Sunday, December 27, 2009

I am a broken record

but yes, my puter is dead. Again. I know. His last death was in July, and now he's dead again. How annoying. And I feel like this. . .


I mean, seriously? Enough already. *sob*sob*sob* The 3 year warranty is still valid though, so off he went with the IT guy. Yes. Again. *yikes* I am now on our 9yrs old machine. Slow, Photoshop®-less, slow, with the inability to multitask and did I mention slow? *grins* Nope, not complaining, just stating the facts. So thankful for this old guy though. Thankful, you heard that old guy? Don't you dare die on me. :)

I've been scrapping. I swear. I just have no pictures for you. But I have this to share. Gorgeousness that is Studio Calico.

Carry on, get them all. You know you want to :)

And just look at this sweet deal :) Studio Calico has restocked some of the most popular stamps! The Months Stamps set is my absolute favorite! A must have!

And jump right in for the Reveal night chat! Yummylicious giveaway from Pixie Petals!

Oh the kit is so delish! I am not contributing to the gallery just yet, due to my Malaysia-Singapore-Australia-Malaysia crazy travelling schedule this month, but you just don't wanna miss the reveal night. The other girls have done a fab job, just see for yourself!

Before I go lying face down on the sofa, feeling very sorry for my 'puter'less self, I leave you with a photo of my sister, Nish and my parents on her wedding day. Such a beautiful bride she was, but of course, she has the good fortune of being my sister. Heh.


See you soon

Monday, December 14, 2009

A little toot. . .

I want to jump up and down and dance around the house, maybe celebrate with my kids at Starbucks (just an excuse, really, LOL), but right now, I have a stiff neck. Yes, I resemble a robot, with curves, or rather fat folds, when I have to turn my whole body everytime I wanna turn my head.

So the jumping and dancing and drinking will have to wait :) but Oh-MY-GOD, I am so excited I could burst! LOL. Thank you April and Studio Calico for the invitation. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

And thank you to each and everyone of you out there too, for the inspirations, encouragements, kind words, kick-in-the butt-s, emails, lovely comments and love.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

When you should not be scrapping

that's when you really, and I mean, drop-dead-seriously kinda really, really wanna scrap. Yes. I know that now. Speaking from experience. This is not the first time too. *sigh* What's a girl to do? :)

So I ignored the suitcase-packing for the Gold Coast trip, that I was supposed to do and scrapped. Mighty happy that made me too! *grins* Maybe I'll resume packing after this post, maybe I'd rather go to bed and snuggle with Nidhi who is already fast asleep. Maybe I'll just play that toss-whatever-is-in-the-pile-of-laundered-clothes game, two hours before departure. LOL. Or maybe, I'll let the girls pack their own clothes. Should be fun!

The sweet people over at Studio Calico sent me yumminess from their HomeFront Collection to play with. A total surprise, really. Since they didn't even email me before. My heart skipped a beat when I opened that box because part of me thinking 'oh shoot, what an unfortunate shipping mistake. lovely goodies, but not mine :(' because I didn't order papers and bellies. I ordered some stamps and was expecting my stamps in that box. The other part of me, anyway, thought ' well, let's email them and ask. I might just be the intended recipient! (well, a girl can dream - i told myself)

*insert heart thumping, suspense music here*

Then Lorie replied! She said those are for me! Me! Me! Me! I thought my face would crack with all the smiling I was doing that day! Thank you Studio Calico! (even though thank you doesn't seem enough)

Rambling over, I think. Now on to my layout :)

special c23

c23 - She's my friend. My special friend. :) Hope she likes this one.

close up 1

SC stamps - Schooltime ABC Border and Mini Picture Frame, HomeFront letter stickers, Kaiser Pearls.

close up 2

Just for the record, I adore that boy on the bicycle. ADORE. Okay? :) Basic Grey Rub Ons.

SC - Nadiya alpha stamps, embossed with American Crafts ZING! in Wave. Photo mat is Hambly Mod Circles in Brown.

close up 3

Just full frontal view of my most favorite part of the layout because I'm cool like that. *grins* (like real, eh?) LOL.

So we'll be getting a new family member this Saturday. Spanking new brother-in-law. They (my mom and sister) put me in charge of the wedding cake. *gasps* I am freakin' out, big time. No, I'm not gonna bake the damn cake. LOL. I wouldn't dare to. We ordered plain-2 tiered Chocolate Indulgence and I need to dress it up. So tempted to just cover the cake with pretty papers. LOL. I know I'm gonna go with simple and classy. Wish me luck!