Sunday, October 25, 2009

When you have more dream than sense in your head

it could be a beautiful thing, don't you think? In your head, everything is possible. In there, you're everything and everything is you.

Right now, I'm dreaming about a trip to the beach. Preferably the one in my layout below, but I'm not fussy, any beach in Phuket/Koh Samui/Bora Bora/Bali will do. *Mr. Husband, are you reading this? LOL*


Love the look of the silver hanging heliconias against white cardstock. It has got that airy feel without looking too bare, me thinks.

Red misted butterfly = Scenic Route chipboard. Just so you know, I misted it like one year ago. LOL. Was meant to go on another layout back then, but decided against it at the last minute.

close up 1

Prima, gorgeous swirls. Cut apart and re-assembled 'my freestyle' way, suits the butterfly better IMO.

close up 2

Black Glitz Netz, painted with Broken china crackle paint. Love it when some pieces fall off the netz, giving it the "I'm weathered but absolutely fabulous" look. *grins*

close up 3

Shipping tags, misted, stamped, inked = the works.

That stays a dream, though. The girls are busy preparing for their coming Final Exams, which means mommy is nowhere near a beach as well. Heh. We, yes, all three of us have been studying. Not that mommy is of much help with the Maths especially. LOL. Me and numbers, we hate dislike each other. Thank God for answer sheets!!

Last night, both girls slept in my bed. That means I hardly get any sleep myself. All that squirming and tugging and pushing, too much for me. LOL. I need a nap now!

I'll be blog hopping later today, so I'll see you soon, yes?

xoxo :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Freestyle randomness

* Thank you so very much for your kind words and encouragements for my last post. You guys are the BEST! THE BEST!

* I registered for Run For Hope. Yay me, even if I'm gonna crawl or walk at the most! Only problem, I realized I entered "Male" at the gender column. Urmm...

* Nidhi was at a birthday party earlier today, and guess what is the conversation about tonight in my house? Yes, magician, pinata, chocolate cake and other party games. *smiles*

* I was at the salon to get my eyebrows shaped and Neha wanted to do the same. I said No. (and in my heart, I said, Please give me at least 12 years notice before you start shaping your eyebrows) LOL.

* Some little girls discovered how cool is my DYMO at precisely 1915hrs today. Time to hide the refill tapes. Heh!

* I have a layout, on my table. It has been there for the past 7 days. Unfinished.

* We need to make a trip to the zoo. The girls are missing their 'friends' there :)

* Off late, ideas for creative things, almost always come when I'm driving on the expressway. And they went *poof* as soon as I entered the slip road and hit a red light. Nice.

* 1 month, 2 weeks and 5 days to my sister's wedding. Feels weird saying that. First wedding in the family, that is not mine.

* I have been stalking etsy like there is no tomorrow. Bad for my paypal, good for my soul.

* Sometimes, when people who don't know me all that well, people outside the family, outside my home, starts lecturing me about my way of life and thinking, I just let it slide and go. Why? Because they're just not worth. *smiles*

* I love you.


Mr Husband :)

Masked and misted the background coz I thought the lace cardstock was too 'loud' for my layout.

close up 1

Punched the star from a piece of cork. Velvet brad - MM :) Hambly rub on. Heidi Swapp blings.

close up 2

Hambly overlay, rub on and HS blings again. Autumn Leaves star stamp. I have no idea who made that chipboard label holder, Heidi Grace? it was just in a pile in a basket on my table, you get the idea? :)

close up 3

MM clip to hide his runner's bib. I had to clip it there, because he left it on my table and it has been there ever since. That's the only way to get rid of it, since throwing is out of the question. LOL.

* The kids are getting some tv time today and I have the voice of Spongebob in my head. Thank you kids :)

* You're still here? I love you. See you soon!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So the cat is out of the bag :)

Roughly one year ago, I was presented with an awesome opportunity. Couldn't believe it at that time, but grateful all the same. Thank you Liz, Beth and CK :) Now I can't wait to get the book in my chubby hands!

There will be a 52 challenges group, blinkies and a possible party at Liz's blog! Stalk her, okay? LOL.

Now, I don't do cats, in real life, really. I am squeamish and will avoid living, furry creatures. Cats, hamsters, dogs, rabbits and the likes (terrified of dogs, super terrified, was chased by one small black, fierce dog when I was 10!). Mind you, I find them cute when they're at least 15 feet away - 45 feet if it's a dog, though.

That paragraph up there, is just for the record, you know? LOL. Just in case some little girls managed to trick their daddy into buying them some furry animals as pets. Just sayin'. . I am not goin' anywhere near it!

Right, now let's share something :) I just adore the 'krafty' color of JilliBean papers. So oh so yummy! And I really wanna use the beautiful set of "Butterflies of The World" playing cards I got sometime ago :)

Beautiful Pride

There has never been a day when I have not been proud of you, though some days I'm louder about other stuff so it's easy to miss that.

I got those words from . I subscribe to them and very so often, the stories touched something deep inside. Something I can totally relate to. And when i got this story a while ago, I thought of Neha. Neha, my beautiful pride. She is my eldest and it's easy to forget that she is only 9 sometimes.

I think I'm a great mom (you already know that, don't you?*grins*), but a loud one too. Loud about other things like homeworks, cleaning up your room, stop bugging your sister, eat what is served. . you know, things like that! LOL. I need to be loud in telling them I am so very proud to be the one they call mommy :)

The layout pic, you can actually see Neha scooting in the background. I didn't crop that out on purpose! *grins*

close up 1

Shipping tag, Scarlet Lime stamp, clear embossing powder, Tim Holtz fired brick distress ink, MM clip, velvet paper (can't remember who made that, sorry... been in my stash for at least 2 years). Beautiful - Autumn Leaves stamp, vinyl thickers. Thread.

close up 2

Prima flower, distress and normal stickles. Hambly teal brocade love.

close up 3

Jenni Bowlin ticket, Heide Swapp blings, MM Brad, that velvet paper again, backing paper of the BINGO card from Jenni Bowlin. I cut them out and used a few across the page. Too cute to ignore the packaging, besides the tiny size is perfect for this page.

close up 4

Prima swirls, Label Tulip stamp, Jenni Bowlin and velvet paper (again, I know, LOL). The white and green felt flower is actually a MM Paperclip, I took it apart and only used the flower part, tossed the actual clip into my drawer. I'm sure I will find a use for it later.

I'll see you soon!
xoxo :)