Wednesday, June 25, 2008


*photos overload at end of post*
We're back at home, kids started school after 4 weeks holiday. Our San Francisco-Seoul trip was awesome. I came back learning that I'm one of the seven winners for OLW's one year anniversary. Yayyyyyyyyyy!! Thank you Tiff!!

I received my copy of Scrapbook Magazine (will post on that later). I got my Stampin' UP shipment from Robyn (thanks sweetheart!) while in SFO. I have tons of stuff to work on, and its happiness all over in our household. As much as I love school holidays, I think 4 weeks are enough? No? I am so ready for school days and routine and 9pm bedtime. :)

Frisco, ohhh... Frisco. I fell in love with that city. It has such charm that is hard to describe. We had great fun sightseeing and especially shopping (for me)! LOL! This trip, I take about half the amount of pictures I took on our LA-Tokyo trip last year, but that is only because I was too busy enjoying myself! That's totally cool with me :) Some to share with you...

The girls at Terminal 3, Changi Airport.

Gotta let them play a lil bit with my camera. *grins*

Transit at Incheon International Airport. Yes, we were inside the restroom :) Nice huge mirrors!

Someone's body is still on 'Singapore time' :)

Our sweet ride to Fisherman's Wharf.

Urmm... ignore the multiple chins. :)

Gorgeous! Just gorgeous...

Can you see that little fella in the water? Oh so adorable!

Went on Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise Adventure.

Joe 'The Funnybone' at work.

Will share the Seoul part of the trip later. . . :)


sharon said...

hey hey ...

Looks like a great trip to frisco ... Lurrrve that city to bits ..

Thanks for the congrats ... :) I am very happy to be in that team too :)


twosweetkids said...

looks so fun! you've got facebook mail! :P

doris sander said...

hope to see more of your travels! LOVE your layouts! all of them! so fabulous! :D

laura vegas said...

glad you had a great vacation sasha! so many fun photos! and your girls are so adorably cute!!!

and they're back in school? mine are getting out tomorrow (year-round school here) and are off for 6 weeks. this is good and bad ... i will miss the 9:00 bedtime too. lol!

Wati Basri said...

welcome back babe...grt pics there and congrats on OLW!!

Issa Virtucio-Lucido said...

Hi Sasha... welcome back!