Monday, June 29, 2009

When it's so damn hard to let go. . .

Sorry for the dust around here, people. I had one heck of a month, actually I think that is really an understatement. Let's see. . two vaccays, a trip up to visit my-then-very-ill grandma, an ambulance ride, 6 hours at the Flu Screening Center and another 18 biting my nails at home waiting for the H1N1 virus lab result, then the text came in. It was from my dad, letting me know that 'Mother' left us.

How do you reply to such text messages? A plethora of "what ifs" and 'I should've" went through my mind. But I know, there is nothing I can do to bring her back. My heart broke into a million little pieces.

Yes, she was over 90yrs old. Yes, I didn't live with her. Yes, I won't be the one having to take care of her day in and out had she survive the failing kidney, infections and what nots. But she was the last grandparent I had, I used to go back to her during the weekends when I was in school. Thus, it's so damn hard to let go.

I want to remember, and I'm glad my father and uncle wanted the same thing and I had the chance to shoot the funeral. I didn't manage super awesome shots, and I didn't get many photos. But what I do get, matters.

I'm sharing one here, the rest are for our family.

Mother - 26.6.09

I will be back, we will all be okay, I promise. My heart will heal, I know that. I just want to share this part of my life with all of you. Hard as it is, I'm letting her go.

Just give me some time. . .

Mother, I will miss you, always.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

is melting. . .

Yeah, Sasha is melting over here. The weather is urghhh... 9.30pm, we're still at 89F. So, no.. I don't think it's unreasonable to be wanting this at any given time of the day!

This, my friends, is my bowl of coconut ice-cream with mango cubes! My flavor of the month as recognized by my wonderful, Mr Husband :D Looks plain, right? LOL.. it's anything but so. I enjoyed other flavors as well, their coffee with crushed oreos -->> yummy as well! Next visit, I'm gonna try banana with chocolate syrup and rainbow sprinkles! *grins*

Ookay! Enough ice-cream talk, yes? :)

One layout to share. My Little Shoebox generously sent Hambly girls some stuffs to play with! Thank you MLS!! Cuteness exploded out when I opened the box. LOL. Not very sure I do cute well though. You think? *giggles*


Used the frame of the Gretchen die cut paper, and Antique White on Kraft woodgrain paper.

close up 1

Buttons buttons buttons! Used Adirondack Dimensional Pearls in Butterscotch to draw the outline the windows and chimney. Stitched the roof. And how do you stick thickers to felt? I had to use glossy accents.

close up 2

close up 3

I stickled some part of the woodgrain paper. Thought of using many colors here, but decided against it as I do not wanna give you a headache, or myself for that matter. The buttons are already colorful enough, no? :)

close up 4

Keeping it real :) Day in and out, a whole lot of crankiness takes place in my house. Sometime it's Neha, sometime it's Nidhi. . most of the time it's just plain ol' Mommy! LOL!! *grins*

We're leaving for Langkawi in a few short hours! 33 to be exact! As usual, I'm far from being packed and ready. I have the addresses of some of the must-go restaurants though :)

In between tantrums and crazy weather, I know we're gonna have a great time. Sand, sea, chocolate, seafood. . .what's not to enjoy? :) My first time there after 18 years I think? First for the rest of the fam! *grins*

What else? Oh.. I haven't finished packing. Better get back to it! Love you all!