Thursday, January 28, 2010

I hope you're hungry!

Presenting Baker's Dozen, Petit Fours, Tea Cakes and Scones!

To say I'm in love, is an understatement. I shall not bore you with mundane gushing, okay? I think you already know what I'm gonna say when I am absolutely head over heels smitten :)

On to the layouts. I got myself all three add ons and had a grand time mixing them all! That is just the icing on the cake, the fact that they gel together very, VERY well! *sigh* sorry.. I know I'm gushing.


My youngest sister, and Neha. Eleven years apart, they're practically sisters. They annoy each other, a lot. LOL.

close up 1

I had to resist the urge to use the Martha Stewart's lace die-cut and Dahlia stickers on every page! Stickled (is there such a term?), as you can see!

close up 2

Punched out a butterfly fom the tag, replaced with another punched butterfly from a different colored cardstock. Red twine which is fast becoming a staple around here can be seen too. And *gasp* I tied a bow! And *gasp* again, handwritten journaling, one sentence. LOL.

While you're there, just take a look at the gorgeous, gorgeous Jute. *sigh* i can't wait to get my hands on them :)

first in line

Nidhi, always need to be the first in line to shower. Always. I have no idea why.

close up 1

Stamped that gorgeous Doily Stamp on kraft, embossed with red embossing powder.

close up 2

Misted kraft, I used a different brand, but I imagine you can get the same effect with Garnet Mist.

close up 3

Fern Green Mist. Just one spritz for that gorgeously intense color. Love.


My girls and their best friends at Sea World, Gold Coast. Ready to swim with the dolphins. One of them has Starbucks as a name. Not one of the girls, one of the dolphins. *grins*

close up 1

This one makes me sooooooooo happy! I have a feeling I will be 'paper strips' kinda girl for a while now. LOL. The Making Memories Paper Shreds Findings, misted very lightly from afar, with Fern Green (again) and some yellow :)

close up 2

Letterbox Frames - painted with Mustard Seed Crackle Paint.

close up 3

Again, painted yellow. I am in the mood for yellow lately! LOL. And that punched butterfly, was from the tag on my first layout up there.


Surprise! Layout about me! Heh! I suffered from food poisoning halfway through the flight. It was so bad I wanted to lie down and die. *grins* Glad I did not though. Will miss living too much.

close up 1

The lace die-cut again, this time lightly misted with Orange. Pink tag, misted with super red mist, you can try Garnet. It's the same kind of deep red. I love deep red. Much.

close up 2

That exclusive SC paper in the Baker's Dozen, had me swooning! *sigh* I had a hard hard time cutting it up.

So there goes my first gallery for Studio Calico. I am nervous. LOL.

I'll see you soon, yes? :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tell me you don't wanna leave. . and some sneaks


I didn't. I wanted to follow her home. LOL. She is Rebecca Ryan, and she runs this delightful little stall selling handmade stuff. I met her at the night market, by the beach at Surfers Paradise, when I was in Gold Coast earlier last month.

Surfers Paradise night market, every Wednesday and Friday. Opposite McDonalds on the beachfront. Trading hours - 5.30 to 10pm.
Byron Bay Market , first Sunday of the month. Trading hours 8am to 2pm.
Bangalow Market, fourth Sunday of the month. Trading hours 8am to 2pm.

Do visit them if you have a chance, thank me later. LOL. It's like a real life Etsy!

Okay, enough missing the charming night market. Let's get on with the sneaks for Studio Calico's February kits!

With super delicious names like Baker's Dozen, Petit Fours, Tea Cakes and Scones, how can you not fall in love?

sneak 1 - SC February

sneak 2 - SC February

sneak 3 - SC February

sneak 4 - SC February

After all these, I still have loads to play with. No guessing what's on my scrap table :) I'm gonna go tackle that evil mountain of laundry right now, but I'll be back soon!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

A not-so-new family member

baby comfort

Introducing, my third daughter. LOL. Not the girl, the doll. She's Nidhi's favorite and her name is Baby. Yes. just a simple 'Baby'. She's with us almost all the time. She even gets to be in family photos. For example . . .


(on Nidhi's lap, can you see her?). And almost always, she's in my handbag when we go out. I have to be sure not to zip it up all the way though, because she will suffocate inside there. She was originally pink, now she is colorless. That's how much we love her.

We wash her often, and everytime we do that, we have to assure Nidhi that she is not drowning in the washing machine. Once, she spent half a day, waiting by the window, making sure Baby doesn't fall down from the clothes line.

close up 1

Studio Calico's HomeFront.
Journaling Card
Label Stickers

Speaking of which, you'll be able to get HomeFront line direct from Studio Calico, very very soon!! I'll holler when they're out in the shop for retail customers!

close up 2

Baker's Twine in Red
Ki Memories - Lace Cardstock
Hambly - Magenta Doilies
Glimmer Mist - Peach Delight, Midnight Blue. Daffodil and Jazz Blue.
Star shaped paper clips (can't remember where that came from and wouldn't want to overwork my brain tonight. LOL)
American Crafts Thickers.

I flipped the lace CS and misted the white side. Also misted the thickers. Works better for me.

Yup, I better go to bed. I've been feeling sluggish and feverish for the whole day. Appetite-less too, which is weird considering how much I love my food. *sigh* Hope this is not the start of something bad.

I'll see you around!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A lifelong love affair with twinkling lights. . .

and donuts. LOL. No, just kidding. Donuts are more like flavor of the month for me. I know I will get tired of donuts sometime soon. But for now, we're really enjoying donuts. We, being the girls and me. Mr Husband is still sticking to his sugarless, milkless (tasteless, hahaha!) black tea and wholemeal sandwich. Donuts were a hit in Singapore sometime ago, some outlets with queue snaking 3hours long. LOL. Not anymore. Yay for me.

Behind trend, that's just me. Like when 'anything with owls' was the 'in' thing back then, I didn't get it. The same went for the 'jungle creatures' season. Heh. I adore them all, now though. *grins*

While twinkling lights, well, they've got my heart for a very long time. not going anywhere, anytime soon. I have been in love with them like, forever! FOREVER! I remember going for a ride around town with my mom, at night.. to admire the lights. Or maybe that was my mom's trick to get me to fall asleep back then, who knows? But I'm 31 now and still in love with twinkling lights. So thank you Mama.

I managed to get some scrappy time to play with the yummy Whodunit! Are you on the fence? *grins* Go grab one of them while you can and add With The Candlestick as well!

maybe Phuket

Um. Yup. Maybe Phuket. I'm not sure whether that is really Phuket. But I know I took that pic maybe 1.5 minutes before we land, and that view, worth fighting for. No, not fight, I 'veto-ed' the decision to get that window seat. LOL.

close up 1

close up 2

close up 3

Everything is from the kit. Only you can't get my crappy handwriting. LOL. The circles were cut from a Studio Calico exclusive patterned paper. Let me tell you something, it broke my heart several times to be cutting that piece. Because it's such a beautiful piece, oh so soothing and such an eyecandy. I hope it will become available in the shop soon!

Painted the Thickers, and misted the cardstock before stamping the tag. Also added little pops of red stitching which I happen to adore. DMC321 for those of you interested. My kind of red.

Butterfly punch. I love butterflies <<---- this is an understatement. :) Possibly my best investment EVER -->> my butterfly punches.

Are you still here? Good. Thank you for not making me feel like I'm talking to myself. So the kids went back to school yesterday, after 6 loooooooonnnnnggg weeks at home. Bad mommy, I know. But I'm a better mother when the kids are away from me for some hours in the day.

Mommy has got some celebrating to do with her latte and cookies donuts. Flavor of the month, remember? :)

Back soon!
Happy New Year, lovelies! (no, not too late. that's me telling myself)