Friday, March 27, 2009

Why chase perfection when you can have happiness?

I once told a girlfriend that. *Hi E!* So, holding on to my words, I'm embracing my crappy photos from the pirates gathering. Only the photos though, my subjects are delightfully funny, beautiful and entertaining. *sigh* I am so not an event photographer. I can blame the camera (yet again) but I know it's only my fault for not reading the manual.

Danni asked me about the camera in the comments section of last post. I'm using Nikon D90, thanks to my generous husband LOL. (Love you D! even without the camera, but now it's here... love you even more!). It's brand new, at least I feel so (less than a month) and came with a 18-105mm lens. What settings? *blush* I'm usually on A mode. When the lightings get tough, I even use the built in flash, or the auto mode! *gasp!!!* LOL. I generally run my photos thru Defog and Sharpen action from Holly McCaig, from Pink Ink Studios. Bought them ages ago, when she still had My Digital Muse. You can totally process them yourself in Photoshop, but, I'm a procrastinator and God knows how long they will stay there on the hard drive if I have to process them manually. Hah! So yes, Thank God for actions. Other than that, I don't really add any special effects to them, unless it's for a specific project.

Okay! back to the Pirates.

*leaving you hangin' here for a while, while I go hang my laundry out, the sun is gorgeous!*

The party was phenomenal! Everyone had lots of fun. You can really see that Liza put her heart and soul into it. I don't have pictures for these, but the goody bags are embroidered with each child'a name. When I saw that, I was like. . WOW! I would never have done that. Daddy of the birthday boy built a ship, which is used for part of the games and also the photo spot for the childred. OMG... my words are not doing justice, but really.. it was just so amazing.

Love this girl. So much! So glad I got to hug her like a million times LOL.

The lucky birthday Boy. Aaqil. That face - priceless!!

Adorable Daren! I kept chasing him around he must be thinking, who is this crazy old woman? LOL. Soph, email me if you want full sized file, okay? not a great photo, but I thought you might want a copy.

Nidhi and Sarrah. Shy at first, but warmed up pretty fast! LOL! Sweaty, but oh couldn't be happier. The homemade head and waist wrap (is that what you call them), and the beaded necklace, all came from the goody bags. Now can I hear WOW?

The birthday cake. Its homemade. Another WOW please?

Then it's 'makan' time. (makan = eating, to eat)

And that's all that I have, can i believe that? I had a hard time believing I didn't capture a lot of things, but hey.. I had tons of fun. Thank you Liza and family for having us.

Scrapping wise. . .

Amanda and me are leaving Label Tulip. Super tough decision to make, a sad one at that, and I really think it's crazy since Cathy wanted us to stay LOL. But yes, I'm stepping down, to make way for life in general.

I just need to calm down. You know, when I wished to be calm, creative and happy earlier this year? I think I jinxed myself LOL. So lesson learnt - keep your big mouth shut, Sasha! :)

I hope to be back with some scrappy goodness soon. Whoever has sacks of mojo, pass me some!!

Love you all - with - all - my - heart!


Sandy said...

that party looks awesome - lucky kid!! and it looks like the most beautiful place in the world there...sigh.

Coochies & All said...

hey girl - thanks for your msg on my blog - yes, I agree with you on why chase perfection when other things like happiness are more important? you have cheered me up so much - thank you for that.
I'm not having a good morning this morning, unfortunately, and the mere mention of my name on your blog brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you for being my friend sasha. you're a gem. :)

AnnaMarie said...

Your pictures capture the moment SO perfectly, and your youngest daughter especially is so beautiful! :) are an AMAZING photographer whether you use A mode or the built-in flash ;), and an AWESOME scrapper period!! :) I find you so incredibly inspiring and while I am sad about you leaving LT, it sounds like you are doing it for the right reasons and that truly is what matters most! I'll still be stalking your blog regularly!! :)

Anonymous said...

well that just isn't right you leaving LT! I will really miss seeing your gallery :(

Anonymous said...

Sasha, you rock. That party looked so fun. Great photos. So sorry to see you leave LT. I loved seeing your creations. But I totally understand wanting more time for life. I think us scrappers that are on DT's kinda feel like that once in a while and we have to re-evaluate our situtions. I have no doubt that you will still provide some wicked inspiration on your blog which is why I continue to read.

HUGS hun!

jaz lee said...

What an awesome party! Great pirates photos and beautiful kids. I spied Ed's kiddo too teehee.-Have a great weekend Sasha!-jaz

Denise said...

YOur kids are absolutely beautiful!!! Love all the pics, great colors too!

dannigirl said...

thanks so much for answering my many
and don't worry, even though i closed my blog, i'll be visiting ya here girl!;0) we can still chat.

Aphra Bolyer said...

Seriously....if those are crappy photos, I'm in trouble. I think they are fabulous. Full of color and they capture the fun-filled party. Enjoy scrapping them!

Jill said...

I'll miss seeing your pages in the LT gallery. You KNOW I love your stuff. Just promise me you'll keep it coming on the blog, okay? =)

Wendy Kwok said...

The party looks like so much fun. sad to see leaving LT. Yet you are brave enough to stand up for the right reasons, and that's what matters most. I'll still be coming to your blog. BTW, i was at LSS just now and SAW your LO on CK mag. wanted to scream and sms you! hahaha.... Congrats!

Louisa May said...

Hey what awesome pictures gal !! And that trip was such a blast from the looks of it !! So glad you had a great time ! Hope you are doing good and keeping sane :) hugs, L.

Edleen said...

i'm sure you took more photos than that! ;)

great fun party...makan makan, nothing else better to do eh?

have a good weekend!

Zarah said...

AWESOME photos!!
Sad to hear you leaving LT, but doing what's best for you is important, even when it's a tough decision which I am sure this was.
Take care!

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow~! What an amazing kid's birthday party. How very, very cool. Love the photos that you did get, even if you felt you missed a lot. I am exactly the same way with my camera. ;)
I'm glad you made the tough decision to step down from Label Tulip for yourself, Sasha. Do what's best for you. Get your creative juices flowing again and just be happy!
Love ya!

Unknown said...

That party looked like an absolute blast!!! WOW!

If someone passes a bag of mojo to you can I have it next?!?!

Unknown said...

hey hey, looks like I must use my auto mode more often...those photos are wow! And hey, kudos to you for being brave and making tough decisions so that life can have a good balance for you. The mojo is still there lah, cannot lose it cos its part of you, its just taking a rest and making time to dream again...:o)

Nicole said...

What a fun party!! Fab photography girl!

I'll miss your crazy awesome inspiration at LT but I'll be sure to keep up with you here! :)

lacintha said...

Hi sweetie :)
Love love your pics, and the pirate theme is brilliant!

Sad you're leaving LT (you know I subbed there after drooling over your projects for a bit), but understand the bit about needing to get back to life...
All the best, Hun, and I'll be visiting you here for some eye candy :)

Blue Banana said...

The party looks really fun! Sad to hear you are leaving LT. I really like your work. Keep them coming on the blog! :)

scrappermimi said...

That party looks so the kids all had a blast!

So sorry to see you leaving LT but I will be checkout your inspiration here for sure. Good Luck!

Sophia said...

Hey babe!
What are you talking about? Your pictures are G-R-E-A-T!!! I think they captured the fun moments really well!!! Loving every shot!!!
tee hee, I might need the photo of the pirate ship cake!!!

Though you've told me before, but I feel really sad to see you go from LT!!! You totally rocked their kits!

dannigirl said...

i'm gonna miss seeing your work there girl.but, you gotta do what you gotta do. i can relate.