Thursday, June 26, 2008

Feelings. . .

I am not very good at keeping my feelings to myself. If I'm pissed off, you will know. Urmm... not only that, you can actually see it plain and clear on my face. I am not like some people who can smile some kind of smile for hours, even though they're seething inside. Are you like me?

One problem though. How do you tell someone you respect that you felt hurt? That you felt left out and at the bottom of the list of the important people in their lives? What do you do when that someone is family? Do you shut up and move on, pretending. Or do you confront? *sigh*

I need him now, just need him to be with me so I can talk. Talk freely. And letting him talk some sense into me (ha-ha-ha-ha). Will I be able to shut my pie hole until he comes home on Saturday? I hope so :)

On a positive note, I have a layout to share :) This was done in April, for a class sample at Laine's. No, I didn't teach the class, urmm.. I'm not a good teacher, for the reason in Para 1 in this post :)

My Keys To Paradise


TiteC said...

your LO's great !!

(and for your question... I'm the "confronting" kind, I can't keep smiling when I'm pissed off...)

xxx from France


Ifa said...

I'm with you on that one, I don't do pretend.

doris sander said...

gorgeous layout. love the titlework. hope you're successful in holding out till tomorrow! :D

laura vegas said...

gorgeous layout sasha! i'm with you ... if i'm in a bad mood or upset ... everyone around me will know it. lol! i'm not good at putting those feelings aside and acting like everything is ok. but i'm also not a confronational person ... i avoid conflict and deep stuff at all costs. lol!

hoping you resolve whatever is bothering you ... and say what you need to say!

f said...

Beautifuls moments! Love yours pics and your LO. Have a good day.

Denise said...

Oh wow, my first time to your blog and I know that I will be back!!!!!!!

As for your question: I'm not the type to keep things to myself either....but....sometimes it's better to have time to think about how you will say what it is you need to say....because if we say things in the heat of the moment...they may not come out how we wanted them too. I had a run in with my mil and it was not good! I waited a day and I was still furious because what she said to me was very hurtful. I knew that by waiting a day I was not going to be as hurtful to her. The next day I finally answered the phone and just as I assumed she made up her excuse for hurting me and I in return made her listen to my reasons for a half and hour and my reasons were not mean but very positive and since then she has been very polite. Although things have never been the same between us I have moved on and since forgave her and fogotten what she did to me.