Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just one dress form will make me very happy

Seriously, what's with this wanting a dress form? Its driving me crazy. Not like I have a space for it, but I have been spending too much time looking at photos of dress forms, especially vintage, wire and altered ones.

They captivate me, the photos at least. I don't know if I will still be as captivated once it's in my house. More likely, knowing me, I will feel as if its watching me (especially those fabric/full form ones), then I'd end up freakin' out and feeling spooked. Hahaha!

However, i think this one is perfect! Click the link and you'll know why. Perfection, isn't it? But yeah, No, I'll not be getting it anytime soon. What would I do with it? And there will soon be some elevator construction work going on outside our door, the amount of dust (which will taint my dress form) will be unbearable, the noise will kill me, yeah, long story, I'll blog about it once they started and I can actually have some photos taken of the mess. LOL. *sigh* a girl can certainly dream. . . (of the dress form, not of the dust). :D

One layout... another friend :)

big time

This is Louisa May. We used to have playdates for the girls (just so we could sit there all day, chit-chatting and giggling). We also used to have breakfast together after sending our girls to their respective schools. They are now in San Diego.. so far away from me. So far away from our playdates and breakfast meets and I'm missing them. Big Time.

The layout is simple - because we are simple. (the photo seems crooked? sorry...!!) I can tell her what is on my mind, without her over-analyzing things over and over again! That's the best part! *grins* Miss you Lou..!! *hugs*

close up 1

Teal Frame Wallpaper overlay, on Scenic Route background paper. Pink Wings overlay with some equally pink rhinestones.

close up 2

Added a little flourish from Mini Vintage antique white rub onsMetallic Silver Ink on kraft Little Circles paper. Those lacey looking ruffles peeking from underneath the cardstock, urmm.. is a strip of die-cut ribbon (i suppose? I don't know, really). I bought some from the shop that sells pretty things associated with weddings, near my parents'. I seldom go there, because everytime I go, I would definitely be buying things I don't need. But seeing that one of my sister is getting married next year (it's never too early to start shopping), I might have to *read - must* plan a visit soon, you know, I have obligations as THE big sister, to help with the organizing and decorating. *cough*cough*cough* LOL.

What else is happening? Ah! 4 weeks off school for the girls. 4 weeks of craziness in the house. LOL. Send me some good luck vibes, will you? *grins* We're goin' cycling soon. . .I guess I'll see you soon with my sore bum and aching legs.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Living in Old Navy tights and graphic Tshirts

I'm a simple girl, really. If I could, I would really change from one tights to another, from a tshirt to another. The thought of having to 'dress up' sends shivers down my spine. LOL. *not really, but you get the idea*

But dressing up my blogs... oh yeah baby! Anytime! (anytime I'm not too busy with the kids, school, meeting up with friends for cupcakes and coffee, dating my husband while the girls are in school, visiting my parents.. yeah, basically, anytime at all - *grins*)

So you see, that is why it's oh-so-great to have friends in high places, like the Super Creative Stoodle Team :) They designed the new blog header for me. They saved me from pulling my hair out, the very few strands I have left. LOL. I *heart* stoodle!

Do you notice the new blog header? Yes? No? What do you mean, no? LOL. Refresh if your screen is still showing the old header, pretty please. Because I am absolutely head over heels in love with my new blog header. Pretty cool hey? Looks like us, right? LOL. The Stoodlerist aka Mimi did a great job designing the banner for me. Thank you girls... you are the best!

You guys want one? Go ahead, I know you want to *winks* I sent them our photos for reference. That is why my husband is sporting his YNWA - Liverpool jersey. The man is a loyal fan, let me tell you :) Has been one for 32 years *ahem, even I'm not THAT old* LOL :D

Pheww... are you still here? I sure hope so, because I have a layout to share. A precious one at that.

thank you!

This is my friend Deedah, the one I altered the postcard for :)

close up 1

Pouring my heart out on paper, because I would feel weird saying all these to her face. Haha!

close up 2

I applied Hambly Antique White Rub ons to the ghost heart. Layered some Teal Blue Brocade overlay on a piece of yellow cardstock. Also framed the Black Brocade Paper with some scraps from a copper colored Hambly paper. Those are actually the leftovers, the negatives, when you used the Scallop Edge Punch - see, never underestimates the power of scraps! :)

I'm going back to my turkey salad with feta cheese and chips! See you soon!!xo :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Craving for brownies. . .

*before you ask, no, I'm not pregnant :)* I wanted to order brownies at lunch just now, but changed my mind because urmm... I already had calamari and spiced chicken sticks. Yeah, you guessed it, I'm sorta regretting that decision now because I'm craving for some brownies and ice-cream, big time craving. *sigh*

Lesson learnt - next time, just order. That is just better than sitting here at home, wanting brownies and not wanting to go out to buy and not wanting to bake. Oookay!! Enough with my food craving.. !! LOL!

A layout to share. . .

not nothing

I must thank Peggy for inspiring me to snap those silly photos!

close up 1

American Crafts Vinyl thickers, originally yellow and red, painted with Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paint in Broken China.

close up 2

close up 3

Stickled Pink Butterflies layered atop White Onesies.

close up 4

My sort-of-vent. *chuckles*

close up 5

I used the stamp Sophia sent me a lil while ago. Thank you Soph!! *hugs*

Two more days and we will be done with the mid year exams. Can someone dance with me? I'm in desperate need of some nap and creative time. *grins* Enough about me.. what have you been up to lately? Spill, girlfriends! :)

crazy love from me to you. .

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I don't have time to breathe. . .

I feel so busy! LOL! But I managed to steal some minutes to run the numbers through Random.Org :)

*counted twice, again, because numbers and me, we're not on good terms*...


Congrats Chok Keun!! I will pass your email address to Doris and she will get in touch okay!! Yayyyy!! I certainly hope you will enjoy the class!

Thank you Doris for giving the spot to one of my readers!

Thanks everyone for participating in the draw :) Come back soon... I'll miss you!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Excuse me, are you a hoarder?

**comments now closed**

*cough*cough* That's me, asking myself. LOL. And because I know many of us are just like me, I would really like to send one of you off to Product Pizzazz 102, a class by my gorgeous friend, Doris Sander. (believe me, this is hard to do because in all the truth, I want to attend those classes myself. . . well, maybe I'll hop on over to register after this post LOL)

May 12th - June 2nd

Design principles, technique lessons, and challenges will have you using it now!

Doris Sander is a master of combining product on scrapbook pages and she's developed a series of lessons that show you how to apply design principles and crafting techniques to a variety of products. You'll find new and pleasing ways to use up your stash--and if you're looking for excuses to shop, she'll give you a few of those, too.

Product Pizzazz 102 covers

thread, floss, fiber
labels & tags
specialty paper
acrylics & overlays
small things
tiny things

Class includes:

8 lessons in downloadable pdf format posted on Tuesdays and Fridays over 4 weeks.

Each lesson covers the following:
- product usage
- design principle
- craft technique
- use it now challenge--with weekly chances to win goodies

A private class forum for interacting with other participants and Doris.

A private class gallery for sharing your work and seeing what others have done.

What do you have to do to be entered in the drawing? Easy peasy lemon squeezy. . *I got that from my 8yr old - grins*

Just leave me a comment here, with your name, email address and the answer to the question below. *its an easy one.. don't worry*

Besides scrapbooking and photography, what other craft are you involved in? No worries if you have none, you can still enter the drawing.. just leave your name and email address.

Who is eligible?
Absolutely everyone. This is an online class, you can take while you're sipping cappuccino/latte/camomile tea/green tea/milk shake - whatever your poison is, in your jammies and fuzzy slippers and that lemon scented exfoliating mask. *grins*

The time is now 9.50am, Saturday 9th May in Singapore. I will close the comment on Monday, 11th May at 9.50pm Singapore time. Until then, do comment away. . .

I'm off to have garlic bread and hazelnut coffee, while my kids have spaghetti on toast and mashed potatoes with cheese.

Happy Mommy's day to all mama's out there!! Thank you for making this world a better place to live in :)

I'll see you soon!

Monday, May 4, 2009

After dinner, before the homework-teeth brushing-bedtime triple jump :)

yeah, it's that time now. That lull period before I start yelling reminding them to check if their homeworks are done, pack their bags for tomorrow, brush their teeth then bedtime (which is a little adventure in itself). This is when they usually get to watch half an hour of tv while I have my own kinda fun.

First order of business - I would like to thank each and everyone of you who participated in the Hambly Blog Hop for NSD. I was floored with the comments! You guys are the best!

I wanted to ask one of the girls to pick a winner from a bowl/hat/box/tin, you get the idea.. but I only have 1 gift certificate to giveaway and two daughters. So, no go. I don't want to spend the rest of my evening, reasoning whys and buts *grins*

So I used the trusted ol' Random.Org :)

I counted twice and Yay!! Parker and Emma's Mom aka Jennifer Hansen!
!! Congrats! Pls email me (button on left sidebar) for more info on how to claim your gift certificate!! :)

I made a card earlier today. I altered a postcard earlier today. Yup, a normal, generic postcard. Seriously, I can just cut a piece of cardstock to 4 x 6 and start from there, but it feels much more fun starting from a boring piece of postcard. It feels like I'm saving that postcard from sitting inside that basket on my table much longer. It feels like up-cycling.

Dream and Dream

Hambly Mini Bicycles Kraft paper, sprayed with Glimmer mists. This is ridiculously fun!

close up 1

Hambly white Mini Graph overlay, made into a tag. Basic Grey brad. Kaiser pearls, i arranged the swirls myself.

close up 2

Butterfly stamp from Label Tulip. Stickled the outline. *glittery love*

close up 3

Dream and dream stamp from CatsLifePress. Susan of CatsLifePress is a sweetheart, do take a look at their super affordable stamps! My wish list is a mile long! LOL!

This lil baby will be making its way to a dear friend :) Her birthday is tomorrow and the postcard will be late, but she knows I love her!! Happy Birthday D!! *hugs*

(my girls just wasted their half an hour of tv time, arguing which channel is better... too bad so sad - I won't be extending that half an hour just because you can't decide. urmm actually i would if i am not done with this post... LOL)

Love your life,
~Sasha the triple jumper *grins*

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Believe me, I had grand plans for NSD. . .

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I wanted to create something just for NSD. Like, special, you know? But as I said to some of you earlier, I have been like a mad woman on speed since last Saturday. Mad, totally crazy week. But if you ask me, I would do it all again in half a heartbeat, yes, just half, or less than that!

The week has been a super fun in every single way. Meeting old friends, making new ones, giggles and hugs, giving Chinese names to Western friends, showing one special girl what is my comfort food (and making her try it! lol), more giggles and hugs. . basically, just GREAT GREAT TIME!

After the creative madness, I spend two days at the girls' school. Took charge of some 8 and 10yr olds for a day. Then participated in Fruits & Veggies day the next. Then, as if it was magic, it's NSD!!

And it's time for Hambly National Scrapbooking Day Blog Hop!! Yay! Yay!!


What's up for grab?

A $15usd gift certificate to Hambly's online store! How awesome is that??

Just leave a comment in this post. It is now 6.20pm (Singapore time).. I'm gonna leave it open until Monday 6.19pm and will announce the winner shortly after.

And you have 10 chances to win (only 1 gift certificate per person)! And because I love you, (i really do!! *grins*) I'm gonna leave the other 9 links here :) (now is a good time to say you love me too *chuckles*)

Hambly Blog
Kerry Lynn

If they haven't posted the blog hop posts yet, please check back later, coz well.. I'm in their future (mostly, when I don't sleep my weekend/day/month away) LOL.. :)

If you haven't already, now is a good time to . . .

- follow Hambly on Twitter
- be a fan of Hambly Studios on Facebook
- hug your loved ones. Hug them tight, hold them close.
- check out Hambly's new store on Scrapblog.

I have tons of photos to share, let me just get them somewhat organized first okay? See you monday!!

xoxo :)