Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just like that

bday 2010

she's 10 and he's 43. She was his birthday gift 10 years ago, and she still is his best gift ever. Nothing I do now can top that. Except maybe give birth to another child on his birthday next year. Unlikely. I think I'm done. The keyword here is "think" :)

10 years on, and I'm still on the introduction page of the "how to be a mother" book, if there is such a book., that is. *sigh* She is challenging, I am challenging too, I know. She's strong-willed, so am I. She's hard, I'm harder. I look at her and I see me and I cry inside. I'm scared for her. I know the years ahead are not gonna be easy for either of us. I know there will be lots of tears and heartbreaking moments. But I also know this girl will make my heart swell with pride and make me cry my heart out of happiness and pure joy. So I say - Bring It On!

Some scrappy stuff to share with you. The stamps on the image below will be gone soon! So get yours while you can.

DSC_0043-1 copy

I have a tutorial up on the Studio Calico Blog if you're interested. But roughly, these are the stuff I used.

6x8 Canvas Panel - I got mine from the art supplies store, super cheap. Less than $2.
Orange Mist
Hydrangea Mist
Lime Mist
Dark Cornflower Blue Mist
Kraft cardstock - I used scraps. I'm sure you have some lying around.
Heart Stamp, Maya Road Pins and OA Red polka dot paper from WhoDunIt.
Making Memories - Paper Shreds Findings, Martha Stewart - Die Cut Lace tag, American Crafts - Letterbox Frame, Hambly - Stitches Rub On and Basic Grey - Origins Micro Monogram Stickers from Baker's Dozens and its Add On Kits.
Stazon - Timber Brown.
A teeny bit of yellow colored cardstock.
Martha Stewart - Classic butterfly Punch.
Versamark Ink
Red Embossing Powder.
Sable Brown Paint

You can head on to SC's blog for the step by step photos. :)
I'll see you soon!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I think I deserve something beautiful

Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat,Pray,Love)

  • Have you watched the movie ? I've been stalking the websites of our local cinemas and I see nothing yet. Can't wait to watch it. :)
  • My door is still ajar, means i'm still waiting for my Studio Calico box. It's hard, the waiting. Especially when you have some extra yumminess inside it, nothing out of the ordinary for me, some punches and some mist *what's new, eh?*. And oh, I got myself the Vintage Receipt Holder too, I have some plans for that one.
  • I went running this morning, 10k. I was fasting too. Bad decision. Lesson learnt - 6k is my limit if I'm fasting. I felt like dying the whole day. In order to distract myself, I baked something. Something pretty. If you read Studio Calico's blog, you'd have noticed this post. Yup, I have Annie's Eats on my Top Sites page and today I attempted the very recipe I highlighted on SC's blog.
Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Cupcakes

Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Cupcakes

  • Tell me, does the collage looks dark to you? Just wanna know :)
  • Of course, don't go comparing my cupcakes with Annie's. LOL. I'm a noob. But hey, it's pretty enough for me. Sweet Vintage doily in action. Told ya, I'm addicted. Her next update is September 1st. Sign up to be notified.
  • The colors *of the cupcakes* remind me of Buttermilk and Cherry Mist.
  • Kids gave them two thumbs up. Mommy is happy. I bet my Kenwood Major is happy to get some actions after a very long time too! LOL.
  • Am I boring you? :) Sorry. *hugs*
  • I love you.
  • Two more layouts from my Summer Camp gallery.
DSC_0129 copy

DSC_0205 copy

DSC_0234 copy

close up 1

It's only a little past 9pm over here but I'm beat. If you're still here, I love you even more. Thank you, really.


ps : blogger is acting up. I'm sorry if this post looks wonky on your screen. *sigh*

Friday, August 13, 2010

Freestyle Friday

also known as 'my brain is fried but i still wanna blog' edition :)
  • I'm still not a runner. I get emails asking for tips on how to 'start' running. Seriously, people, i have nothing to share. I don't even run that good, that much, i just shuffle my feet, cross my fingers and hope for the best. I have no game plan when it comes to running. I run for fun, I have no one to please, no one to beat, except myself. :) I don't even wanna look at my running shoes somedays, and I don't feel guilty about it.
  • I folded 5 loads of laundry last night. Then I drooled over Eric Delko and Jesse Cardoza watched CSI Miami, turned around and saw another load on the footstool in the living room. I almost cried. I hate doing laundry.
  • My doorbell is broken. Or out of battery, I don't know. I leave my door slightly ajar at all times because I'm waiting for my Studio Calico box. I just don't wanna miss the postman.
Putu Piring
  • Don't ask me for the recipe. It's made of flour *i have no idea which kind* with palm sugar filling. Steamed. Best eaten warm, with grated coconut.
  • Lately I feel like I'm a slacker. I don't think so, by the way. I just feel like a slacker. Gotta love when your feelings and thoughts decided to go against each other, eh? Maybe I need to make some art, it's time to wash the dust of everyday life from my soul.
Speaking of which, I ought to share these Summer Camp layouts. I listed the stuff I use in this post, please feel free to ask me anything. Email button on the left!

eight, almost

close up 1

so much like him

close up 1

close up 2
  • I miss my dad. *sigh*
Off to feed my kidlets. I love you.