Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kids are amazing, don't you think?

I think they're way beyond that. Way beyond amazing. I wake up at 5am every weekdays (Okay, 5.30 or 5.45 when The Husband is around, - he gets the girls' breakfast duty, not that we feel like eating anything at 5am! - *rolleyes* LOL), and by 4pm, which is when we're usually back home, knackered, almost flopping on the floor, (please take note that the knackered and flopping part only applies to me), my two girls will be raring and ready to go.

Ready for anything, from a trip to the park, to some bike rides around the neighbourhood. Heck, they are even willing to go grocery shopping if I'm up to it. Where the hell do that come from? LOL! Not only that, they wake up at 6 on weekends too! It's like God has this extra sacks of energy when he was creating children and went 'Oh well, let's just give it to them!'

Hello? Anybody up there? I think the parents need those more! :D

It's the Lunar New Year holidays over here, which is great and means I can catch up on tv shows, organizing (what's new? you tell me), facebook, blogs and of course sleep! But not so great when you're waiting for the vanilla goodness of Hambly and the whole island is on holiday!! Have you seen their sneaks? Lemme get the link for you.

Sneaks 1
Sneaks 2

How's that? I am seriously drooling over here! I love them all and I want them all! Wooohooo!! Do stalk the Hambly blog for more sneaks that Allison will be posting.

These are already in my Hambly Gallery, thought I'd post them here as well.

Not so pocket calendar *Hambly Screen Prints*




When I started, I intended for it to be slim and sleek and be able to be called "Pocket Calendar" LOL. That didn't happen. This is because I have decided that I want each wonderful person to have their own page, with their birthday on the overlay page before that. That way, I can keep adding and adding, I'm not even halfway there, I still have loads of photos of friends and family to print.

If anyone is interested, the size is 2.5 x 3.5, the same as ATC. All corners rounded. And the reason of it having that "Bits and Pieces" on the front, is that I have this plan of adhering ticket stubs (from the movies, maybe), or anything I fancy in fact, to some overlays and poppin' them in there, when the time comes.

i think

close up 1

7 hours wrinkles

close up 1

close up 2

close up 3

I have the most amazing friends, I'm so touched! Thank you for these awards ladies! You're all so sweet!

This one from the fabulous Peggy Schenkels and Cathy and Cathy!

5 addictions? Only 5? Man, I have many! ha-ha-ha!!

1. chocolate
2. coffee
3. handmade jewellery
4. graphic t-shirts
5. books

5 fabulous people I would love to pass the award to. . .

1. Marliza
2. Kim Sonksen
3. Denise
4. Lacintha
5. Mireille

This came from Sophia, thanks so much babe! You're a gem!

So this entry has once again becomes a novel. Let me excuse myself, not to do some housework mind you. Who needs housework or errands when there are blogs to stalk, prettiness from Etsy to drool at, and sneaks to swoon at? Not me, that I know for sure. Until I resurface from the mommy madness again, please know that I love you!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Label Tulip January

It's THAT time again!! Reveal night (or morning in my case) for this month's Label Tulip. :) What does that mean? Means I'll 'talk' less and show more. LOL. (that itself, is a heavenly idea to some little people in my house, you know? The Mommy, talking less? LOL -- yeah, dream on!)

The challenge this month - to use 5 items from any of the January kits. Sounds simple? I don't think so! I spent hours on this so-called simple layout (even after I have it done in my head the night before).

I love that piece of chipboard that Cathy included in the Ever After add on, the color, yes, that brown/kraft (whatever you wanna call it) ... just super yummy! I have another piece and plan on making something like this for Neha. Maybe we'll frame it in their room, above their bed. (yeah, big plans. . ask me again in three years whether I have them on that wall already)

And oh yeah , my 5 items
1. chipboard background
2. chipboard heart
3. Jenni Bowlin paper
4. Creative Imaginations alphas
5. Scenic Route Sticker

Daughter to a very dear friend of mine :)

Sweet Faye

close up 1

close up 2

Used last month's stamp, told ya I can't get enough!

close up 3

Are you tired of my cuttlebugged butterfly yet? :)

close up 4

My thoughts with you

close up 1

Cut the image out from the journaling tag, colored some part with Marvy Markers and inked the rest with distress ink.

close up 2

close up 3

close up 4

And finally, lift of a Label Tulip member, Amy Parker!! I decided to take her circles element (you can see her layout in the LT Gallery) and make a card out of it. The envelope came in the kit.. perfect!

To My Valentine

Love card

Yeah, colors are a bit off. I have no idea why it turned out like that. *sorry* So yeah, that's it. Now what are you waiting for? Go grab your kits before they run out :)

I got a few emails asking me what do I listen to while scrapping. Well, besides the new David Cook album, I listen to Hope. Check her out :)

And thanks Sue for this award!

I can't pick just 7 to pass this on!! So so hard! LOL! You're all so darn creative! So here's for you! Yes, you! Y-O-U!

As usual, I'm contactable here, and via email. . .you know what to do if you need me! Thank you for hanging around here and taking the time to leave some love for me. . love you all!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pencil Lines #117 - Jeni Boisvert

Sketch #117 is up! We have the beautiful Jeni Boisvert with us this week. I just love the dimensions in her works! Pop over to her blog for more eye candies :)

more of me

One flower missing a button, yeah, I saw that! LOL! Will fix the layout as soon as I finish (will I ever?) the errands for today.

Created with (mostly) my Label Tulip leftovers and believe me I have enough for at least few more.

close up 1

close up 2

Cuttlebugged butterfly. And close up of the missing button LOL.

close up 3

'Enjoy' is a stamp from Stampin' Up. Visit my helpful, favorite Demonstrator if you need one!

close up 4

Messy dimensional pearls.

I have not forgotten about last week's giveaway :)

Janet! you're comment #18! Pls contact me via email with your address, okay? Email button at the left sidebar :)

Okay, what else? Oh. . my Label Tulip kit is coming soon, or rather I will go and pick it up after 6pm today. Don't ask why I need to go after 6. . . trust me you don't wanna know.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Pencil Lines #116 - Stephanie Garbett

The first sketch for this year is up! We're having Stephanie Garbett as our Guest Designer this week. When you have some time, please visit her blog and be inspired.

Our January sponsor is Elle Studio! Don't you just love her stuffs? O my.. I'm in love, really,

{Crazy Silly Perfection}
crazy silly perfection

I went crazy with Glimmer Mists on this one. Had good fun too! Do you love Glimmer Mists? You do? Then you must visit my beautiful friend, Vicki for her latest tag tutorial. *grins* V makes beautiful things! All the time!

As usually, some closer look :)

close up 1

I cut the label from Elle Studio to fit onto my layout.

close up 2

That mess? Love those! All the splatters and drips and globs - I dig! LOL...

close up 3

close up 4

Some Hambly Wings and Hearts Rub ons & Urban Chic Frames Overlay.

Now it's time for some giveaway. . .

I have two packs of goodness from Elle Studios for one of you. Here are the links to the items :-)
Candy Cane Journaling Tags.
2009 Chic Calendar Tags

Just leave me a comment, anything. Here on this post. Just let me know you're interested and I'll draw a winner sometime next Sunday.

And for those in Singapore, I have three pieces of $10 voucher of Laine's Papeterie. Each piece is to be used with a minimum purchase of $50 and expiring 15th Jan 09. I know I would not be able to use it up and will be glad to pass it on to anyone who wants it. Just let me know how many you need, or you need them all. First come first serve as I wanna mail it out as soon as possible.