Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Inspired by Jewellery and OLW #33

When Lana emailed us the "Inspiration theme" for this week, my mind goes buzzing with excitement. I love my costume jewellery. Why not? They're cheap, they jazz my boring and comfortable t-shirts and most importantly, they make me feel good. And I'm all about feeling good, who doesn't? :)

I decided to combine this with my OLW #33. I'm a little bit addicted, I think. Yes, I think I'm addicted to OLW.

Inspired by - Jewellery 20-8-2008

Those are my earrings, and my jewellery box.


Faith in my judgement.
Faith in hope and dreams.
Faith in the tears shed.
Faith in happiness.
Faith in my family.
Faith in this country I call home.
Faith in life.
Faith in love.

Close up 1

Took the color red from the flowered pair and small lined up squares and rectangles from the black pair. The moth - from my jewellery box.

And yes, if you click the pic, you'll be able to see that i inked and glued those tiny little squares and rectangles one by one. That was fun, and hot! Ha-ha-ha-ha! Since we don't have AC at my scrap area, and I couldn't switch on the fan for fear of flying tiny pieces of scraps!

Took me 45 minutes to ink and glue everything down and by then, Neha was already complaining 'coz she was beside me, on her pc. *grins*

I feel a headache coming, and I blame the heat! I love bright sunny day, as long as I don't have to go out direct under it LOL. Gonna lie down and hope this uninvited 'guest' go away.


Unknown said...

This LO is stunning! Great work, the little mosaic frame is just amazing!
Have a nice day!

Ania said...

Simply fantastic Sasha!!

Anonymous said...

i love how you did your photos! so cool!
and that red alpha.. wow... love it!

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

that's just lovely my dear!!!! wowza!!!!!

f said...

AMAZING!!!! Love your beautiful LO.

laura vegas said...

gorgeous layout sasha! i think all that inking and adhering of the little pieces paid off ... it looks great! my ceiling fan is directly over my work area. so i'm always turning the fan off because of stuff flying around ... but then i get hot so it goes back on ... and then it goes back off because of flying pieces ... and on and on. lol!

doris sander said...

beautiful! love the journaling. and you're my scrapping hero for glueing all those little squares. :D

Molly said...

Holy scrap, girl!!! that is fanfreakingtastic! WOW!!!!!

p.s. tagged ya ;)

Anonymous said...

oh girl, have i told you lately i am in LOVE with your pages?!?

Vicki Chrisman said...

Oh.. I about freaked when I saw this.. and all those little bits and pieces.. that you inked and glued! To glue them all would have been hard enough..but when i noticed you had inked them all first and then glued.. I was AMAZED! This is just stunning!
Hope your headache is better!!

peg manrique said...

cute earrings :) man girl, i can't believe you have that much patience. it definitely paid off though, what a beautiful page!

Lynn said...

Awesome layout!


Denise said...

So your layouts!

Sophie said...

Congratulations for your work on the little pieces! Wow, it must have been a relief when you finally finished your page. It's beautiful!

J. said...

wow, this is so beautiful!

Karen said...

Stunning layouts!! Love to see all your creations!