Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One day I'm gonna have an ocean in my yard. . .

I'm back so soon this time. It's dark and gloomy over here and rain is gonna come any minute, nothing beats re-living the sunny, perfect days of our Mersing trip.

We stayed at Fishing Bay Resort, recommended by Harlyn. The place is not spanking new, but is very relaxing, very very relaxing that I dozed off after breakfast the first morning LOL. Then napped again in the afternoon and slept early that night. I blame the sea breeze. *grin*

At this point, I was already smitten. Beautiful weather, nothing more we could ask for.

You can see my crew wasted no time at all! *grin* The water was very sandy as you can see here, but I am happy with the sand and skies. We made do with the pool for swimming. Guess what were they doing?

Playing with baby crabs :D We put them into the plastic container for a while (evil, I know) then we let them go back to where they belong.

Yeah, make that a snap. Let them go, fast! LOL!

Baby girl. One picture I have to beg. Then they went swimming in the pool, and mommy had her one hour Thai massage.

Tell me, did you smile looking at the series of pictures of them? Tell me I'm not smiling only because those are my husband and my daughter. LOL. I love love love those pictures. They're blurry, but in all the imperfections, I see joy, I see love and I see my future. She was so delighted to be up there on his shoulders, that's her special place and no one else at the moment. If only you could hear her squeal. . . *sigh*

Sunset, from the jetty. Not the broken one you saw above, this is different. We walked a couple of metres out of the resort to get here. Breathtaking. I need to download pictures from Neha's camera soon.. she took some of me and everyone over here! :D

The pretty little lobby of the resort.

At night it gets so peaceful and quiet. Who am I kidding, the place is peaceful in the day, but it's just different in the night, maybe because the kids have gone to bed and all you can hear is some very muted adult chatters from your neighbors.
That's our front door, 20 steps from the beach.

Day 2.

Daddy scored some ball time with the youngsters. Nidhi wanted to be part of the action too!

My fishes!


Neha, in her own world. She is out of focus here. . (what the hell was I thinking?) but it's just lovely to me. Seeing my girl in the background, enjoying herself.

Can you see how happy she is? Totally! Someone very little tried the big pool, then changed her mind and went back to the baby pool.

This fish, totally in her element in the big pool. Why is she having a hairband on? I have no idea!

And again, she got a ride from Daddy. Now you know why she thinks that is her special place? LOL :)

Then I left them and went inside to start packing. The end of our 4 nights roadtrip. Maybe we'll be back, maybe we won't. We would like to explore more of Malaysia, so it all depends!

I'll be back soon with pictures from a gathering of pirates! LOL!


Unknown said...


I love love love the pictures u took. Makes me want to go there. Its been ages since we last met. Must make a trip down south soon.

miss u.

Benga said...

adorable and fun photos! I wish I was there too ;)
Can't wait for more photos!
Take care and have more fun!

Jessy Christopher said...

Beautiful photos again! Amazing! Can't wait to see you scrap those memories. Hugs :)

Ania said...

Helloooooooooo.....Im so NOT jealous...nooooooo!!! *snort* :D :D

Haberdawoman said...

Beautiful pictures and you were not the only one smiling. There is something so beautiful about a child enjoying the moment with Daddy, I get those moments all the time with our girls and my husband. Keep dreaming of your ocean, you will get closer to it each day.

Anonymous said...

Awe, this is sooooo beautiful, Sasha ! Your pics are really makes me want to go there ! Can't wait to see you scrap those fantastic memories ! ;)

Denise said...

oh Sasha, oh wonderful! Your family is beautiful. I am so happy you enjoyed your vacation and your naps!

Kim Sonksen said...

Eak.....did you have to show those gorgeous pictures?? I wanna go there now too. Amazing scenery

Sue Lui said...

Love your photos Sasha! Especially the ones with your dd and dh in the Titanic pose. :)

Denise said...

Hey Gorgeous Pics!!!! Thanks for giving us a peek!! Looks like you all had a terrific vacation,,,can't wait to see you scrap them!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dearie,

Am sure u had a very enjoyable time and the pics are simply beautiful. Esp the smiles on the little ones, simply priceless. :)

Gayatri said...

Beautiful Pictures Sasha. Looks like you guys had lots and lots of fun. Can't wait to see what you come up using these photos.

Anonymous said...

so amazing! I love all the photos!

salme said...

That was relaxing! Love all the photos!

Sophia said...

Wow!!! Your photos totally make me wanna visit that place!!! Gorgeous, crisp clear photos! Love the father-daughter relationship captured on "film"!!!

And yes, I can't help but smile while looking at the pictures!!! You're in a state of blessedness babe!

Lal said...

I am SO jealous! That place looks AMAZING!! I SO need a vacation and that place looks like heaven!! And yes, I was smiling when I saw that series of pics!! :)Glad you had such a great time! :)

Nicole said...

Oh my, looks like such an amazing time and your photos just scream happiness!

Blue Banana said...

Gorgeous photos!! I feel like going there now!! :)

AbbieTorroll said...

wow what pretty pictures!! I want to go! absolutely gorgeous! looks like you all had a blast! hope we get to see these scrapped soon!

Amy said...

Sasha!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! I adjusted the template and tried out some pics that I hadn't edited yet for size and it is perfect!!! Why didn't I think of that before? And thank you so much for being so wonderful in helping me!!! You are such an amazing genuine person and such an inspiration! Do email me though because I was wanting to ask you a question anyway! ;) BTW Love the pics you have taken!! And I'm so jealous because that looks like an amazing vacation you guys took! :D

dannigirl said...

omg the pics are gorgeous!!!
i bet you have been asked a million times, but what kind of camera do you have, and what settings are you using? do you uses actions,and if so which ones??? sorry so many questions.

laura vegas said...

gorgeous photos sasha! you have such a lovely family ... and you can just see the happiness in these photos!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh! Looks heavenly! Great photos!

Wati Basri said...

sha...awesome pics!they are all sooo precious:)will dftly give this place a stop the next time i head to Mersing :)

AnnaMarie said...

Your photography is sooo gorgeous, as is your family!! Sounds like a wonderful time away with family - those are precious memories!!

Mireille said...

you know... there are tons of pictures..
tons of perfect pictures that could go into a travel magazine for sure
but .. those that really touched my heart.. where those of your dh and daughter.
They are GORGEOUS! - despite the lil blurryness..-
the splashing colors.. the happiness. the complete atmosphere!

doris sander said...

gorgeous gorgeous photos! your girls are so beautiful! those snake pics are awesome! glad you had such a lovely vacation!

Karmele said...

I love these pictures!!! fantastic!!amazing place!!!

Staci Taylor said...

Wow, girl, can you please take me with you next time? Pleeeease?? lol Gorgeous pics!! You are an awesome photographer! And yes, I was totally smiling at that series of shots of your DD and DH - you can totally see the joy on both their faces! TFS!

Rach H said...

you take such fantastic shots!
your holiday looked wonderful + it made me wish I was back there on a holiday too. Malay has some very beautiful spots to relax in!
so sorry to see you leave LT but understand about life in general.
I'm sure we will get to see your inspiring creations here on your blog.
wishing you all the best! :)

Blue said...

De tres belles photos