Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pencil Lines #108 - Kanako Nakinishi

I'm late this week, only slightly late though. So I hope most of you have gone to check out the new sketch at Pencil Lines. If you haven't, urmm.. run, don't walk!! Superb layouts yet again this week from our gorgeous Guest Designer, Kanako Nakinishi and also the rest of the girls.

I've said it, and I will say it again. She is gorgeous, visit her blog and you will be greeted with so much yumminess. Her photos and arts are wonderful!I can imagine spending this week scrolling through her archive! *grins*

My layout for Sketch #108. We're sponsored by Scenic Route!! Sweet! Thank you Scenic Route!

Well, not all the time.
But you’re just little girls
Some crankiness
Some fussiness
One tantrum too many
Are to be expected
And you are, really
My good girls.

Some close-ups. (urmm, I'm so boring eh? I've been saying this like.. every week? or everytime I post a paper layout! Duh!)

The super sweet and fabulous Audrey tagged me a couple of days ago. . . so here goes *grins*

(The rules….link your tagger and list these rules on your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.)

1. I'm currently swirling around amongst Claudia Joy, Denise, Roxy and Pamela. Yes, I started Army Wives Season 1 a few days ago and got hooked. I love Roxy! So spunky and funny and sweet at the same time. And let me make something clear, I have no idea if that is the way life is 'in there' you see. I watch it for the drama, just some 'mindless vegetating', just another form of entertainment. I don't judge and I don't assume.

2. I wanna have my room painted. No, scratch that, I wanna have my house painted (remember Nidhi's request for pink, black and red wall in her room?) and re-floored. (is there such a word?). Only downside, I don't like having builders/contractors/workers in my house and the dust and dirt will be unbearable. *sigh*

3. I don't eat strawberry-flavored *anything*. I eat fresh strawberries, in abundance, but not anything else, like strawberry-flavored milk, biscuits with strawberry-flavored fillings, etc. Nope.

4. Until today, I've only had like three Starbucks *anything* in my life. Sounds like a sin to you Starbucks lovers? LOL! I had one in Singapore many years ago, while we were dating and two in Los Angeles last year. One of the two in LA was shared with the girls. I have no idea why? Since we have Starbucks all over Singapore and even Malaysia. I'm just more drawn towards Coffee Bean. I dig the mugs they sell at Starbucks though :) and I still have the two coffee collars from the LA trip, waiting to be scrapped.

5. I am a triangle. Wanna know what I'm talking about? Take this quiz. Thanks to Emily, I find myself clicking to pull that site up whenever I feel like procrastinating *anything*, which is always.

6. I hate shopping for clothes. Thus, when I'm able to find something I like, I buy in every color and design available. The Husband thinks this is some kind of sickness. ha-ha-ha-ha-!!

7. I hate the smell of sunblock. Don't know how to desribe it.. metallic smell? Whatever, doesn't go well with me.

I'm gonna tag these fabulous people, have no idea if they're have done this or noT!! And the rest, please feel free to play along!! *grins*

Vivi Rahman

This entry has become a novel. *grins* but I need to answer a question from the last post.

Porcupine was with us only for two days because, well, he met with a fatal accident. I shall not say whose fault was it, but he was split open and lost the ability to bounce and light up all over the house. :( I guess he was just tired and over-stretched from being pulled in every direction and squeezed every five seconds.

Mr Thumb is healing nicely. Thank you for all the sweetness. *hugs* I'll be back soon! :)


Audrey Pettit said...

I am fainting away over here, Sasha!! NO Starbucks?? No strawberry flavoring?? NO suntan lotion?? I LOVE those things!! LOL! Honestly though, it was really fun to read your answers and get to know you a bit more.
And I love your layout. The pearls on those butterflies look amazing and I also love that half circle of bling. Gorgeous stuff!

Christiane said...

i so love your clear and playful style!! another fab page!! ha, and great to read about you!! ;)

MelB said...

Gorgeous lo. Love the little touches like the circle with buttons. I'm also not a very big Starbucks fan, it doesn't do anything for me even if I love coffee. Glad to know I'm not the only that doesn't love Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

heeee heeeee! I'll play later today!! Thanks for the tag!

f said...

Thanks for the tag :)

Amazing LO!

Vivs said...

psst..your work are truly inspiring... thanks for the tagged. will work out on that soon :)

domestic goddess said...

love close ups, so keep them coming!
gorgeous page sasha xx

Carla said...

Supercute LO! Love the really work it!funny abou the Starbucks because I should have owned stock in it by now.
..and thanks for visiting my blog...appreciate it!

Benga said...

Thanks for the tag, i will do it soon, or heck maybe i should create an LO with it! aww so sad for mr porcupine

Denise said...

Sasha, love the layout! Yummy colours!!!!!!!

Jennifer Davis said...

Love this bright and happy page! Fantastic!

Marliza Radzi said...

I'm a square - they make Square sounds like an OCD freak though. hahaha.

laura vegas said...

love the layout! and always love the close-ups ... i feel like i'm holding it in my hands!

love army wives ... one of my favorite shows ... and it makes me cry every week! i too buy anything i like in every color available. it just makes life easier. lol! and i am in shock over the starbucks. although i had never had one until about 2 years ago ... and from then on out, i was totally addicted. lol!

bethchien said...

I soooo love your latest layout! so beautiful!!! :D

Coochies & All said...

Sasha - thank you so much for your lovely compliments! Each time I read your notes - I feel like you're talking to me face to face!! :) I'm now not only a big fan of your creations, I also love your writing!! You write with honesty and great style - love it!! Definitely enjoyed reading about you. BIG Hugs to you girl!!
elaine t