherman's Wharf.

Urmm... ignore the multiple chins. :)

Gorgeous! Just gorgeous...

Can you see that little fella in the water? Oh so adorable!

Went on Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise Adventure.

Joe 'The Funnybone' at work.

Will share the Seoul part of the trip later. . . :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I have an issue, I am a woman of few words. Urmm... no, that sounds terribly wrong. I am not a woman of few words. I talk a lot. A-whole-lot. But when it comes to telling your loved ones that they're all you ever wished for and then more, that.. that will render me speechless. I prefer to put my thoughts to paper, or rather to a page on my blog. Maybe someday, I will print a blog book, just like my beautiful friend, Laura.

Ok, back to my issue. Sometime I wish, I could say these things often. Not on a daily basis, maybe more like once a month? Or somewhere there. But, I'm thinking. . these are special words and I want them to stay that way. Don't want them to become stale, or some part of a routine?>>! Urmm, I guess!

Nidhi and Papa

Today is Father's Day. I wish I can be with mine. But the timing is not right for me to travel back to Malaysia to see him. I miss him so much. He is not a cool-super fun-hang out together kind of dad, but he loves me, and made me what I am now. And I thank him for that. The older I get, the more I become my Papa's girl. Thank you Pa. For everything.


And there's Sham, my darling husband. God, where do I begin. He is truly a great daddy for my girls. He pampers them a lot, but he knows when to back off and let me discipline them. Ha-ha-ha!!!

Seriously, he is this fun, loving, affectionate and sometime, well, who am I kidding?, most of the time silly dad! My girls are very lucky to have someone like him in their lives. He is just perfect for them... for us. Thank you D, for being you. For being Daddy.

Happy Father's Day to the two wonderful Dad in my life. You have no idea how much I cherish you.

This time tomorrow, the girls and me will be on our way to San Francisco. And we're more than ready :) Wish me luck yeah... its 19.5 hours of flight time. *shivers*

This is coming with me, cute eh?..! LOL...
Ready to go

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

{one is enough}

For OLW #28. The word up couldn't come at a more appropriate time.
One is Enough

One incident at 2.10pm.
One night at Ward 86.
One sleepless night.
One never-ending night.
One night full of love.
One night full of heartache.
One night full of fear.
One night I never want to go thru again.
One night I would gladly file
in a certain part of my life.
One I would call
Is enough.

Some close ups
One is Enough - close up 1
One is Enough - close up 2

Monday, June 9, 2008

{gotta love the everyday}

A just for fun layout. A gentle reminder to us, to me especially... that the mundane everyday is actually oh so precious.
Gotta Love The Everyday

Nidhi is doing great. Thank you so much for all the emails, text messages and comments. We're all looking forward to next week. . .!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And my heart breaks. . .

Just like that, no words can ever describe how i felt yesterday when my baby girl was hurt. Just no words.

We're at home now. Still praying.

She is doing her art, Neha is watching Hannah Montana. I have both my babies with me. Thank you GOD.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

. . .

Two weddings turned into two bike accidents, a funeral and a wedding. That means a whole lot of driving for me. Now can I catch my breath? :( Thank you.

I feel like sleeping for a week...or more. 'See you' soon.

note to self : breathe Sasha. . breathe . . .and its okay to answer the phone. fingers crossed no more bad news is gonna be delivered to you.