Tuesday, June 10, 2008

{one is enough}

For OLW #28. The word up couldn't come at a more appropriate time.
One is Enough

One incident at 2.10pm.
One night at Ward 86.
One sleepless night.
One never-ending night.
One night full of love.
One night full of heartache.
One night full of fear.
One night I never want to go thru again.
One night I would gladly file
in a certain part of my life.
One I would call
Is enough.

Some close ups
One is Enough - close up 1
One is Enough - close up 2


Lynn said...

WOW! This is a gorgeous layout... love the journaling behind it too!


Staci Compher said...

your "one" page is gorgeous...hope she is feeling the size of the pics on the layout...

laura vegas said...

love this! love the little photos! and the way you cut out the large diecut paper! glad to hear she's doing ok!

handprintsoflife said...

This reminds me of a somewhat similar incident that happened to us in 2006. It's a tough time and your title is so appropriate.... One truly is enough! Hope she's feeling better now.

iris said...

You do such beautiful work! You are so talented. I felt the fear and pain you went through with this particular page. It's so difficult when our little ones get hurt. Hope she is ok now.