Saturday, February 14, 2009

Short & Sweet

Great friends + scrap recipe = awesome challenge :)

Thank you Mary and Laura for inviting me to join in their scrap challenge.

Here are what we must have on our page :
1. bright colors mixed with kraft - what can go wrong with kraft? nada! (at least that's what i think!)
2. stickers - love them. . . but don't use them quite enough ;)
3. arrows - have lots of them, but often neglected ;)
4. corner rounder - can do with more mileage with it eh? :)

So here's mine. . .

doesn't get better

I went simple. As simple as I can, don't you think? Old photo of the girls too. So proud of that!

Bright colors with kraft - check!
Arrow - sticker - check!
corner rounder - check!

close up 1

close up 2

I took a short cut. *sheepish grins* I used an arrow sticker and count it once for both elements. LOL! And Hambly, that is like my staple nowadays. So it has to be there somewhere.

I apologize for the weird tinge to the photos, I really have to go out to take photos again, the lighting in the house is bad.

I had so much fun, thank you Laura and Mary for a great challenge! Please pop to their blogs for their take of the challenge, so different from mine, but so lovely. That is what I love about challenges, one or a few requirements and we all produces different things! So awesome.

Do link us up if you're playing along eh? We would love love love to see your personal take on the challenge.

Not a very short post I see? :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pencil Lines #121 - Emilie Ahern

I'm sure our guest this week needs no introduction? Right? The cute Emilie Ahern! Check out her blog for more of her gorgeous work!

My layout

Where I love where I live

It looks nothing like the sketch, in case you haven't noticed that. But that was my starting point, I promise. I like the outcome though. I still have a circle, some squares and I painted the edges of the cardboard to mimic the scalloped edge too. How effective was all that? Not sure. Haha! I had tons of fun though.

The story of the cardboard. . . I was totally inspired by Sasha H --->> da bomb! :) She rocks cardboards like no one else. No one I tell ya! I don't have nicely cut cardboards like her, (hahaha!!).. . . but, when BHG returned my Valentine layout with that particular cardboard attached to the ziplock bag. Perfectly 12 x 12. A shame not to use it? Thought so!! I tore it to my liking and so it started from there.

close up 1

Squared Hambly. Tiny frames. Yellow staples. Doodlebug Jewels.

close up 2

My favorite alpha stamps from Fontwerks again!

close up 3

Pretty row of buttons. Globs of Distress Stickles.

Its 5.30am on a Monday morning here, The Girls are in bed, and as you already know, I love Mondays. So here's hoping for a good week ahead? Yeah? Last week was tough, it was the week where you feel tired and fat and the three way mirror certainly doesn't help. Ever had that kinda week? *grins* It will just get better, I am sure of that! See you soon!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do you ever wonder. . .

how they do it? Or rather how she does it? Well, wonder no more!! This is really good news for you!

Product Pizzazz 101 with the sweet, kind and super talented Doris Sander

Class begins Monday, February 9th!

Each lesson covers the following:
- product usage
- design principle
- craft technique
- use it now challenge--with weekly chances to win goodies

A private class forum for interacting with other participants and Doris.

A private class gallery for sharing your work and seeing what others have done.

Learn more at the live chat on Thursday, February 5th at 9pm EST.

I shall let you on some sneaks I got here. . . yummylicious!

You know what comes next, don't you? Yes people, run!! Run!! Don't walk to the registration page! *grins*

Thought I'd share this with you as well. . . I am gonna start photographing the page of the magazine that contains my published layout. (am I the only one who thinks that sentence is somewhat confusing?) Working backwards here. . . LOL. Have to build up my courage to venture into the world of the untouched magazines shelf, so we're starting with the most recent.

*disclaimer - I'm not sure if this is okay, so if the photos disappear. . you know why! ;)*

SB Etc February 09

My first pub with SB Etc. Pretty proud of myself! LOL! Even making it more special is that it's a rare page of The Husband. This one I made when I can't find the card I made for him last year. *grins* For the life of me I can't remember where I hid it, until now!

SB Trends January 09

ST January. My favorite canvas. OOkkay! My only canvas! I really should be making more. Yeah, tomorrow maybe. (like that is gonna happen?!! tomorrow? dream on Sasha!)

SB Memories Australia Vol 10 No 11

SB Memories Australia Vol 10 No 11. A digital page. I miss digital scrapping! Like, a lot! Yeah, maybe I'll digi-scrap tomorrow. (she never learns, eh? she thinks her tomorrow is 168 hours, not 24)

Em is kicking my butt and cheering me on to start on her 52Q a year of mini art, so that's another thing to start tomorrow. LOL! Okay, if I manage to get the layout I'm working on done by this afternoon, I'll start today Em! Not tomorrow! *grins* I;m so far behind but I think playing catch up is fun! LOL! So I'll see you soon. . . !!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pencil Lines #120 - Celine Navarro

My gorgeous, talented friend, Celine Navarro is our Guest for sketch #120. Where do I even begin? She is da-bomb. She probably creates in her sleep, this girl. So insanely mojo-full and inspiring at all times. Not only that, she is super sweet too! Man! I love her! *grins*

My layout :D

i have you *hambly screen prints*

I have him on my side, when when the whole world and its odds are against me, I have him. That man. Without him, I don't think I'll even be here, scrapping and sharing with all of you. When someone tells me how great he is, I just grin like an idiot and agree with them. Lucky me. Hahaha!! Nuff said? LOL. Mushy, I know. . .:P

Close ups.

close up 1

My love affair with bird and their cages. . . still going strong. Thickers were originally lime green, painted red with MM Acrylic Paint in Cranberry. My go-to red.

close up 2

Bird, again. (see what I mean?)

close up 3

Layered the overlays together to get that outline. Yellow and Teal.

What else?

I've been playing 'teacher' with the kids, a lot. We're getting a lot done these days. *grins* Don't you just love spelling lists? *shudders*

and oh! Neha can ride on two wheels! I am so proud of her. Only took her two days too. I rode two wheels when I was 11 mind you, after numerous dives into the not so dry drain in front of my mom's house. She got to two wheels with minimal injuries, only a few scratches here and there. I need to take photos of her riding, soon. I promise. That fateful day, it was already dark outside. We'll do it soon. I know she will want to show off to all of you! *grins*