Saturday, July 19, 2008

{Even If}

For OLW.

Urmm... I scare me sometime. I tend to pour my heart out onto my layouts but not in real life. LOL! I like to think that, that is MY way of balancing things up, but God knows if its actually a sickness? *grins*


Journaling ~
Even if we’re not all hugs, smiles and kisses, I’m so glad we chose to start this little family of ours almost 10 years ago.

Never for once have I regretted us. Never. Although I don’t say it often, I adore you, I adore my children. You’re my life, my soul.

Credits ---> Here :)


Anonymous said...

Another beautiful layout. I love the layering in this too.

laura vegas said...

this is gorgeous sasha! i always love your journaling! i can always tell how much you love your family ... and how you mean exactly what you say!

Anabelle O'Malley said...

This is gorgeous. I love the way you layered the photos. And the journaling is so heartfelt. ;)

doris sander said...

gorgeous layout! i love how you mixed the photos from different times all together and still it's so elegant . . . :D

Lynn said...

This is gorgeous! Love it!


Denise said...

Gorgeous was the first word I thought of when I saw your layout and I guess it must be true....every one else said the same thing! Love it!

Eileen W said...

Beautiful! beautiful layout and most beautiful words. It touches my heart and inspired me. Thanks:)from eileenw