Monday, September 22, 2008

Pencil Lines #103 - Ayako Katayama

What happened? Goodness, it's already time for the next sketch for Pencil Lines? Did I sleep my week away? Some of it maybe. I was really taking it real easy last week. Just enjoying surfing YouTube, hopping from one video to another! *grins*

So this week, we're having Ayako Katayama as our Guest Designer. Are you familiar with her work? She is . . WOW! I love her layout for us this week. I have a mission now, to find her online gallery. LOL!

My take.


The feelings of being unwanted.
All the unwanted feelings.
Be gone.
Thank you.

close up

Another no-explanation-available layout. Just something I needed to get out of my system. And instead of storing it inside my already cluttered brain, I put it there. No one needs to understand the meaning behind the layout. I made it for me.

Busy week ahead. Neha has a few rehearsals, than her actual concert on Friday. Nidhi has concert practices, more recording to be done I reckon.

Eid on October 1st. I'm looking forward to seeing families, especially my sisters, it has been a while since all 4 of us managed to be under one roof. Sham is 'looking forward' to listen to us talking without a pause. LOL. Urmm.. after I typed that, I feel like crying LOL... coz I miss my sisters so much. *sob*sob* And I think my favorite cousin will not be with us this year. . .Yana, miss you. *sob*sob* Maybe I'll ask Sham if he wants to drive up north instead.

After that, we're gonna hit the books, preparing for year end exams. *wince* I don't like exams, just don't tell Neha okay?

"My life is being sabotaged by talking chipmunks!"
I keep hearing that line in my head, yeah.. and together with all the songs from this movie. Hard not to get them playing in your head when you watch it everyday! *grins* And you know what's bad? I actually enjoy watching/listening to it with Nidhi. LOL. So that's already in writing, Nidhi's 'flavor' of the month. Wonder what's her 'next change'. *grins*

And oh, someone, relented and bought Ipod shuffle for the girls. *roll eyes* Shuffle is enough for now I think, let them earn the upgrade. LOL.

Off to bloghop! See you!


Denise said...

Very Powerful Layout! I love it! I've been spying all day waiting for you to post it! Another Beautiful Layout, Sasha!

Unknown said...

Wow Sasha!!!
That is one truly amazing layout! LOVE IT, in so many ways!

vtpuggirl said...

I really like that layout! I must be the only person in the world without an ipod of any kind. :)

twosweetkids said...

love this! :D

And vtpuggirl - I don't have an ipod of any kind either. :)

Cathy Pascual said...

your layouts always seem to explore new ground - you are truly one of my fave scrappers sasha!

Anonymous said...

Very nice layout. I can't do anything that concerns art and crafts, I suck at that. I have always admired people who are artistic.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I love the layouts that speak to only you, as a scrapbooker.
It gives others a glimpse of who we really are...not just the family record keeper or scrapbooker...we're human and experience human emotions.
This layout is simple, beautiful, touching...thank you for sharing.

Nathalie Kalbach said...

wow. what a touching layout- I love this!!!!

Unknown said...

Wow, Sasha, it's stunning and genial! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Thanks for introducing me :) !
I really love this layout.
This layout is simple and send wonderful massage!

laura vegas said...

beautiful layout! i love that this is purely for you and your thoughts ... it's good to get things out there sometimes, and this is a gorgeous way to do that.

Wati Basri said...

grt layout there usual! meet up during Eid ok :)

Lana said...

beautiful page Sasha!! quite striking!