Sunday, February 28, 2010

If it makes you happy

it can't be that bad - said the girl who ate too much of Peach-Passionfruit cheesecake aka me. *grins* There shall be no ramblings today, I don't think my words are that interesting anyway. No one around here listens!

Its Reveal night at Studio Calico. The gallery and kits went live for public around 50 minutes ago!

Quilting Bee, Wedding Ring, Patchwork, More Patterned Paper and Add On Patterned Paper are still available for you to snag. Honeycomb however, sold out in 6 minutes 3 minutes according to April! I know, crazy. I was there. Studio Calico kits are too awesome for words! So if you want yours, RUN, NOW! :)

I only had around 48 hours to work with the kit due to the long weekend of the Lunar New Year celebration, but I have loads more to play with and will absolutely do so and share it here on the ol' blog :)


Have you seen her around?

close up 1

I used Adirondack's Dimensional Pearl in Stream to alter the color of the butterfly chipboard. I used my fingers. Messy, but fun. No dimension at all, but it has a beautiful sheen on it.

close up 2

Martha Stewart butterfly punch. I used the one similar like this one Studio Calico has in shop, but with two smaller little butterflies. You can see the 'mama' butterflies on close up #1 :)

this is where

Let me just say this one is my favorite right now. Too much stuff for some of you (and me too sometime), maybe, but for now, this feels perfect. I plan to hang this somewhere in the house, maybe by 2015. (you know me, eh?)

close up 1

I misted the wooden veneer. They're so fun to work with! oh how I *dig* SC's exclusive products :) April & Co. has a way of making people feel special! I used some other brand, but I think you could achieve the look by using Blue Corn Metallic Mist.

Speaking of which, Studio Calico has all the new release of Maya Mist in the shop! RUN! ( i'm telling you to do a lot of running in this post, eh?) I'm serious, run and get yours. Remember, all orders ship free with your kit, so now is a good time! I am having a hard time choosing, might have to get them all! (please don't kill me, Mr Husband. LOL)

close up 2

Crackle painted and stickled butterflies. And oh, that loopy border punch, please expect to see it on my layout, more often than not. *grins*

close up 3

Crackle painted chipboards, again, misted veneer again. White dots on the veneer - those are dimensional pearls. Twine on buttons, love.

I used Storytime Alphabets to stamp the title on brown cardstock, then embossed with white.

read {lift of Flo}

This is a lift of Flo, one of the many talented members we have at Studio Calico. Every one of the DT-ers is lifting someone this month! Fun!

Darling Flo, thank you for letting me lift your fabulous layout, Girl! *hugs*

close up 1

I flipped her design upside down, while still keeping very close to the original layout. Dear Lizzy rub ons *swoon*

I thought the Sassafrass paper was perfect for the page. Photo of Nidhi taken a few years back when she just started reading.

close up 2

and my love affair with DYMO continues. . .

bannanah (you didn't leave a link, or I would've emailed you - I bought some DYMO refill tapes like this one, from my LSS. I can get colors like yellowish orange/dark green from the bookstore at the mall but i really love that pink one.

Please, feel free to shoot me with questions if you have any. Anything-at-all.

In the meantime, feast your eyes... the DT Gallery is bursting with inspirations!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thank you Blog friends

I would really like to come over and give each of you kind soul a few hugs, but I know that's kinda impossible. Thank you. Thank you for checking in on me, for asking, for listening and for the sweetness you sent my way in regards to my last post.

I'm okay now. Way better. I took steps, I decided that if something is gonna make me THAT unhappy, it's probably not good for me. :) I choose happiness. Once again, thank you for being there for me. *hugs*

On to better stuff!

I love the holidays, I do, but I love my Studio Calico goodness even more. So while the Lunar New Year super long weekend is nice, I am now ready for the posties to start working again. *grins* I want my box of stash! Now! now! Now! :)

Have you seen the sneaks? Yummyness!! Last month, the kits sold out at lightning speed. You don't wanna miss this one too, yes? Email them to secure yours :)

A HomeFront layout. .

too short

Life is too short to be anybody else. Don't you agree? :) Notice that Floor Plan paper? I could probably use it on every layout and not get tired of it. *sigh*

close up 1

I love that mini picture frame stamp. Making Memories large glittered S, Prima flower.

close up 2

Painted the letter stickers with crackle paint. Baker's Twine and DYMO-love.

No fancy schmancy technique, just paper, glue and paint. Still a lot of heart on the layout. Just the way I like it.

I have to run, it's time to pick my beautiful girls up from school. We might go get some ice-cream later! Yay! :)


Thursday, February 4, 2010

I wanna do lots of things now. . .

including but not limited to

* bawling my eyes out, just because I've been feeling like crap all day long. Wait, that sounds wrong. Since yesterday, before bedtime.

* take off for a holiday with my gorgeous family to get rid of the blues. March couldn't come fast enough, we're to fly to Penang! Yay!

* sleeping for 4 days and 6 hours.

* wrapping myself up in cellophane tape. Why? I feel like I'm gonna
a) break sometime soon.
b) explode.
c) all of the above.

*sigh* I guess I'm just gonna cry a little and then put on my big girl panties and suck it up. No one is gonna walk all over me and get away with it, that I know for sure. That's about all I can say, really. Nothing to do with my beloved family or the beautiful people in scrapbooking world anyway. I just had to get this off my chest. Sorry to bore you, friends.

And I'm missing my sisters. A lot. *sigh* I love that we get along really well, but I hate it when we start missing each other so bad that a simple message on the Facebook wall sets off the waterworks. LOL. Silly, I know, but that's just us. So, so glad to have them.

One layout..

Home & Complete

Lots of HomeFront, some Hambly, some Prima, some Cosmo Cricket, bits of Jenni Bowlin, and lots of mist :) (I went to town as you can see)

close up 1

I love that the flowers came crumpled like that. Crumpled as we are, beautiful in our own way.

close up 2

I used the heart stamp from one of the add on from January kit from Studio Calico. Just watch the stamps section at the shop if you missed it and want it for your collection. if we're lucky, they may have it for sale! I wanna buy another set for my best friend!

close up 3

Storytime Alphabet, on misted cardstock. I love that set. Just right for me.

And because I don't want to end the post with a sulk, here are some things to smile about.

* Mr Husband ran his first Urbanathlon last Sunday. 12.5km with obstacles such as monkey bars, crawling in a tunnel, crawling in muddy water etc etc and came up a very decent #85 at the timing of 1hr04mins+, out of 1137 participants :) We were there with him, roasting under the hot sun. So worth it :)

:) Very proud of him, although the waking up at ungodly hour in the morning didn't excite me, a visit to Starbucks at 645hrs cured that, fast :)

I'm gonna go soak in the tub for a while and hope the crankiness of the day fades away as I pull the plug off after maybe 40minutes. Thank you, seriously thank you for being here, for reading, for being my blog friends.