Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just hug her, a few minutes longer. . .

I have been wanting to blog for the longest time! Sorry I couldn't make it here sooner. Those on my facebook will already know this - my mom was operated on last Friday. Thank you guys for your prayers, kind thoughts and comforting words.

We were all there for her by the time she got out of the OT, that, I'm thankful for. That and a lot more, actually. I'm thankful that so many people love my mom. Never-ending visitors, hugs and kisses and baskets of flowers and fruits and soups. Thanks guys, really. I might have been annoyed with some people (outside of the family circle), some of the time, but all is good now. . :D
She is home now, recovering well. I hope she will be back to 100% real soon.

I was done with this page a couple of days before she was admitted, but the photo taking got delayed until this morning. Just a simple one, that title, though, loaded with love. My mom, she just loves and loves and keeps on loving everyone. She is strict at work and when we were young.. but if she was not, then I won't be here. The amount of heartache I gave her when I was growing up, wow.. I can't even imagine.

I don't wish I can turn back time and be a good girl, because.. DUH, that won't be possible, we have to be realistic, no? I am just gonna hug her that few minutes longer from now on. And let her know I appreciate everything that she has done for me, doing for me and will be doing for me. Sorry for the sappy-ness overloaded, ok.. now the layout.

Tied to her heartstrings

When i looked at this pic, this layout is kinda similar to my Night Owl layout, don't you think? :) Alike, but so different.

close up 1

Stampin' Up Scallop Edge Punch and ric rac, again.

close up 2

You can't find Hambly Dandelions paper in that purplish color, because I learnt from Dina (thank you, gorgeous) and sprayed glimmer mist on the Kraft Dandelions paper and then wiped it off to bring out the silver.

close up 3

Then because I can't leave the layout alone, I punched some holes and tied red thread into what looks like bow, i hope. :D I'm hopeless with bow-tying. I don't even buy clothes with bows for my girls. Sham does.. and we only put it on when Daddy's around. LOL.

Okay.. what else. Oh yeah.. some links :)

Hambly's Earth Day giveaway. While you're there, scroll down a teeny bit and check out our amazing guest designer, Debee Campos, and also beautiful creations by Tulip Girls!

Are you a twitter-er? LOL that's a mouthful. Follow Hambly Studios! And not forgetting the Hambly Contest running at TwoPeas right now.

Saturday, I'll be in the company of amazing ladies at Creative Escape "Works of Heart" 2009, helping Kah Mei, Tia Bennet and Donna Downey teach their classes. Excited? LOL.. Are you kidding me? I'm beyond excited..! *grins*

So yeah, that's about it. I think I wanna scrap today, but I have mountains of laundry to fold. Oh well, they won't scream for attention, so I'll be okay, me thinks. :)

Thanks for stickin' with me this far out.. *hugs*

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mommy, do you need more funny faces?

You bet I do, girls!

Peggy! My girls couldn't be happier when I told them that I need some funny faces LOL. Right after reading your tag, I had to go out and about, you know the usual school and lunch run, and we took these pics in the car. Of course, I forgot to switch lens and ended up with my 50mm (typical Sasha situation). And no, these are not the only ones we took- Ha!Ha!!- I have hundreds, but I'm not gonna torture you. *grin*

urmm... funny faces for Peggy :D

Now who would I tag? Yeah.. you, you and you! She, the beautiful girl, who doesn't mind posting funny faces on her blog! Let me know if you're playing along!

Last week, phewww.. I would be back earlier if not for the destroyed layout. Yes, you read that right, one completed layout went into the bin when I spilled half a bottle of glimmer mist on it. Brilliant, right? I tried wiping, sponging, whatever-ing to save it.. urmm.. didn't work. Saved two felt clips and some buttons and off it went! Oh! My heart hurts just talking about it.

Anyway, urm.. I kinda got over it and started on another layout. Just a better way to spend my 'anger' LOL.


If you let her, she would have set up a permanent camp ---->> at the park near our house!

close up 1

What would I do if Kaiser ever stop making those pearls? Dig them. Big-time.

close up 2

Birdcages yet again. (is it boring yet? I hope not)

close up 3

I don't totally trust adhesives when it comes to ric-rac or ribbon. So I handstitched the ric-rac to the cardstock and Mini Bicycles paper.

close up 4

And this one just because you're all so sweet and lovely, and I want to show that the green Hanging Heliconia overlay was not adhered flat to the layout, I curled it a bit, then used a glue dot to hold it in place, and I feel like squatting down to snap the pic even though I look ugly doing so. *grin*

The scallops were done with Stampin' Up Scallop Edge punch. I knew I could use those little strips of Hambly that I saved! :D

Gotta run now! Thanks for visiting and come back soon okay?! :) *hugs*

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Falling asleep to the tap-tap-tap-tap of the typewriter. . .

I used to do that. A lot. My dad is a journalist, (i remember using the word journalist so very proudly whenever people ask me what does my dad do for a living), and, before the era of the computer, he used a typewriter. Often, he will work late into the night. . .

I miss those. . . tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-DING!!-zzzzziiipp!-tap-tap-tap :) One of my biggest regret was not 'saving' his typewriter. They're gone, tossed out when they moved house a few years ago, my dad hasn't been using them any longer anyway. Sad, but if not for my mom tossing things out, we would be sleeping on tons of unwanted junk! So I laugh and cry at the same time. *grin* (and oh, btw, I'm just like my mom, if you're looking for something over here and couldn't find it, they're probably gone, or be kept somewhere very safe, too safe until I can't remember where I kept hid it)

You know where all these are going, right? Yes, I scrapped about my dad. Let me tell you, scrapping about my dad, was HARD! Like I got so many things so say, but to find a way to put all that into writing is very, very close to impossible. Maybe that's because I seldom, almost never scrap about my parents? Well, I certainly am gonna try to create more layouts abt them.(dear self, please take note about this, okay?)

look up

The one I look up to.
No matter how tall I grow.
(not that I'm growing any taller)
I love you, Papa.

I know I want to use the typewriter for a layout about him the moment I laid my eyes on it. That is part of Decor Notes overlay. Cut apart and layered with plain yellow paper.

That little circles paper is just delish, eh?

I seem to like yellow a lot lately. What does that mean anyway, I wonder? But I also talk a lot lately, but that doesn't mean anything other than I can't keep my mouth shut. LOL!

The two sections are both lifted off the cardstock, for no reason whatsoever. I just like seeing the little black pearls peeking through.

What else do I wanna blabber about? Ah!! Yes! I got my tree back, as you can see! LOL! Adrienne, I stuck them with blue tack. Plain ol' blue tack from the stationery store. You can see colour changes on the photo, yeah, i was moving the layout around, and trying to find the perfect angle for my close-ups. Guess now I know :)

Do you notice changes around here? Yes, I stepped down from Pencil Lines about a week ago. Nothing dramatic at all, and I'm glad Anna is so understanding! I will join them when I can though, so, no, they're not getting rid of me in totalness (whatever that is?!!)

Have a good day!!