Monday, June 28, 2010

Tropical Continental

at least mine is :)

Studio Calico July kit - Continental - is LIVE! As soon as I opened that box, I know I'm in love. Corny, I know. But really. I think these layouts are my favorite EVER, so far! :)

I got myself La Salle and Magellan add ons and am still having a blast creating with them all!


ILY, my pretty girl.

Misted the alphas with two shades of yellow. Lemon and Cream Mist.

close up 1

Droplets of mist - Cotton Candy Metallic and Turquoise.


Khai Island. I miss that place. one of these days, I'm gonna post larger photos of those on this layout. That place is beautiful, in every single way. Carla and I, we're gonna go there for fun, someday. *grins*

close up 1

Red Baker's Twine. I don't know what'll happen if I run out of them. Pay no attention to off-balanced loopy bows.

close up 2

Lots of mist here. I wanted to re-create the 'sandy island' look and I'm very happy with how it turned out :) I used Fern Green, Cream, Hydrangea and Turquoise.


Now this one, is inspired by a layout in Lisa Dickinson's ebook! Do you have it? It's very inspiring and you really wanna grab a copy!

close up 1

Yes, I used Turquoise *again* and Lemon for the masked and misted frame. Beautiful, if I may say so.

close up 2

For the 'insides' I used Cream and Bubblegum. And a bit of Bumpy Road love as well.

So there, my three most loved layouts for now. Very tropical, don't you think so? and very misty as well. And I'm foolishly infatuated with Turquoise as you can see :) Let's hope the other colors won't throw a tantrum. Heh.

Speaking of mist, Studio Calico has all five new colors in stock now. I got mine, you might wanna run there before they run out. With names like Seafoam Green and Pink Lemonade, the girl in me can't resist.


Friday, June 25, 2010

One year ago

Mother - 26.6.09

The world lost Michael Jackson, I lost my grandmother. The only one left from my 4 grandparents. I still miss her, I doubt I'll ever stop. I miss them all.

I'll be back soon. I miss all of you too.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Perfectly Imperfect

Have you ever been under the impression that my life is perfect? I hope not. I don't think I have been 'shooting sunshines' out of my blog posts all the time. Maybe I don't really blog about the bad not-so-good stuff, but they're here, there and everywhere in my life. :)LOL.

My girls are not angels. Far from it.

See that mark near Neha's eyebrow? Yes, that one. Nidhi threw water gun at her when we were at the pool last Saturday. What really happened? I have no idea. Nidhi got an earful though. We are just relieved the water gun didn't hit the eye and it needed no stitches. Angels? Definitely not.

And Neha, more often than not, will be the person who makes her cry. She's the teaser, the annoy-er, the irritater, the provoker. Heh. Angels? Definitely not.

But all I wanna do, is to give them wings.

fly away

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly - Richard Bach.

close up 1

Martha Stewart Punches.

close up 2

Lots of Homefront. Get yours while you still can.

I'm supposed to be in Phuket by now, but some passports expiry dates were overlooked and here we are. (told you my life is not all smiles) Mr Husband managed to get the extension, and we're getting on a later flight today. I didn't freak out when we were refused check-in this morning and I am so damn proud of myself. Sad, yes, but no freak-outs. Yay me!

We came back home, I napped while Mr.Husband took the kids to the Immigration Office. He settled everything, we went out for lunch and a movie - Killers ~ Ashton Kutcher *Yum*, and had a good laugh. :)

Now we're home again, waiting for time to leave for the airport and I really hope we'll make it to our hotel in Phuket by bedtime. :)) I'm so looking forward to some lazy lazy days, well, except the morning of Sunday the 13th - beloved Mr Husband is running Laguna Phuket Marathon!

Wish us luck!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Heading out to love. . .

Edited to add :

Vanessa! Congrats! You're the winner for Celine's online class! Please email me, okay? sashafarina*at* ~~ I know you'll have fun! :)

but before I go, I have a giveaway and a layout for you :)

First up - the giveaway from my fabulous fellow DT at Studio Calico, Celine Navarro. Read on for what she has to say. . .


Come join me for my first 4 week class : you will learn many techniques (my favorites!), you'll be inspired by trendy color combos, you'll be in love with new sketches, and you'll participate in the most fun, colorful, technique workshop you've ever taken!

For 25€, you'll have access to :

· a private blog with workshops posted every Tuesday and Friday with exclusive and brand new layouts made by Céline
· new color combos twice a week
· new sketches posted twice a week
· TWO new techniques posted twice a week
· inspirationnal posts posted every week
· my "soccer" and "non-soccer" thoughts and feelings (always in a funny way)
· what's going on during the World Cup with a different look to it : get to know the countries that participate int he World Cup
· VIDEO tips and techniques!
· access to a FLICKR gallery for you to post your beauties
· TWO live chats where you'll be able to ask your questions
· full supply lists of products used on my projects

and all this for a WHOLE MONTH!!!

And, the icing on the cake, for the BIG FINAL game, your last class will be a FULL mini album class because, hey! It's the WORLD CUP! :)

And you'll be able to order the kit if you want to. Click here for more info on payment and such.

Yes, you can win access to her online class. Just leave me a note here. :))

Next up, a layout. Some of you have seen this one on the Studio Calico's blog two weeks ago, I think. but I have never shared it here.

love you ma

My Mama. :)

close up 1

close up 2

close up 3

Some misting, Martha Stewart butterfly punch and yellow flowers from Baker's Dozen, Sassafrass buttons, and a whole lot of SC's Rub Ons. I dug through my bits and pieces from old kits and my own stash to complete this layout and had a blast.

So I'm gonna run now. Nidhi and me are gonna fetch Neha and fly drive to my parents. It has been a while since we spent sometime together and I miss them so.

Remember to leave me a comment if you want a chance to win Celine's online class!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Introducing - Documentary by Studio Calico *winner posted*

*Winner! Winner! - Jeremy! Congrats Jer! Thanks everyone for playing along :)*

Jeremy - Please send an email to with the following information:

  • Name :
  • Contest: Documentary Blog Hop - Sasha's Blog
  • Prize Won: Documentary Line

If you're here from Nicole's blog, you're right on track. If not, no worries, read on. . I'll be helping you at the end of this post.

Ready for Documentary Blog Hop? *insert big grins here* because I am so excited for you guys!

Grow With Me

close up 1

close up 2

I am digging that yellow + orange + blue + green combo. I have a feeling you'll be seeing much more of those colors on my layout from now on.

I splattered some mist on the background, um. . for fun! :) You can read Tina's awesome tutorial to learn more about the technique.

You can get them already at TwoPeas I know for sure :) A few of our forum members are already getting their shipping notices!

Now I need to ask you - Do you want to have a chance to win the entire collection of Documentary? Yes, you read right, the ENTIRE collection.

Yes? Just leave me a comment here and you'll be entered into a drawing. As easy as that. Then, increase your odds . . .

Next blog - Stephanie Howell.
And make sure you don't miss on all the Documentary bloggers - we have a list up on the Studio Calico's blog.

As long as you're able to leave a comment here, you will be entered into the drawing. I will close my comments section when the it's time to pick a winner. :)

So. . Good Luck and Happy Hopping!