Thursday, January 28, 2010

I hope you're hungry!

Presenting Baker's Dozen, Petit Fours, Tea Cakes and Scones!

To say I'm in love, is an understatement. I shall not bore you with mundane gushing, okay? I think you already know what I'm gonna say when I am absolutely head over heels smitten :)

On to the layouts. I got myself all three add ons and had a grand time mixing them all! That is just the icing on the cake, the fact that they gel together very, VERY well! *sigh* sorry.. I know I'm gushing.


My youngest sister, and Neha. Eleven years apart, they're practically sisters. They annoy each other, a lot. LOL.

close up 1

I had to resist the urge to use the Martha Stewart's lace die-cut and Dahlia stickers on every page! Stickled (is there such a term?), as you can see!

close up 2

Punched out a butterfly fom the tag, replaced with another punched butterfly from a different colored cardstock. Red twine which is fast becoming a staple around here can be seen too. And *gasp* I tied a bow! And *gasp* again, handwritten journaling, one sentence. LOL.

While you're there, just take a look at the gorgeous, gorgeous Jute. *sigh* i can't wait to get my hands on them :)

first in line

Nidhi, always need to be the first in line to shower. Always. I have no idea why.

close up 1

Stamped that gorgeous Doily Stamp on kraft, embossed with red embossing powder.

close up 2

Misted kraft, I used a different brand, but I imagine you can get the same effect with Garnet Mist.

close up 3

Fern Green Mist. Just one spritz for that gorgeously intense color. Love.


My girls and their best friends at Sea World, Gold Coast. Ready to swim with the dolphins. One of them has Starbucks as a name. Not one of the girls, one of the dolphins. *grins*

close up 1

This one makes me sooooooooo happy! I have a feeling I will be 'paper strips' kinda girl for a while now. LOL. The Making Memories Paper Shreds Findings, misted very lightly from afar, with Fern Green (again) and some yellow :)

close up 2

Letterbox Frames - painted with Mustard Seed Crackle Paint.

close up 3

Again, painted yellow. I am in the mood for yellow lately! LOL. And that punched butterfly, was from the tag on my first layout up there.


Surprise! Layout about me! Heh! I suffered from food poisoning halfway through the flight. It was so bad I wanted to lie down and die. *grins* Glad I did not though. Will miss living too much.

close up 1

The lace die-cut again, this time lightly misted with Orange. Pink tag, misted with super red mist, you can try Garnet. It's the same kind of deep red. I love deep red. Much.

close up 2

That exclusive SC paper in the Baker's Dozen, had me swooning! *sigh* I had a hard hard time cutting it up.

So there goes my first gallery for Studio Calico. I am nervous. LOL.

I'll see you soon, yes? :)


Jessy Christopher said...

Hey pretty woman!! You just know how to mesmerize me with ur layouts!! You are fantastic with placements, colors, layering, so when are u giving me a private class??! I am still waiting... Lol!!!

Margot said...

you inspire me so much with your scrapwork! this is awesome!

Zarah said...

Ooooh yummy. You rock, Sasha! These are amazing! They're so different from eachother yet they have that loving feeling that combine them. Love it! Hugs!

Wishful Thinking said...

Why are you nervous? I think you have rocked that kit! :-) All your LO's look fantastic. And your handwriting is lovely :-)
Hugs R

Unknown said...

Why you nervous?!!! Aiyoh, everything is so nice, so cool, so bright, so happy, so clever. What's not to like?

Brenda Weaver said...

You have nothing to be nervous about! Your layouts rock! You are an amazing inspiration.
By the way, thanks so much for the sweet comments you leave on my blog. They mean the world to me!

The Nostalgic Scrapper said...

love it love it love it... really learning so much abt using colours...and placement of titles and sub titles from u!

Deana said...

Adorable LO's... I'm loving all the scallops! :-)

Lal said...

Gasp!! LOVE visiting your blog! Your pages are always filled w/such YUMMY GOODNESS! I just totally dig your style! You're my hero :) lol LOVE those MS dolies as well! MUST get my hands on some! Where did you find them? Also have a quick question about the shipping type tags you used...are they already colored or do you color them yourself (w/ink, mist, ect). Thanks for the inspiration...I have to go scrap now :) Have an awesome day :)

Unknown said...

Wauw great work again with sunny details.
bey bye,Lean.

Susan Weinroth said...

your pages are nothing short of STUNNING sasha!!!! i love them all! and i'm super jealous that you had all 3 add ons to work with... so yummy! :)

Christine said...

Ooh, so amazing! I love all those strips you used and all the amazing things you do with the mist! Gorgeous, gorgeous work!

Haberdawoman said...

Every single layout is gorgeous, fabulous, beautiful, amazing... well you get the point ;)
Now my question to you is "what are you nervous for" need I remind you that your stuff RAWKS!!!!!!!
Have a wonderful day sweet girl.

Unknown said...

For all things sweet I think I need to lie down, rest my eyes and let my mind dream. WOWEE Sasha! AMAZING work, just as well I broke the bank yesterday and bought the main + 1 add on kit, oh and some stampys :) SWEE-OONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

Unknown said...

Love you :)

Denise Laborde said...

WoW! As always, music to my eyes. Each page is better than the next!

Carla said...

Sasha!! Girl, these are beautiful!!!!!! Love all the misting. I didn't know that you got sick, sorry about that!

Sara said...

Wow! You have been B-U-S-Y!! Love all the goodies on here! You have amazing talent!

somebody who needs to love herself said...

hi Sasha,

I actually bought SC kits after looking at your sneaks and I am glad I did!! oh wow! your creations are so WOW! hoping I will do my kits justice once it arrives

Coochies & All said...

You know, you make me thank my lucky stars that I'm a Studio Calico subber. Your work is stunning!! Thank you for taking the time to explain what you did with each layout, what you used etc - helps a lot, for me that is. I haven't forgotten the coffee date - wanted to call you this week but haven't been feeling well since wednesday - hope you can wait. So sorry.
elaine t

Wati Basri said...

babe..u know i LOVE those layouts...u did great with kit..can't wait for mine to arrive :)

Ania said...

No need to be nervous Sasha!! Duh :)

Unknown said...

Love to see all the colors on these layouts!

Astrid said...

Wow Sasha your SC gallery is really amazing, all the rich colors together, love it!!!

amy said...

heavenly!!! just lovn it all!

LaVon said...

Wowsers!! What beautiful, intense and detailed layouts@ Thx Sasha!

lisa truesdell said...

you so rocked it. =)

AllyW said...

You have NOTHING to be nervous about! You rocked these layouts! WOW! I've followed your blog for quite a while now and i personaly think these are some of the best layouts you've ever done.

Kimber-Leigh said...

gorgeous pages :)

Brenda Hurd said...

love everything you did this month!! Thanks for sharing!

Staci Taylor said...

oh girl, your first gallery is amazing, which is certainly no surprise!! what i wouldn't give to scrap with you for a day and see how that brain of yours works!! :-)

Denise said...

Gorgeous!! seriously Sasha-you out did yourself. They are all so detailed and perfectly designed. Love it. I even love the one about your food poisoning--it might be my fav but I am sorry you got sick!

Anna Sigga said...

Fantabulos layouts girlie!!!

You are so rocking the SC kits!!

dannigirl said...

gosh you get so many comments, so you might not even get this...but, you rock girlie. i wanna be (like)you when i grow

Blue Banana said...

BIG WOW!!!! These layouts are stunning!!!! You are definitely an amazing inspiration!!!

Amy said...

you have no need to be nervous about you first SC gallery! Your layouts are awesome! WOW

Unknown said...

Absoultely NOTHING to be nervous about--these are gorgeous-every single one of them. Love your color combos, that doily embossing, and the clever way you used the butterfly punch (I'm gonna put that one to use!). You knocked it out of the park, Sasha!!

Jen Gallacher said...

You are amazing!! My favorite is your food poisoning layout. Not that you were sick but that it's lovely and about you!! :)

Wendy Kwok said...

Wow... this is eye candy! Have not seen so many LOs from you in 1 post. Loving them!

Christiane said...

to be hungry - that's my problem!! ;)
congrats on your gallery at SC. be sure i'll visit it very often!!

Cindy Lee said...

You are such an inspiring designer!!! Love your page!!
A huge congrats on your DT gig at Scarlet Lime!!

Birgit said...

Ohhh girl! You're such an inspiration! Wonderful LO's as always! Whenever I visit your blog I feel like scrapping right away! :)

domestic goddess said...

*sigh* just gorgeous Sasha,love everyone of your layouts! love the doily diecuts
hugs xx

scrappermimi said...

Oh my , pure scrappy bliss! If there is any scrapper that should not be nervous it is you...always amazing!

Lucy Edson said...

You did an amazing job with the SC kit, Sasha!! Wow!! I love your use of the labels and layered title work, especially!

Ok, I'm inspired to run and scrap this morning, now! xo

Kelly Noel said...

i love the way you use color! absolutely amazing work! love every bit of these! :)

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