Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I have a starfruit on my booty just in case I get hungry.


Seriously? If you can't see the starfruit, click the photo. LOL! I thought this is so cute! *grin* I'm easily amused, I know. I laugh at other's a lot, but I laugh at myself even more... told you, I'm easily amused.

ETA : I took the photo, don't know who was that in the car. I was in the car behind him LOL. Whoever you are.. sorry *grin*

I posted the above photo to my Facebook account earlier today, but I thought I'd share it here for those of you not on my Facebook, or not very active in Facebook --->> You know, like a certain Norwegian girl I dig :)

What else? ohh.. I scrapped! (yeah, finally!) *One sec while I pull up my flickr.* It really has been a while. . and I miss them so, so I scrapped for OLW Word up #48.

so very ready

Please do ignore the glare :) I don't have Magenta Ink on Kraft paper, but I have the Magenta overlay, so I improvised. I layered kraft cardstock with the overlay to recreate the paper look.

I am so very ready.
For those delightful smiles,
and squeals of laughter.
For all these. Anytime. I am so very ready.
For the warm fuzz inside my heart
every time I look at this photo,
For those happy, elated faces,
For the love you can actually feel here
I am so very ready. Bring it on.

close up 1

close up 2

Painted the acrylic heart from Heidi Swapp, added some blings, felt bellies from Chatterbox and a button.

close up 3

Still very much in love with The Birdcages. Stitched around the circles, tone and tone with beige thread. Just some subtle textures.

Did you notice I stuck my layout on a lamp post? Ah! yes, my 'tree' is not accessible as there were some workers doing the paint job for the building near that tree. I miss my tree. *sob*sob* LOL...

Yeah, I scrapped! Yay me! LOL :)

See you soon!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sometimes I wish I were a kid again; skinned knees are a lot easier to fix than a broken heart.

That anonymous quote I got somewhere I don't remember now, don't you think it's so true?

I decided to start my 'wish' album somewhere last month. My rule is that, each of the layout that goes into the album, must have 'wish' on it.. either on the journaling, or the title, or the doodling, or the anything for that matter. That rule will be broken as I deem fit seeing that I'm the only contributor to the album. LOL.

Do you remember this layout? Yeah, that's the first layout in my Wish album. It has the word 'wish' in the journaling. Okay, My Wish Stack, seeing that i don't have an album for that yet. just so you know, I have not been scrap shopping for a few months!! Not a single piece of paper! What an achievement for me, can I hear some WOOOOT WOOOOTTTT!!?? Heeeheee!

Here's the cover.

Simple, with some Hambly gorgeousness. That All Mixed Up overlay did all the work, really. *grin*

Painted thickers. Those were baby blue before.

How could I resist those birds? *sigh*

Who am I joking, right? I could never create a thousand layouts for this project in this year, but hey, one can dream. . and I can always maybe add "2009-2029" on the cover as I deem fit (again)! *big grin*

And Oh, that quote on top.. just something I wanna share. My heart is not broken right now. It's so full I feel I could burst from all the love. Thank you for each and everyone of you that took time to leave kind, warm and encouraging words for me. Please know that you're appreciated. So much. *hugs*

Friday, March 27, 2009

Why chase perfection when you can have happiness?

I once told a girlfriend that. *Hi E!* So, holding on to my words, I'm embracing my crappy photos from the pirates gathering. Only the photos though, my subjects are delightfully funny, beautiful and entertaining. *sigh* I am so not an event photographer. I can blame the camera (yet again) but I know it's only my fault for not reading the manual.

Danni asked me about the camera in the comments section of last post. I'm using Nikon D90, thanks to my generous husband LOL. (Love you D! even without the camera, but now it's here... love you even more!). It's brand new, at least I feel so (less than a month) and came with a 18-105mm lens. What settings? *blush* I'm usually on A mode. When the lightings get tough, I even use the built in flash, or the auto mode! *gasp!!!* LOL. I generally run my photos thru Defog and Sharpen action from Holly McCaig, from Pink Ink Studios. Bought them ages ago, when she still had My Digital Muse. You can totally process them yourself in Photoshop, but, I'm a procrastinator and God knows how long they will stay there on the hard drive if I have to process them manually. Hah! So yes, Thank God for actions. Other than that, I don't really add any special effects to them, unless it's for a specific project.

Okay! back to the Pirates.

*leaving you hangin' here for a while, while I go hang my laundry out, the sun is gorgeous!*

The party was phenomenal! Everyone had lots of fun. You can really see that Liza put her heart and soul into it. I don't have pictures for these, but the goody bags are embroidered with each child'a name. When I saw that, I was like. . WOW! I would never have done that. Daddy of the birthday boy built a ship, which is used for part of the games and also the photo spot for the childred. OMG... my words are not doing justice, but really.. it was just so amazing.

Love this girl. So much! So glad I got to hug her like a million times LOL.

The lucky birthday Boy. Aaqil. That face - priceless!!

Adorable Daren! I kept chasing him around he must be thinking, who is this crazy old woman? LOL. Soph, email me if you want full sized file, okay? not a great photo, but I thought you might want a copy.

Nidhi and Sarrah. Shy at first, but warmed up pretty fast! LOL! Sweaty, but oh couldn't be happier. The homemade head and waist wrap (is that what you call them), and the beaded necklace, all came from the goody bags. Now can I hear WOW?

The birthday cake. Its homemade. Another WOW please?

Then it's 'makan' time. (makan = eating, to eat)

And that's all that I have, can i believe that? I had a hard time believing I didn't capture a lot of things, but hey.. I had tons of fun. Thank you Liza and family for having us.

Scrapping wise. . .

Amanda and me are leaving Label Tulip. Super tough decision to make, a sad one at that, and I really think it's crazy since Cathy wanted us to stay LOL. But yes, I'm stepping down, to make way for life in general.

I just need to calm down. You know, when I wished to be calm, creative and happy earlier this year? I think I jinxed myself LOL. So lesson learnt - keep your big mouth shut, Sasha! :)

I hope to be back with some scrappy goodness soon. Whoever has sacks of mojo, pass me some!!

Love you all - with - all - my - heart!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One day I'm gonna have an ocean in my yard. . .

I'm back so soon this time. It's dark and gloomy over here and rain is gonna come any minute, nothing beats re-living the sunny, perfect days of our Mersing trip.

We stayed at Fishing Bay Resort, recommended by Harlyn. The place is not spanking new, but is very relaxing, very very relaxing that I dozed off after breakfast the first morning LOL. Then napped again in the afternoon and slept early that night. I blame the sea breeze. *grin*

At this point, I was already smitten. Beautiful weather, nothing more we could ask for.

You can see my crew wasted no time at all! *grin* The water was very sandy as you can see here, but I am happy with the sand and skies. We made do with the pool for swimming. Guess what were they doing?

Playing with baby crabs :D We put them into the plastic container for a while (evil, I know) then we let them go back to where they belong.

Yeah, make that a snap. Let them go, fast! LOL!

Baby girl. One picture I have to beg. Then they went swimming in the pool, and mommy had her one hour Thai massage.

Tell me, did you smile looking at the series of pictures of them? Tell me I'm not smiling only because those are my husband and my daughter. LOL. I love love love those pictures. They're blurry, but in all the imperfections, I see joy, I see love and I see my future. She was so delighted to be up there on his shoulders, that's her special place and no one else at the moment. If only you could hear her squeal. . . *sigh*

Sunset, from the jetty. Not the broken one you saw above, this is different. We walked a couple of metres out of the resort to get here. Breathtaking. I need to download pictures from Neha's camera soon.. she took some of me and everyone over here! :D

The pretty little lobby of the resort.

At night it gets so peaceful and quiet. Who am I kidding, the place is peaceful in the day, but it's just different in the night, maybe because the kids have gone to bed and all you can hear is some very muted adult chatters from your neighbors.
That's our front door, 20 steps from the beach.

Day 2.

Daddy scored some ball time with the youngsters. Nidhi wanted to be part of the action too!

My fishes!


Neha, in her own world. She is out of focus here. . (what the hell was I thinking?) but it's just lovely to me. Seeing my girl in the background, enjoying herself.

Can you see how happy she is? Totally! Someone very little tried the big pool, then changed her mind and went back to the baby pool.

This fish, totally in her element in the big pool. Why is she having a hairband on? I have no idea!

And again, she got a ride from Daddy. Now you know why she thinks that is her special place? LOL :)

Then I left them and went inside to start packing. The end of our 4 nights roadtrip. Maybe we'll be back, maybe we won't. We would like to explore more of Malaysia, so it all depends!

I'll be back soon with pictures from a gathering of pirates! LOL!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Just keep walking. . .

I didn't manage to scrap for Pencil Lines #127, but you guys must totally hop on over to check it out. Our guest this week, is my beautiful, funny, oozing with talent friend, Sharon Ong! This girl is crazy I tell you, she can scrap like no other, if you meet her, you'll always leave with a smile on your face and head bursting with inspiration! Speaking of which. . . I miss her a lot and definitely have to make that trip downtown soon!

We had a nice trip to Malaysia, thanks everyone for the wishes! Some pictures to share, sorry I know looking at other people's vacation pics is boring. HeeHee, but my family members do come here for updates. So please bear with me *wink*

*drums fingers on the table while waiting for photos to load and . . .headache to kick in. urgghhhh! the smell of paint is killing me! yuck*

This time in Malacca we stayed in town, smack right in the middle, walking distance to practically everywhere. (hence the title of the post - get it? LOL)

Charming little boutique hotel, albeit a bit spooky according to us. LOL. Yes, those are the loves of my life waiting patiently for me to cross the road and get to them.

Went to the night market at Jonker Walk, just the girls and me. Daddy was napping in the room. See those tiny wooden slippers? Adorable! we bought ten, two already on my fridge door, another 8 on their way to friends of the girls in school. I took maybe 5 pictures there, too many people and frankly, I would rather hold on to my girls than the camera! LOL!

Breakfast the next day. . weird lighting. (yeah Sasha, nice. . blame the lighting and not yourself!) See how happy the girls were? Again, not many pictures. . because I was hungry and would rather eat than fiddle with my camera. *grin*

Very narrow street in front of the hotel. Then we're off to Gadek Hot Springs, where we proceeded to soak our hands and legs in the really-hot water. It was almost boiling! Crazy. No pictures at-all. . urmm. . . because of something I can't remember, but I know I was upset at someone or something and it just seem so silly now. Duh! I don't snap pictures when I'm not happy, no idea why, but I just don't.

Happy face! Those tiny teeth, they're gonna be gone soon and I am soooooo gonna miss them like crazy!

This shot is almost perfect, except for the fact that Nidhi's hairband has slid down and resembled a mini turban-like headgear. LOL. Wanna know why? Scroll down. . .

LOL! She freaked out a bit when the snake flexed its muscle, that's why.

Then we took the super fancy, flower-full trishaw! :D

The one family shot that we had and he had to close his eyes. LOL! Sweet! I don't care, really. . . I am still gonna scrap or do whatever I want with this pic. Who says you can only scrap perfect pictures?

Guess one lucky girl didn't need to walk as much.


Un-happy face. Tired from too much walking. Tired from watching someone else got to be carried on the shoulders and the back. .

Then we walk somemore. . this shot is blurry, not in perfect composition, I wasn't even looking thru the viewfinder anyway. Accidental shot. Very much loved accidental shot.

Look at this pic, and tell me you don't wanna grin with them. LOL. I might just blow this up and frame it. (ask me again in three years LOL, or ask Laura to kick my butt once in a while to get it done)

Sweaty. My growing girl. . can you see me in her?

The Malacca River Cruise which is boring with a capital B. LOL. 45 minutes of my life I will never get back.

Then she got her turn. LOL. She is simply too tall to be carried like Nidhi. . we giggled and put her down. We continuted being touristy after that, went on Taming Sari Tower ( I had grand plans to capture the sunset from 80 metres above, but giddiness took over and all I can do was pretend I was enjoying the ride, smile and pray I can keep my stomach content where they're supposed to be.) LOL!

The end of Malacca trip! Mersing coming right up.

Are you guys still here? LOL. . .Thank you! See you soon!