Thursday, July 3, 2008

Have you been. . .

to Pencil Lines lately? *grins* Did you see their announcement? *more grins*

I am beyond thrilled to be on Pencil Lines DT!!!!!! *grins again*. Thank you for the invitation, girls. I'm so honored to be joining all of you!

Come play with us will you? :)

And I have a layout to share too, one I made for Laine's a few days ago using mostly Love, Elsie Josie and Emma products. First layout of our Frisco-seoul trip. (no, I don't scrap in order of events, never have, probably never will. *wink*)

There's a booboo on this layout and its glaringly obvious to me! It's kind of irritating in a way, but this 'cover up' is better than the "oops" I made earlier. So I guess I'll live with it.

Love the random bits of hand stitching on this. DMC 321, yes, my kind of red. I miss stitching, probably will start a small project? Maybe I can stitch while waiting for the girls to finish their class, you know, while waiting in the car? Urmmm, that's something worth considering :)


Benga said...

Woooohoooo! Congrats Sasha! I'm so thrilled for you! Have fun at Pencil lines!

Another fun page, i enjoy looking at the details, so cute!

Asmahani said...

Wow! Congrats Sha!

doris said...

congratulations!!! so happy for you!!! :D

..feli.. said...

how wonderful! :) :)
you totally deserve it. your LOs are amazing :)

doris said...

oh. and lol. after getting your blog song stuck in my head i had to do a layout . . . :D

laura vegas said...

congrats sasha!!! so happy for you! and i love this layout! i say that all the time, i know ... but i just love your style! always amazing stuff!

scrap-myself-silly said...

Wowwweeeeee...CONGRATULATIONS Sasha !!! Way to go girl!


ifa said...

Congrats Sasha.

ちゅと said...

Hello Sasha!

Did you know there are so many fans of you in Japan?
I can't wait to see your creation and am so glad I can get to see it every week!