Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Love you both, so much. Just so much!


Marliza Radzi said...

your daughter kan?

wish happy birthday untuk dia ya!

laura vegas said...

happy birthdays to both!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Sasha,
Give your daughter a hug for me and tell her she can pick up a packet of Super Rings as belated birthday present next time she's at Laine's. Sorry she didn't get a treat the last time she was here.

Karmele said...

Happy birthdays!!!

Nevis said...

Happy Happy! :)

Nisha said...

Happy Birthday Mama ! Happy Birthday Nidhi ! :)

Love them so much..


doris sander said...

happy happy birthday!! :D

Anonymous said...

How Cute!!!
Happy Birthday to them!
The similarities are amazing :0)

jaz lee said...

Happy birthday to both your loved ones and these are photos well captured!