Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reveal Night - Label Tulip October

A quick no rambling post today :) Why, you ask?
1. I have like a thousand photos to show. Kidddingggg!! But it's still more photos than usual.
2. So that you'll have time to go drool at the works of the other Tulip Girls, HERE.
3. I only have a few minutes to complete this post. The Husband and my little girls will be back soon and we'll be off to spend some time with my parents. Yay!

The kit is awesome, my first month with them and already I'm floored with excitement. I can only imagine what fun the coming months will be! So, here goes! All my pictures are a bit wonky *sigh* Maybe I was wearing the 'wrong' shoes for photo taking. Sorry for having to tilt your head a teeny bit :D


My dear girls,
one of my biggest wish for you
is for you to be
best friends, like. . .
forever kind of best friends.
Just like my sisters and me.
just like you are now.
Today, tomorrow and always.


its your life

its your life
your time to find the answers.
don't always know what kind of road in front of you.
go slow girl, and remember every moment.
(this is actually some part of Bo Bice's song, titled... lemme check that)


Double the silly faces.
Double the homework.
Double the joy.
Double the spelling list!!
Double the heartbreak.
Double the satisfaction :)
You're everything x2.

don't be fooled

I may look calm and collected
But I am actually very intense.
I live erratically.
I love passionately.
It’s all or nothing.
I am impulsive.
I am me.

This is stamped with cross stitch fabric. An old piece of scrap I have lying around. Photo below.


Established 1985.

With that, I gotta run run run!! See you soon! Question? Email me or leave in comment section and I'll get back to you a-s-a-p :)


Coochies & All said...

Stunning stunning stunning!!!! I absolutely adore your style sasha! I also love LT's kits but I had to stop my sub due to a financial situation I'm facing. And I just stopped starting with the Oct kit! I saw the sneaks and i'm crying now.
elaine t

Ania said...

Sashaaaaaa I LOVELOVELOVE everything you do. Officially. Totally. So amazing and lovely and funky and did I mention amazing! (and I have the same wish for my children and their cousins :) )

Benga said...

gorgeous pages Sasha! bright and beautiful! and the tid bits are so fun to look at, love those details!

ok i have a question heehee
where do you buy/get your kraft papers?

twosweetkids said...

i love them all!! but my favorite is 2x. :D great job!

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, Sasha!! I am truly blown away by your pages. No wonder they chose you for their team! You are rocking their kits, big time. You have such great style!!

Karmele said...

I love your news pages!!!gorgeous
Los colores son impresionantes, fantasticos!!!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous gorgeous work!!

Anonymous said...

lovelovelove the color and detail on these. a happy treat this morning. =)

doris sander said...

dang sasha. stunning. you've actually got me wanting to scrap today. :D

Felicia McB said...

wow those are all beautiful! love your style. I have to know who those orange letters and numbers are by though, they look like corduroy material, awesome texture, very cool

lacintha said...

LT and you = match made in scrappy heaven!
Love it darling..and you look phunky phresh ;) you naughty girl, I'm on a wee bit of a budgt here and you're making me go sub for kits...Tsk Tsk!

Have a good one Ms Thang!

Lal said...

YAY!! I love when you put up new LOs...totally brightens my day :) I see some lifting coming on! :) OH and are you a twin? Identical? So am I!! Love that LO too!! Have a great day!

capucine said...

magnifique, bravo!!!

Anonymous said...


hayleycreates said...

have really enjoyed your work, and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Wendy Kwok said...

Oh girly... you totally ROCK their kit. That's why you are chosen! Amazing work... details are great! Love it.. love it!!!

momma2omar said...

Love your LO's Sasha-hon !
Can't wait for my kit to arrive.


Sophia said...

Wow! You're totally rocking their kits!!!! I can never do them the way you do darling Sasha!! Lovin each and every single piece!!!

milkcan said...

Sasha, your work is just *gorgeous*!! I love all the detail shots!

Marliza Radzi said...

sedapnya kata-kata.
indahnya kerja seni.

Leslie Ashe said...

SASHA!!!!!!! You BLEW me away with your layouts!! WOWOWOWOW!!! You sure have an incredible talent!! :)
I love everything!

domestic goddess said...

gorgeous stunning layouts hun!!

Anonymous said...

you are incredible. I'm just in awe with your talent :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous layouts,Sasha!! Looks like you've been having lots of fun creating them !!!

jaz lee said...

Fabulous layouts sasha!bright,cheerful and fun fun fun !love them!

Vicki Chrisman said...

Oh Shasha... I'm speechless! Everything is over the top fantastic! Your attention to detail is amazing!!

laura vegas said...

i've been trying to look at these since yesterday, but the pics were taking forever to load. but tonight it worked ... and it was totally worth the wait!

absolutely stunning!!! you seriously amaze me with your creations every single time you share!

Anonymous said...

Holy crapola .. girl you are mind blowing when it comes to this .. WOW .. I LOVE IT .. oh my word, every single LO is stunning, and you make it look so easy girl .. WOW .. you are such an inspiration dear twin. XO

Hope your weekend was a blast .. hee hee


f said...

I love your work. All you layout are amazing. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


Wati Basri said...

babe...loving every single one of it :)

Sue Lui said...

gorgeous layouts sasha! love them all! :)

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

every single layout is stunning!!!!

Greta Adams said...

WOW!!! your stuff is soooo inspiring!! love every bit of it..all the details and the layering is gorgeous!!

Aartee said...

Absolutely LOVE all the gorgeous details!