Sunday, July 20, 2008


Urmm.. just had to write this down!

You know what? I suddenly feel 'old'! My almost 8 year old is beside me, attending to her Webkinz .. then I heard Hannah Montana's Nobody's Perfect coming out from her speakers. *grins*

I asked her - Where did u get that?
Coz you know, we have the cd, but I can see the cd right beside me... . . *hmmm*
She answered - YouTube!

Goodness gracious. I kept quiet, but I am grinning like a fool, on the inside, of course. Couldn't let her see that, that act of searching for your fav song on Youtube is amusing me to no end. I don't know what's funny anyway, but it tickles me! LOL!

Oh yeah.. the whole family listens to that particular CD (yes, CD, we don't have an ipod coz we're cool like that! ha-ha-ha! yeah.. LOL, maybe someday.) - D.A.I.L.Y, for now at least. (what?!! her songs are catchy! listen for yourself!)

My personal favorite would be Rockstar. Yup... i just said that :)


suebaru said...

Another closet HM fan here!My youngests fave is Rockstar too :)

Anonymous said...

Hehe, we listen to Miley too ;)

doris sander said...

smart girlie! i don't have an ipod either, lol. :D

laura vegas said...

love it! rockstar is one of my favorite songs too ... i was just singing it last night as my girls rolled their eyes at me. lol! i think i get into some of the disney stars music more than they do. lol! and i recently did go and search out a jonas brothers song on itunes ... just for me!

Concetta said...

Hi Sasha... I've nominated you for a blog award. You can find the details over at my blog. :-)

Have a great weekend!