Thursday, September 24, 2009

Short and hopefully sweet. . .

I am swamped.
But very happy.
But content.
Running around, looking for more hours in the day.
But calm (that is possible, ask me - heh)

Today, I babysat thirty, seven year olds for 4 hours.
(yes friends, 30, seven year olds ;))
Such sweethearts.
Gonna do it again in a heartbeat.

Tomorrow, Mr Husband is gonna be home from Perth.
She is coming to stay for the weekend.

Saturday, I'm having some lovely people over.
Can't wait.

In the meantime, I'm leaving you with these tags. They were for Laine's Make n Take session, way back in July. I just haven't shared them here.

I will fly the world for you.
Yes I will. Just lemme get my wings from the back of the wardrobe ;)

xoxo :)

Not very short, I know :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hi. . . I'm awesome

How about you? Don't you love the confidence some kids have?

Nidhi once said, after getting some candy/stickers (mommy's old brain can't remember, sorry) from a salesgirl we encountered on one of our shopping trip, or was it one of Neha's friend? Seriously, it's something like that/around there. She said " oh I know why she gave me the stickers/candy. . .because I'm very cute!" Hah! Don't you just love that?

Of course Neha, my lovely sweet Neha (and daddy and me too, secretly) will snort and start teasing her. And no tease is complete until one of them have tears rolling down the cheeks. LOL.

And oh, I must share this! In a couple of hours, Neha will be promoted from Tweenie to Brownie (such cute names!) *please insert huge proud mommy grins here*. I was a Girl Guide when I was her age, back in my homeland :) Yay Neha! WTG Girl!


Greetings from Paradise
Mine is wherever you are

It's amazing how three people become my whole world. Of course, we're a little crazy but that's how we roll. :)

close up 1

White on white. Love. Running out of Dymo tape. Not good. Hambly buttery rub-on. Sweet.

close up 2

Stampers Anonymous. Note to self *must stamp more*. Paper roses from the wedding stuffs shop. Superb. Organza ribbon I found while digging in the drawer. FYI, I spent an hour tying that damn bow! LOL.

All in all, I achieved the look I want for this layout, me thinks!

Thank you for your visits, your kind words, your encouragements. I must say, I appreciate them all very much. Thank you :)


Monday, September 7, 2009

Then I said goodbye. . .

Yes I did :) I decided not to accept the offer to extend the Design Team contract with Hambly. No drama at all, I just need to be somewhat dateline-free for a while. It was a hard one, that decision. If you were on my facebook you probably would have noticed some status updates sung in this tune. Thank you for the kind words, you know who you are :)

I've enjoyed my term with Hambly tremendously and I am still in love with each and everyone of the girl there. The talent and sweetness they have over there is amazing and I am very grateful to be amongst them for the past one year. I know my love affair with Hambly is not about to end so easily, so yes, you'll still be seeing Hambly goodness here on the blog.

Be4 i 4get ~ a layout :)

Do you remember those photos? I just wanna remember how happy she was there on his shoulders. *speaking of which, she is now on my lap, hugging me with all four limbs. it's incredibly warm (86°F as we speak) to be sitting this way while blogging, but LOL.. I'll take what I can get.* She is still at the super cuddly stage, so guess I'm lucky.

Did this while my puter was down a while ago, thus the handwritten journaling. *shivers* i am still learning to love my handwriting :)

My favorite part.. the clear bubbles. They're actually cheap (SGD1.50 per pack) stickers for mobile phone. I used about half a pack for this layout.

And the title, Brown Hambly Vintage Banners rub on, on white. Then I misted it with some of my favorite colors :)

*sigh* I love this layout very very much. Must be those photos. I can almost hear them laugh. :)

I'll be blog hopping after my evening shower, so I'll see you soon!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And I tell myself. . . it's okay

Have you been to Point. Blank. Period? Have you seen the first prompt? Are you having ideas for a fun, scrappy afternoon/evening, swimming in your head already? *grins*

I would have posted this sooner, like as soon as the prompt is up over there, but I was out shopping for Eid with the fams. 4 odd hours to get one outfit for each of us. 1 hour per person, quite a feat I say. LOL.

Here's my take for PBP this month. Sorry for the bad photo. I will try and replace with a better one if we get decent weather which collaborates with my unlazy days. :D

New, yummy Hambly. That lime green just rocks my world.

it's really ok!

It's okay to feel tired.
It's okat to fail baking 'the' chocolate cake for the 47th time.
It's okay to be different.
It's okay to be the one needing to be taken care of.
It's okay to be nervous.
It's okay to get someone to babysit just so you could read the novel in peace.
It's okay to cry when it all gets too much to handle.
It's okay to let the laundry sit in that mountain for one more night.
It's okay not to eat the kids' leftovers.
It's okay to go for a nice meal even when the kids are not around.
It's okay to be socially awkward.
It's okay to put yourself first.
It's okay to fight for that window seat.
It's okay to dance instead of ironing the uniforms.
It's okay to watch that one episode of CSI NY over and over again,
just to hear him call "Ella!Ella!"
It's okay to buy a 'bye-bye back fat' bra.
It's okay to be just a mom, and not a super one at that.

close up 1

The flowers are not acid free. Got them at the wedding stuffs shop (I have a very good reason to be wandering there, my sister is getting married, remember? *grins). I got myself a few colors. Yummo. And yeah, I don't worry too much about acid free and stuffs. As long as it's pretty and makes me happy.. it's goin' on my page when the time is right.

close up 2

This I showed you before.

Tags were sprayed with Passion Red and Daffodil Glimmer Mists. Then stamped with Stampin' Up polka dot background, embossed with ZING by American Crafts in Wave. Some random bits of lacey ribbon made its way there as well.

* That pretty girl on there, obviously not me. I cut that up from the tag of my 'bye-bye back fat' bra. Although as far as I can see, she has no fat whatsoever, they should have me on that tag considering the amount of back fat I have to say bye-bye to.

* I think Gary Sinise as Mac Taylor in CSI NY is hot. I don't know about him in real life or other movies/tv production, and I don't really care. LOL.

* The crying when it gets too much to handle part, happens on average of once a month? Yeah, about that.

* You already know I fight for the window seat. LOL.

* My laundry, uhmm... still in that mountain. :D

Don't forget to visit the DT Gallery here and be prepared to be blown away. Seriously, the divas are on fire!

xoxo. . .