Thursday, July 30, 2009

Something is in the oven

ETA * Thank you ever so much for all your get well wishes in my last post, you're just the sweetest! We're all okay now, the kids are in school again :) Thank you!*

Well, obviously.. I don't cook. I prefer not to kill my family and friends with my cooking LOL. That being said, I dabble in a little bit of baking. Very little, in fact. Like once in a blue moon. Or once in a pink moon, whichever is later. *grins* Whatever comes out of my kitchen, you can consider it limited edition! LOL.

This is in the oven for now . . .


An awesome new challenge site. One I am proud to be part of. One with passion. One with divas. One with honesty and a hell lot of attitude, scrapping-wise. One with so much love too if I may add :)

Watch this space for more updates!

One layout for today :)

he stood by me

Do I need to say more? He is the love of my life. So glad we're together. The support he gives in whatever I do is just amazing. A-MA-ZING! I have a friend, she will say "you're so lucky Sham is so supportive in what you do! he believes in you, and willing to work with you! that in itself is priceless!" She says this over and over again, everytime we meet, which is like every week, or every other week. And everytime, if course I smile and say "Thank you! I'm so lucky, I know!"

I'm indeed so lucky :) I know.

close up 1

Embossed butterfly. Please refer to my blog header and you'll know that I adore butterflies. Butterfly stamp from Fontwerks. I'm still trying to get my hands on the Flitter set designed by the oh-so-fabulous Karen Russell. I know it's an old set, LOL, but I still haven't got it, okay? Okay. I will not camp at the door of my lss just to get it though :)

close up 2

Hambly On Edge Rub on, on vellum.

close up 3

The butterfly again, sorry, I know this is too much, but it was so beautiful!

close up 4

Smaller butterflies punched with CarlaCraft paper punch I borrowed from a friend. That is another item on my to-get list.

I just love how this whole layout look as a whole. That Hambly teal woodgrain paper is just perfection. Such a simple layout, like us. Well, he's a simple guy with simple needs, me, not so much. Ha-ha-ha-ha!!

And oh.. originally, I wanted to use 2 photos, seeing as my Selphy can print up to two wallet sized photos on a sheet of 4x6, but the first print was kinda splotchy with something. Not wanting to waste .. i used them all anyway, giving you the satisfaction of seeing my multiple chin, four times. LOL.

I'll see you soon, okay? :) Love you. .


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blogging from the bed

oh yeah you better believe it. We had one bug free week, and now we're under the weather, yet again. This time, the bug bit both girls and me. *shivers* A lot of whining going on here, and not only coming from the younger ones. *grins*

God must love me though, because Sham aka Mr Husband is around. I don't know what I would've done without him. Love that guy!

One layout to share today, mind you, this was done a few weeks ago! :)

pretty awesome

I love everything here. That girl, those colors, the circles, the dragonflies. . .

close up 1

Urmmm, please pretend you can't see my ugly handwriting, okay? Okay.

close up 2

So much fun doing up this part. I just got the EK Success dragonfly punch and had to use it! :) Nothing fancy though, just used some scraps of patterned paper I had lying around, flip it to the white side and glimmer misted the punched pieces.

close up 3

Falling in love with brads, all over again. Glimmer-misted (again, LOL) kraft and silver Little Circles Hambly Paper.

close up 4

You might have noticed, I almost never totally adhere my embelishments to the base. I love having some bits sticking out. Why? I have no idea. Just the rebel in me, I guess? :)

What else? ah! My puter went off with the repair guys! Estimated date of return - 2 weeks from now. What a bummer, right? *sigh* I know I owe some of you emails and answers. I will get to it soon, I promise. I will be slower, but I'll get back to you. So very sorry about that . . .

The meds are kickin' in, think I'd better get the lappie off me and try to get some sleep in between my-coughing-the-lungs-out sessions. Gross, I know. LOL. Sorry..


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lotsa cuddles this week. . .

Nidhi has been home since Tuesday and will be home from school for the rest of the week. A teeny bit of fever, some sniffles and needing lots and lots of cuddles. And naps. She almost always wants me to lie down with her for naps when she's not feeling too great. So you see, that is why mommy's productivity = zero. And it's okay, I love naps! Morning naps, afternoon naps, tea/coffee break naps - you name it. LOL.

And oh, we're having Nigella (she adores Nigella, btw!) on repeat on the dvr. And Spongebob Squarepants. And iCarly. Nice :) She now wants me to make some Chocohotopots. Yummm...

Let's just let me share a layout with you first :) A simple one. Who says you have to re-invent the creative process everytime? It's perfectly okay to do simple in my book.

how about that

:) She will say things like.. "ah! I know! Let's go swimming then we can have pizza on the way back home, how about that?" or " Bring me to the park daddy, that way I'll be able to play while you jog around the area! How about that?" LOL..

close up 1

close up 2

close up 3

Nothing to explain about this layout, really. It's pretty much straightforward, let me know if you have any question though :)

I'm going out to fetch Neha from school. She has been an amazing big sister, bringing home homeworks for Nidhi, sending it back the next day. She is also helping me around the house, more than before. She is just awesome, that girl. I'll leave you with two photos of her, both with some kind of animal. LOL. She *hearts* them. Me? Animals? Umm, not so much :) *grins*



xoxo :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

For the love of DMC321

First, I must thank all of you for the kind, comforting words you left me. I treasure each and everyone of them. You have no idea how much you helped me deal with this whole thing. Dear friends, deep from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much for being there, for your hugs and kisses, for being you. I *heart* you.

Now let me share some craft-ish tags I made before I left for Langkawi last month.

Last month, we were told to scraplift each other. How fun, right?!! When I was assigned to lift the gorgeous Dina Wakley, my mind went blank for a good 30 minutes. LOL. She is like THE goddess, THE artist! *shivers* :D

After that, a lot of ideas came running into my head and it hurts! LOL. She is that good. Whenever you're stumped, just please do yourself a favor.. visit Miss D, she will bring your mojo back in no time at all! I promise :)

I decided to play this time and not create a layout (even though I'm lifting layouts).

Dina's layout 1

Dina's layout 2

My tag 1

fly girl fly

My tag 2

my awesome you

I used to stitch a lot. I've been a cross-stitcher since I was 12. At the age of 27+ I decided to jump into scrapbooking, head first. but I dragged my DMC321 along for the ride. LOL. DMC321 = red. Yummy red. You can see how much I love this red, eh? :)

I was looking for fun, I got fun! I had a blast playing with Hambly goodness, Glimmer Mists and Embossing Powders. To me, these tags proved that with a little rub-ons, some stickers and ink, (maybe not just that, I obviously used some scrap pieces of overlays, pearls and CS as well, and oh.. my DMC321) you can produce something, something you ought to love to bits. I know I did, as these are meant for my girls.. and urmm.. they're still in my possession right up to this minute. I will definitely hand them over, just not now. *grins*

For more eye-candies, please visit the scraplifts gallery by Hambly Girls! :)

I have two little girls camping in my living room right now, so I better start making my way to bed, manouvering my way amidst that huge tent and those cuddly toys and pillows ~ so not easy, i tell you that much. I'll be lucky to get into bed before 2am. LOL :)

Love you much, friends! xoxo :)