Friday, October 31, 2008

{Littlest - for now}

Do you love colors? No? Yes? You do?

I do, I admit. In fact, I think I may have some kind of problem with that. Urmm, is there some kind of support group to cure this obsession? *grins* I adore colors, I collect colors, anything with colors on them - I need those. I wholeheartedly, believe that colors play a large part in my life.

A few weeks ago, the sweet Janet invited me to play along at Color Combos! I was asked to choose two colors! Out of the millions of colors, I chose electric lime and coal. Then Janet added in titanium white and goldenrod. And it was a challenge!

As you may have noticed, I usually have more than 5-6-7-8 or 14 colors on my layouts. *grins* So to only use these 4, it's kinda different for me. But I really love how this one turned out. Just what I had in mind, executed perfectly. That is not always the case you know, I usually think about 'cookies and cream' and ended up having 'chicken tikka masala' in front of me. (ha-ha-ha-ha-!!). Both are my favs btw, so, no complaints! Just that, it's different.

Indoor photos this time, please excuse the weird glare from the left side. It rained for 3 whole days and I was running out of time to email them to Janet. *grins* Maybe I'll reshoot sometime.

Littlest for now

You love close ups, right? LOL.. :D

close up 1

close up 2

Littlest for now, yes, at 6yrs old, she is the littlest, the youngest in our family. She always say the funniest things, the silliest sentence and she is the one with the most "drama-mama qualities" too.

Some photos from her birthday.

She asked for a Simple lunch at LJS.

Then for some fun here :)

She didn't ask for a manicure. This was a surprise from me. *grins* She once asked me if I can let her 'do the nails thingy' and I said I'll think about it. I figured her birthday is a nice time to do it. Needless to say, she flipped with happiness and was all smiles!

Then at home, she humored me with some shots, even agreed when I stick the '6' from Love, Elsie on her cheek. *LOL* We need to do this again, I mean the birthday photoshoot. I didn't get a lot of photos, coz we were already tired by then and so ready for a nap. I was ready for a nap. Heeeheee!!

I still owe her a birthday cake! We'll get to that soon :)

ps : I don't really wanna cure my obsession with colors! :D

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Love you both, so much. Just so much!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pencil Lines #108 - Kanako Nakinishi

I'm late this week, only slightly late though. So I hope most of you have gone to check out the new sketch at Pencil Lines. If you haven't, urmm.. run, don't walk!! Superb layouts yet again this week from our gorgeous Guest Designer, Kanako Nakinishi and also the rest of the girls.

I've said it, and I will say it again. She is gorgeous, visit her blog and you will be greeted with so much yumminess. Her photos and arts are wonderful!I can imagine spending this week scrolling through her archive! *grins*

My layout for Sketch #108. We're sponsored by Scenic Route!! Sweet! Thank you Scenic Route!

Well, not all the time.
But you’re just little girls
Some crankiness
Some fussiness
One tantrum too many
Are to be expected
And you are, really
My good girls.

Some close-ups. (urmm, I'm so boring eh? I've been saying this like.. every week? or everytime I post a paper layout! Duh!)

The super sweet and fabulous Audrey tagged me a couple of days ago. . . so here goes *grins*

(The rules….link your tagger and list these rules on your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.)

1. I'm currently swirling around amongst Claudia Joy, Denise, Roxy and Pamela. Yes, I started Army Wives Season 1 a few days ago and got hooked. I love Roxy! So spunky and funny and sweet at the same time. And let me make something clear, I have no idea if that is the way life is 'in there' you see. I watch it for the drama, just some 'mindless vegetating', just another form of entertainment. I don't judge and I don't assume.

2. I wanna have my room painted. No, scratch that, I wanna have my house painted (remember Nidhi's request for pink, black and red wall in her room?) and re-floored. (is there such a word?). Only downside, I don't like having builders/contractors/workers in my house and the dust and dirt will be unbearable. *sigh*

3. I don't eat strawberry-flavored *anything*. I eat fresh strawberries, in abundance, but not anything else, like strawberry-flavored milk, biscuits with strawberry-flavored fillings, etc. Nope.

4. Until today, I've only had like three Starbucks *anything* in my life. Sounds like a sin to you Starbucks lovers? LOL! I had one in Singapore many years ago, while we were dating and two in Los Angeles last year. One of the two in LA was shared with the girls. I have no idea why? Since we have Starbucks all over Singapore and even Malaysia. I'm just more drawn towards Coffee Bean. I dig the mugs they sell at Starbucks though :) and I still have the two coffee collars from the LA trip, waiting to be scrapped.

5. I am a triangle. Wanna know what I'm talking about? Take this quiz. Thanks to Emily, I find myself clicking to pull that site up whenever I feel like procrastinating *anything*, which is always.

6. I hate shopping for clothes. Thus, when I'm able to find something I like, I buy in every color and design available. The Husband thinks this is some kind of sickness. ha-ha-ha-ha-!!

7. I hate the smell of sunblock. Don't know how to desribe it.. metallic smell? Whatever, doesn't go well with me.

I'm gonna tag these fabulous people, have no idea if they're have done this or noT!! And the rest, please feel free to play along!! *grins*

Vivi Rahman

This entry has become a novel. *grins* but I need to answer a question from the last post.

Porcupine was with us only for two days because, well, he met with a fatal accident. I shall not say whose fault was it, but he was split open and lost the ability to bounce and light up all over the house. :( I guess he was just tired and over-stretched from being pulled in every direction and squeezed every five seconds.

Mr Thumb is healing nicely. Thank you for all the sweetness. *hugs* I'll be back soon! :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

A not-so-midweek update :)

Be very careful of what you wish for. I wished, I anticipated a quiet and slow week and that was exactly what I got. I was down with bad headache half of the week, very bad headache. The ones that sits on the base of your skull, and also rests on one of your eyes. Yeah, I know.. OUCH! OUCH! So I spent every possible moment inside my dark, cool 'cave'. Thank God for sweet daughters who took care of me. It was very quiet in my 'cave', and certainly very slow for me to do anything because every step was like something exploding in my head.

Then on Thursday, I had to bring Nidhi to her follow up appointment, which went well. We were given an open date, only to come again if there is anything wrong. I really hope, fingers and toes crossed, prayers going up 'there', that absolutely nothing will happen and the cheeky princess will live happily ever after. (don't we all wish that for our children) *grins*

After the appointment, I went to my usual salon at the Little India. Had my eyebrow tamed, which makes me happy coz believe me, my eyebrows are as crazy as my hair. Then, i picked up my bag to go and pay and what happen? I was stung by a bee! On my thumb!

How in the world did the bee get to be on my bag ( I assume it was on my bag coz it stung me when I reached for the handle), I have no idea. Darn, it was so painful I almost cried. The girl at the salon did a good job of removing the *whatever* it was that was left on my thumb. And I drove home with a swollen thumb, at this point, my heart is still happy though, coz my eyebrows are pretty. Ha-ha-ha!!

Btw, little bee, just FYI, I don't blame you. You're only acting on instincts and probably thought I was some kind of monster, trying to kill/crush/do whatever to hurt you. So sorry I flung you to wherever it was, I couldn't find you afterwards. I tried, but you were no where to be found.

Is this post boring? LOL! Sorry... but my sisters, they read this blog and they love reading this kind of thing. *Hi Girls..!!*

I have one layout to share though. One simple layout to document - Porcupine :D No fancy techniques or elaborate layering here. Just wanna scrap those photos.


He is this rubbery, very very pinkish purple, spiky little thing.
We bought him for $2 at Clementi.
I must say it was a $2 well spent.
You loved him like nothing else.
You barely let others touch him.
He was yours and yours alone.
You really made the most of the two days he was with us.
RIP Porcupine. 13.01.2008-15.01.2008

close up 1

The green paper, randomly cut and arranged on the layout.

close up 2

Those googley eyes, totally inspired by G-man and his beautiful mom, Doris. heeheee...

Last day of Neha's exam today, weekend is coming soon, The Husband is due back tomorrow. I hope we can catch High School Musical 3 on Saturday! Laura? How about you? :D

Well, well, I'm off to pick up a parcel from the post office, then late breakfast with Neha. Laters, beautiful people.

Audrey, i'll be answering your tag soon okay! *grins*

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pencil Lines #107 - Cari Fennell.

The sketch for this week is up at Pencil Lines. We have an awesome girl guest-ing for us this week. She is Cari Fennel. She has so much talent inside her and her style just speaks to me! Funky and full of colors! Do visit her blog for more eye candies!

Here's my layout :-)

hello my name is cheeky

Do I really need to journal for this layout? Urmm... lemme think. Nope, don't think so. She is cheeky and that is a fact. A well known fact among close friends and family :D

close up 1

close up 2

I cut the photo. Fun! Also dumped some glossy accent on the small stamped images, there are some bubbles in them.. not sure why? Since it was not there when I leave the layout alone to dry. Anyway, since I'm not big on perfection these days, the fact doesn't bother me as much.

close up 3

Love me some Hambly. *grins*

On to the "life" side of us. The Husband is away in NYC and I'm jealous. LOL. Exam week for Neha (Good Luck, darling!). Nidhi has her full dress rehearsal today and she was up at 6.00am, too excited to sleep a little more. Feel like baking today, we'll see if I make it happen. Need to shop for a few ingredients. Other than that, we're anticipating a quiet, slow week.

To those who left questions on my last post, I've emailed you back. At least I think I got it all :) If I miss anyone, or any email, please, let me know? Thank you for all your sweet comments!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reveal Night - Label Tulip October

A quick no rambling post today :) Why, you ask?
1. I have like a thousand photos to show. Kidddingggg!! But it's still more photos than usual.
2. So that you'll have time to go drool at the works of the other Tulip Girls, HERE.
3. I only have a few minutes to complete this post. The Husband and my little girls will be back soon and we'll be off to spend some time with my parents. Yay!

The kit is awesome, my first month with them and already I'm floored with excitement. I can only imagine what fun the coming months will be! So, here goes! All my pictures are a bit wonky *sigh* Maybe I was wearing the 'wrong' shoes for photo taking. Sorry for having to tilt your head a teeny bit :D


My dear girls,
one of my biggest wish for you
is for you to be
best friends, like. . .
forever kind of best friends.
Just like my sisters and me.
just like you are now.
Today, tomorrow and always.


its your life

its your life
your time to find the answers.
don't always know what kind of road in front of you.
go slow girl, and remember every moment.
(this is actually some part of Bo Bice's song, titled... lemme check that)


Double the silly faces.
Double the homework.
Double the joy.
Double the spelling list!!
Double the heartbreak.
Double the satisfaction :)
You're everything x2.

don't be fooled

I may look calm and collected
But I am actually very intense.
I live erratically.
I love passionately.
It’s all or nothing.
I am impulsive.
I am me.

This is stamped with cross stitch fabric. An old piece of scrap I have lying around. Photo below.


Established 1985.

With that, I gotta run run run!! See you soon! Question? Email me or leave in comment section and I'll get back to you a-s-a-p :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pencil Lines #106 - One Little Word

Monday mornings are my favorite. Why not eh? We had all three CSIs back to back last night, which I watched, and enjoyed even if they're re-runs, we had a nice weekend with families and what else but good food, Pencil Lines weekly sketch goes live and it's the start of a new week!!

This week, to add to the nice-ness of Monday morning, Pencil Lines is collaborating with OLW, which I'm sure most of you, or all of you have read on their Word up Wednesday post :)
How sweet is that? Two of my most favoritest (is that even a word?) challenge blogs are going hand in hand! When I first heard the plan, I was thinking, that is the best idea ever! LOL!

The word this time is KEEP and with the whole OLW team guesting for us, it is just perfection.
My layout :-

My Promises To Keep

Both of you
Are simply that
My promises to keep.
My promises to God
And myself.
Mommy 09/2008

As usual, close ups :)

close up 1

close up 3

close up 2

The sun is out, birds are chirping, the day is gorgeous. I have eight hundred and forty nine things on my to-do list, but all is good. I am not going crazy trying to do everything anyway. *grins* Are you gonna be taking it slow, like me?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sneaks, shines and babbles

Have you seen the Label Tulip Sneak Peeks? *grins* I am sitting on the edge of my chair, waiting. . . to say I am excited is an understatement! LOL!

One page to share with you today. . . of my little girl. She shines, she twinkles, she lights up our life. She is our youngest, she is the littlest in the family (even in the extended family), for now. She is intense, just like me! :D

She Shines

Take a close look (if you want, that is.. no one is forcing! LOL) at the luscious black Hambly. It not only looks velvety, it feels velvety too. Maybe velvety is not the right word, there is just something about them, Hambly Papers. The sheen, glossy effect is just the right amount. Enhancing, but not overwhelming. Well, enough gushing? LOL! Seriously, if you already have it in your stash, take it out and stroke and smell and USE it! You'll agree with me :D and if you don't, I think I enabled enough already LOL :D

Some close ups :)

close up 1

close up 2

close up 3

close up 4

Sometime I wonder, if I'm the only one who is always thinking. Always with a cluttered mind. I try to not think, but I can't. Then I discovered, I Love thinking. I am a thinker, by nature. Think? Or dream? I think, both. I think and dream, and think and dream again and again and again. They do not always come true, but it's okay. I was thinking, maybe it's nice to have an empty mind, you know.. like empty field, windy field. How nice to be able to sit there in the empty field. Then I thought, I would like to dream for some dandelions too, so I can make a wish and blow on it. Then I decided, I like my cluttered mind. I am babbling and not making any sense. Better-go-before-I-scare-you! LOL !!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pencil Lines #105 - Anna Aspnes

I am so flippin' excited to have Anna as our guest this week at Pencil Lines. I am a huge huge fan of her products at Designer Digitals! You should check them out, like, right this moment :)

My layout :-)

A Family Affair


Little messy paint effect.. not so messy after all eh? *grins* I'm gonna be messier next time.


The "Family" chipboard came free with one Australian Scrap Magazine a while back. You should be able to find them here - Stuff2Scrap


You know I can't resist butterflies and some Hambly! LOL :) No journaling? Nope, none :) Just a for fun layout to remember a fun day. "A Family Affair At The Park" organized by Neha's school in May.

I am feeling very accomplished right now LOL... I organized my linen wardrobe yesterday! Yay Me! Heeehee!! Took me less than 1.5 hours, no idea why I didn't do it sooner. Oh no, I know why ... that's coz I'm a huge procrastinator. Nothing new, eh? The Husband would agree (yeah, I can picture him nodding his head when he reads this) *grins*

Random thought for the day - What is (are?) 1627 emails doing in my inbox? GOSH! Time to clean them up! Maybe will do that while I slowly upload pictures from last week into my Flickr.

I leave you with a picture of my beautiful, second-in-command, Nish :) *grins* She lives like 5 hours away and I hate her for that! :P