Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Inspire Me Night and OLW #32

My first Inspire Me Wednesday! Don't walk, RUN to the blog now. A huge post with tons of inspirations is waiting for you :) Play with us for a chance to win a Scrap Magie kit!

Here's mine.
Nidhi's highlighers Set.
This is a multi-tip highlighter. It belongs to Nidhi (whose face you will see in the next layout). When Lana told me we'll be looking at stationary for inspiration, I immediately thought of this little thing. Oh the hours of fun she has with it is amazing and it is always everywhere in the house! On the dining table, on her dresser, on the coffee table, underneath the sofa. You name it.

And here's the layout that come out of it :)
The Very Unwilling You
Plain and simple, yes? *grins* Seems that mommy didn't get the message! LOL!

Credits here.

And here's my take for OLW #32.
Being Mommy ~ Being Sure

To be with you every step of the way,
to just be mommy,
this is what i want,

Credits here.

Now I need to go and tame the jungle that is my scrap desk, then maybe I'll have a paper layout or two to show you soon!!


eMeLiNe Seet said...

CONGRATULATIONS to u Sasha ! Make us So proud ! ! :)

Ania said...

You're just as awesome with digi as with paper!!! :D

Maria said...

awesome, awesome layout!!!

laura vegas said...

these are so gorgeous sasha! you amaze me with all your beautiful work!

Mandi Johnson said...

Yes... scrap tables seem to forever need tamed, eh? :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful layout for OLW :)

Lynn said...

I love your take on the WORD "BE" Great layout!


Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

gorgeous....really all of them!!! you are awesome!!

doris sander said...

awesome embellishing on these sasha! you so rock! :D

Anonymous said...

very beautiful pages ! super !