Friday, October 24, 2008

A not-so-midweek update :)

Be very careful of what you wish for. I wished, I anticipated a quiet and slow week and that was exactly what I got. I was down with bad headache half of the week, very bad headache. The ones that sits on the base of your skull, and also rests on one of your eyes. Yeah, I know.. OUCH! OUCH! So I spent every possible moment inside my dark, cool 'cave'. Thank God for sweet daughters who took care of me. It was very quiet in my 'cave', and certainly very slow for me to do anything because every step was like something exploding in my head.

Then on Thursday, I had to bring Nidhi to her follow up appointment, which went well. We were given an open date, only to come again if there is anything wrong. I really hope, fingers and toes crossed, prayers going up 'there', that absolutely nothing will happen and the cheeky princess will live happily ever after. (don't we all wish that for our children) *grins*

After the appointment, I went to my usual salon at the Little India. Had my eyebrow tamed, which makes me happy coz believe me, my eyebrows are as crazy as my hair. Then, i picked up my bag to go and pay and what happen? I was stung by a bee! On my thumb!

How in the world did the bee get to be on my bag ( I assume it was on my bag coz it stung me when I reached for the handle), I have no idea. Darn, it was so painful I almost cried. The girl at the salon did a good job of removing the *whatever* it was that was left on my thumb. And I drove home with a swollen thumb, at this point, my heart is still happy though, coz my eyebrows are pretty. Ha-ha-ha!!

Btw, little bee, just FYI, I don't blame you. You're only acting on instincts and probably thought I was some kind of monster, trying to kill/crush/do whatever to hurt you. So sorry I flung you to wherever it was, I couldn't find you afterwards. I tried, but you were no where to be found.

Is this post boring? LOL! Sorry... but my sisters, they read this blog and they love reading this kind of thing. *Hi Girls..!!*

I have one layout to share though. One simple layout to document - Porcupine :D No fancy techniques or elaborate layering here. Just wanna scrap those photos.


He is this rubbery, very very pinkish purple, spiky little thing.
We bought him for $2 at Clementi.
I must say it was a $2 well spent.
You loved him like nothing else.
You barely let others touch him.
He was yours and yours alone.
You really made the most of the two days he was with us.
RIP Porcupine. 13.01.2008-15.01.2008

close up 1

The green paper, randomly cut and arranged on the layout.

close up 2

Those googley eyes, totally inspired by G-man and his beautiful mom, Doris. heeheee...

Last day of Neha's exam today, weekend is coming soon, The Husband is due back tomorrow. I hope we can catch High School Musical 3 on Saturday! Laura? How about you? :D

Well, well, I'm off to pick up a parcel from the post office, then late breakfast with Neha. Laters, beautiful people.

Audrey, i'll be answering your tag soon okay! *grins*


Wendy Kwok said...

Hello, "bee stung thumb".... I hope you are feeling better. Thank God the girls at the salon can help with removing the 'stinger"(if that's the word).... yes.. hello High School Musical for my girl too!

Benga said...

you're such a kind soul still concern about the bee, reminds me of the bee movie hehehe
take care and hugs to your DDs :)

Sylvie said...

Hi Sasha! I hope that you are feeling much better by now :) Your hair and eyebrows look great to me and I can hardly imagine them ever giving you a hard time!

Amelie has porcupines like this too! She loved them even more when she found out her little sister and the baby sitter are afraid of them: 'what a great weapon', she must have thought...!

Sylvie said...

I forgot to say that I love the porcupine LO! :)

Liza said...

Awww Sha hope your thumb feels better soon! Notty bee! I love this LO! Beautiful as always!!

laura vegas said...

bee stings are tramatic, aren't they?!?! i got one over the summer ... and you'd think i was on my death bed. lol!

love the layout! love getting layouts like this done ... just to remember stuff.

and i was telling my girls the other night "i SOOOOO wish i lived in singapore, because sasha would totally go see HSM3 with me"! lol! they don't seem excited to go ... so i may have to go by myself!

Marliza Radzi said...

buka your sisters saja, saya pun suka :D

Marliza Radzi said...



oh BTW, semoga thumb telah sembuh!

Unknown said...

oh how i love your pages

Wati Basri said...

oh god babe...hope your thumb will be ok real soon!!

Leslie Ashe said...

OWIE Sasha!!!!! Between a bee sting & a've really had some pains huh? FEEL BETTER!!

Gorgeous page - you are so GOOD at what you do! I love seeing all of your beautiful creations!!
I want to be like you when I grow up!

Sophia said...

Bee Sting? Goodness! Hope it's much much better already!! Loving your LO! It's definitely still very very eye-catching!!! It's so well put together gal! Take care yah?!

Audrey Pettit said...

Hey Sasha! What a week you've been having. Migraines and bee stings and sick kiddos....yikes. Sounds like things are starting to look up, though, right?
Love your cute page. Great photo arrangement. That porcupine reminds me of an orange one like that that my DS is attached to. So far, though, his has lasted a bit longer!

MelB said...

Hi Sasha! Thanks for visiting my blog. I just love your work. Your los are always so colorful and amazing. Take care.

Karmele said...

I undertand you, I usually have a headache, I hope that you are better.
Your new job is great!! I love the colours!!

f said...

Another amazing LO!

Take care!

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

wow...what a glad you are feeling better!!!!!
and so glad your apt. for dh went well!!
that is such a fun funky layout!!!
sending you lots of love!

Anonymous said...

awww sorry about your thumb! Funny how when we make a wish we have to be very specific, lol! Hope all goes well with the appointments and I love your layout :)

Ania said...

It's a LOVELY layout to be "that simple" :P And sorry but minilol about your story...ack! Reminds me I should get pampered too..hmm...maybe I'll do that!

Danielle Flanders said...

Such a bright, fun layout! I hope you are feeling better!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

I'm so sorry about your headache girl!!! Love your layouts!!!!

Nevis said...

Love the Porcupine layout!

Chriss Rollins said...

this gorgeous lay out is so fab i adore the colours and the pink monster why was it only with you for 2days?
the bee sting, the headache you have had a bad time of it, hope you are on the mend.
take are have a great weekend
chriss x

Debbi Tehrani said...

What an adorable page! I just love those googly eyes!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

vtpuggirl said...

What happened to the porcupine that he only lasted 2 days? Inquiring minds want to know!

Lal said...

Oh, poor you! I get those kinds of headaches and they are no fun! I've also got stung by bees...TWICE. And boy, do they hurt! One time, that little "stinger" was stuck in my thigh too and my sis had to pull it out! I love your layout! Cute! Hope your week gets better!

doris sander said...

i LOVE the eyeballs in the title! clever you! :D

and poor you . . . sure hope you're feeling better. :D

Vivs said...

I LOVE THIS LOOK!! I guess its the color combi that makes the page stand out! ohhh *drool*