Monday, March 23, 2009

Just keep walking. . .

I didn't manage to scrap for Pencil Lines #127, but you guys must totally hop on over to check it out. Our guest this week, is my beautiful, funny, oozing with talent friend, Sharon Ong! This girl is crazy I tell you, she can scrap like no other, if you meet her, you'll always leave with a smile on your face and head bursting with inspiration! Speaking of which. . . I miss her a lot and definitely have to make that trip downtown soon!

We had a nice trip to Malaysia, thanks everyone for the wishes! Some pictures to share, sorry I know looking at other people's vacation pics is boring. HeeHee, but my family members do come here for updates. So please bear with me *wink*

*drums fingers on the table while waiting for photos to load and . . .headache to kick in. urgghhhh! the smell of paint is killing me! yuck*

This time in Malacca we stayed in town, smack right in the middle, walking distance to practically everywhere. (hence the title of the post - get it? LOL)

Charming little boutique hotel, albeit a bit spooky according to us. LOL. Yes, those are the loves of my life waiting patiently for me to cross the road and get to them.

Went to the night market at Jonker Walk, just the girls and me. Daddy was napping in the room. See those tiny wooden slippers? Adorable! we bought ten, two already on my fridge door, another 8 on their way to friends of the girls in school. I took maybe 5 pictures there, too many people and frankly, I would rather hold on to my girls than the camera! LOL!

Breakfast the next day. . weird lighting. (yeah Sasha, nice. . blame the lighting and not yourself!) See how happy the girls were? Again, not many pictures. . because I was hungry and would rather eat than fiddle with my camera. *grin*

Very narrow street in front of the hotel. Then we're off to Gadek Hot Springs, where we proceeded to soak our hands and legs in the really-hot water. It was almost boiling! Crazy. No pictures at-all. . urmm. . . because of something I can't remember, but I know I was upset at someone or something and it just seem so silly now. Duh! I don't snap pictures when I'm not happy, no idea why, but I just don't.

Happy face! Those tiny teeth, they're gonna be gone soon and I am soooooo gonna miss them like crazy!

This shot is almost perfect, except for the fact that Nidhi's hairband has slid down and resembled a mini turban-like headgear. LOL. Wanna know why? Scroll down. . .

LOL! She freaked out a bit when the snake flexed its muscle, that's why.

Then we took the super fancy, flower-full trishaw! :D

The one family shot that we had and he had to close his eyes. LOL! Sweet! I don't care, really. . . I am still gonna scrap or do whatever I want with this pic. Who says you can only scrap perfect pictures?

Guess one lucky girl didn't need to walk as much.


Un-happy face. Tired from too much walking. Tired from watching someone else got to be carried on the shoulders and the back. .

Then we walk somemore. . this shot is blurry, not in perfect composition, I wasn't even looking thru the viewfinder anyway. Accidental shot. Very much loved accidental shot.

Look at this pic, and tell me you don't wanna grin with them. LOL. I might just blow this up and frame it. (ask me again in three years LOL, or ask Laura to kick my butt once in a while to get it done)

Sweaty. My growing girl. . can you see me in her?

The Malacca River Cruise which is boring with a capital B. LOL. 45 minutes of my life I will never get back.

Then she got her turn. LOL. She is simply too tall to be carried like Nidhi. . we giggled and put her down. We continuted being touristy after that, went on Taming Sari Tower ( I had grand plans to capture the sunset from 80 metres above, but giddiness took over and all I can do was pretend I was enjoying the ride, smile and pray I can keep my stomach content where they're supposed to be.) LOL!

The end of Malacca trip! Mersing coming right up.

Are you guys still here? LOL. . .Thank you! See you soon!



Unknown said...

Hey hey you! Love those photos!!! (Hey, I absolutely agree with you - whenever there's a bad shot, its always the lighting's fault - haha). And thanks for linking me - I'm very sure its because of you that pencil lines found me in the first place - so big thanks!!! :o)

Jill said...

These are AMAZING photos, Sasha. Wow! I am still freaking a little bit over the snake pics. You've got some brave girls!

Jessy Christopher said...

Wow those are nice shots of your visit to Malacca!! Lovely trip.

Jess said...

Those are absolutely fantastic pics!! Thank you so much for sharing you beautiful family with boys are thinking your girls are so brave holding that snake cuz they would never! (chickens)

Karmele said...

AMAZING photos!!wowowww Love those photos!!!

Linda said...

great pics....I love all the color in them. Can't wait to see more... and no, it wasn't boring.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pic's, love that building in the first pic, wow, just beautiful!"!!!

f said...

Thank's for sharing this beautiful travel pics! You seem had fun! The pic with the snake... eurkkkk

Bon retour!

MelB said...

Amazing pictures! Can't wait to see them make their way onto your layouts. I especially love the trishaw covered in flowers, so pretty.

gudrun said...

Wow! Your pics are all SO amazing. Seems like you've had a great holiday. :)
Your girls are so beautiful - and yes, SO brave holding that snake!

Have a great week.

peg manrique said...

wow! amazing shots. love all the color. your girls are VERY brave holding that snake...yikes! and those little wooden shoes...too adorable.

Nicole said...

OMGOSH girl, I just LOVE your photos!! CRAZY GREAT!

Nicole said...

Back to tell you thanks for the underline help! ;)

Sophia said...

OOohhhhh! I so wanna be at Malacca right now babe!!!! I miss my Assam Laksa!!!

Glad to see you and your family having fun!!!

Nicoletta said...

Ciao Sasha!! thank you for the visit and the comment on my blog!
I'm very happy to read a beutiful comment from a fantastic scrapper like you!
I visit often your blog:-)

laura vegas said...

such great photos! and love that you got in a few of them too!

now go and order some enlargements girl!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics and cuties!!!
Love to visit there someday looks so fun and beautiful!

Isablabla said...

I LOOOOOOVVVE those amazing pics... your family is so nice... and! so far from Quebec... I wanna be there!!! Thank U for sharing!!!

Sophia said...

Great holiday pics...